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Saturday, 15 March 2014

Leopards and Penguins and Polar Bears! Oh my!

Originally I had planned to write about the Winter Paralympics today, but I've decided to leave that until tomorrow after the closing ceremony. Still, some post a received today gave me something to write about anyway. A few days ago I was watching some Conan and Jay Leno clips where they had animal experts on with an assortment of animals. A few of these animals were endangered and they were trying to urge people to get involved in trying to save then. It was kind of a spur of the moment thing, but I soon found myself on wwf.org.uk looking through all the different animals you can sponsor. Recently I cancelled the Photoshop subscription I was paying £17 for every month, and figured I could probably put the money I was saving to good use. I mean I wasn't exactly missing it when it was being wasted on a program I barely used, so I'm not going to miss it when it's actually doing some good.

I ended up signing up for a WWF membership and decided to donate £5 a month, and on top of that sponsor one of the animals. Then came the difficult part, picking from all the animals which to adopt. It felt like Sophie's Choice. They had all these pictures of these beautiful endangered animals and it was so difficult picking just one. So in the end I opted for their Snow Pack. It was the only pack with multiple animals they had, but they are all animals I love. It includes the Snow Leopard, Adélie Penguins (the only reason I like the movie Happy Feet) and Polar Bears. To them I'm donating £10 a month.

I signed up a couple of days ago and this morning my membership and adoption pack arrived. I didn't really expect it to be here so soon, so it was a nice surprise. I've not given it all a proper read yet as I've spent most of today tinkering with my blog and watching Sledge Hockey, but I've taken some photos of what I received in each pack. So here we go...

When they first arrived: 
The membership pack is in the envelope and the sponsor pack is in the box because there is a little more to it. 

The Membership Pack:

So as you can see in the Membership Pack you get the two little information booklets (What we do and Active ideas for the family) and two postcards, an adorable panda pin badge, a little thank you letter with a small wallet card attached and a sleeve to keep them in. 

The Snow Pack Adoption Pack:

Like I said, there's a little more to the Adoption Pack. With it you get five booklets (My snow animals, All about snow leopards, All about penguins, All about polar bears and What we do), a set of stickers featuring your chosen animal(s), what I think are bookmarks and a canvas bag, plus the sleeve to keep them in. There is an option to get a soft toy of your chosen animal(s) but I opted out of that, even if my childish side was tempted! It just saves the charity money. 

I think you get updates and maybe a magazine three times a year, as far as I remember. So that's something to look forward to. But yeah, like I said.. I didn't really give it all a proper look through when I took the photos because I was 'busy' most of today, but I will tomorrow. 

If anyone else is interested in getting involved here is the link again: http://www.wwf.org.uk/ It's a really great cause, and every little helps.

(Disclaimer: I know there has been some criticism surrounding the organisation, but I still feel on the whole they do a great job and are worthy of the little bit of money I'm donating each month.)

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