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Saturday, 12 April 2014

National Siblings Day

"It might have appeared to go unnoticed, but I've got it all here in my heart."
Bette Midler

Apparently yesterday was National Siblings Day and I'm going to be honest, I didn't even realise that was a thing. I only found out because of the slew of tweets on my Twitter feed and the fact #NationalSiblingsDay is still trending. I guess a lot of other people also didn't realise it was yesterday and like me are posting their tributes today instead. Now, I actively forbid my sister's to read my blog (if you're reading this Jann, you are warned I don't want another Tumblr type fiasco!), so they shouldn't ever see this or know all these lovely things I'm about to say about them. Still, that doesn't stop me from telling you all about my wonderful sisters, Jann and Eva. 

Despite the age gap between the three of us, we've always been really close. Jann is the oldest at twenty eight, I'm the middle at almost twenty four and Eva is the youngest at eighteen. We always thought mum and dad planned us that way. Just as one was going off to school, along came another. However we found out just a couple of weeks ago none of us had actually been planned. We'd all been little 'surprises'. Which sounds a lot nicer than 'mistakes' or 'accidents'

A lot of people would say they don't know what they'd do without their siblings, but I couldn't mean it any more literally. I mean it wasn't always smooth sailing. Jann and Eva would understand what I mean when I say each of us have our very own brand of crazy, but when it comes down to it we stick together like nobody's business. We're like the three witch sisters from Hocus Pocus! Anyway,  there was a lot of kids on our street growing up, a mixture of ages and genders. We all played together. One time one of the boys who was slightly older than me made fun of how I walked. All I remember is Jann going straight up to him, the short and skinny little thing she was. She grabbed him by the shoulders and kicked him right in the shins with her Doc Martens. And that's the kind of sister she was and she still is. She would take on anyone for me, no matter what. Despite the fact she left home when she was 19, we've remained as close as we can. She went to University in England to study Musical Theatre and after that went travelling in New Zealand for two years. She came home for a year or two before she moved on to London and that's where she is now. It's still odd not having her around, but I'm proud she's living her dream. I mean, not exactly the dream we all thought she'd be living... but her new dream of becoming a nurse. 

When Jann was younger she was the performer of the family. I always envied her because she could sing and dance, what's more she had the courage to get up on stage and do it in front of everyone. I loved seeing her perform, and I even joined a stage school with her. Us going there together is probably one of my fondest memories, I was around seven or eight then and I could still walk. I loved learning the dances, I never felt disabled or like I couldn't keep up. Another one of my favourite memories of Jann and I was when I was a bit younger, maybe five or six. I remember Jann calling mum upstairs and I heard music and Jann singing. They both came down crying and called me up. Jann told me to sit on a stool, and I had one of these drinks you used to get called TipTops. They were in a plastic carton and you could freeze them and have them like an ice pop. I was sitting there and Jann started singing Wind Beneath My Wings by Bette Midler to me. If you're not familiar with the song, you can check the lyrics out here so this story makes a little more sense: Click. It was very emotional, but being so young it kind of went over my head. Mum and Jann were crying and just as the song was building, I squeezed my ice pop and it flew out of the carton and across the room. Totally ruining the whole mood. We all ended up laughing. Ever since then Jann was always asked to sing that song and she always dedicated it to me. The quote at the top of this post is lyrics from the song, because the lyrics resonate with how I feel about my sisters. They might think I don't notice how much I need them and how much they do for me, but I do. What's more they are my heroes, and I wish I was more like them. I wish I had Jann's ambition, determination and work ethic. And I wish I had Eva's fun, caring, easy going and lovable nature. I know she has as bad social anxiety as me, but you could never tell by the way she is with people. 

To be honest, I've written all that stuff about Jann and it came to me pretty easily.. but with Eva, I barely even know where to start. Eva is my constant. I don't remember a time when she wasn't just there. I can't single out any one story or moment, because they all involve her. Most of all I remember the very moment dad told me mum had gone into labour. I had just come home from school and dad was sitting in the living room, which was strange because he wasn't usually home when I got back from school. He told me mum was having her baby and I was so excited I jumped up and down. I was holding on to the arm of the settee, but I missed it when I jumped and ended up falling and splitting my head open on the skirting board. I had to go to A&E and have staples put in my head while mum was in another part of the hospital in labour! After that, I don't remember too much of Eva actually being a baby. Most of my proper memories start when she was around two or three. When she became this little person that has always been there. As kids we shared everything. I have to say, as much as all three of us are alike and share interests, Eva and I are especially alike. We shared toys, and friends and spent the majority of our time together. We still do. As I've said before, Eva is my sister, best friend, drinking buddy and carer all rolled into one. And she does all of it without expecting anything in return or complaining. She does so much for me and when I've mentioned it in the past my dad has said 'well, she's your sister.. she's supposed to help you'. But how many siblings come in from a long day at tech or work and happily help their disabled sister shower? Or tidy her room, or take time off from tech or miss going out with their friends because their sister has a doctors appointment, or because their mum and dad are away and their sister needs someone to look after her? She doesn't have to, but she'll get me out of bed in the morning and make me breakfast, without even thinking about it. She even shares her friends with me! I know Eva feels very obligated to stay with me, and I hate that because I want her to be happy and live her own life. When I went in for my back operation when I was ten and she would have only been about four, Eva had a very hard time because she had to stay with family while my parents were at the hospital with me. Before that she had no problem going to stay over at her friends for sleepovers, but after she had a very hard time staying away from home, and particularly me. Even now she gets anxiety when she leaves me. I don't think she could be much closer unless we were twins, and even then I'm not sure. We have so many similarities, but also differences that compliment each other. I don't think it could get much better.

So all in all, I think I pretty much struck gold when it comes to my siblings. And I always find it really hard to relate to people who aren't close to or don't like theirs. My sisters are my best friends and even though we're all a bit crazy in different ways, I wouldn't swap them for the world. Now on to a bunch of lovely sister photos!


Happy National Siblings Day.


  1. Sara:

    Your love for your sisters just shines through in this post and is so touching. It must be so wonderful to have two lovely sisters in your life. I was blessed with an older brother. It is amazing how much I appreciate the memories of our childhood now. I look forward to your future post, Sara. I blog about fashion. If you are interested and want to keep in touch let me know if you want to follow each other in GFC.


    1. Hey there. Thank you for your comment. I wasn't sure I did them justice to be honest, they're pretty amazing. It was hard putting that across as much as I wanted to. I have to admit though, I always wished I had an older brother too. But yes, I definitely know what you mean about childhood memories. I'll definitely check out your blog. Thanks again for the comment. :)


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