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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Happily Ever After

"A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person."
Mignon McLaughlin

Apparently my last post was only four days ago, well technically five as I post it not long after midnight on Wednesday (technically Thursday). Even so, it feels like forever ago. The end of last week and the weekend was a little hectic. On Thursday morning I got up super early because I thought I had a respiratory check up in the city at 9:45am. We got there just on time, but my dad told me to go on in by myself as he needed to find a parking space. Now, not too long ago I would have freaked out and insisted I needed my dad with me because of doors and whatnot! But my new confident self said okay and went on in by myself... only to find out I was actually almost two and a half hours early for my appointment. I'd mixed up my respiratory check up with my muscle clinic check up in June, and it was actually at noon. They said my respiratory nurse Claire was still up doing her rounds, but she'd be down at 10:30am. My dad and I went and got some tea and luckily they were able to fit us in early. I talked to her about the shortness of breath I've been having, but how I thought it was caused by my anxiety rather than my breathing causing the anxiety. She offered to refer me to a psychologist or something, but I said I was trying to get through it myself. She was happy enough, but is having me back in six months rather than a year like it usually is. 

Anyway, after that we had to do a little bit of shopping for my cousin's wedding. I needed to get some hair stuff etc. Again I made myself proud by doing as much as I could for myself. Went in and bought myself hair spray with no help and everything and ordered my own Subway again. It was a really confidence boosting day. 

On Friday my dad and I took Gracie, our fifteen year old Shih Tzu, to the vet for a check up. She's having some ongoing skin issues. Later we, along with my mum, picked my sister up from work and went to do more last minute shopping for the wedding. This time it was alcohol and food shopping to bring to the hotel because hotel drink prices are scandalous and we also wanted some food as we were staying over. On Friday night we tried to get as much as possible ready for the morning as the wedding was at 1pm on Saturday. 

My family aren't the most organised, so naturally Saturday morning ended up being a mad rush. It's weird, for a couple of years now there's been so much talk about my cousin Tasha's wedding. Tasha is probably my closest cousin, or one of them at least. We used to mind her sons, and she's the only hairdresser I trust to do my hair. Ever since I was a kid I just always remember her being so lovely and warm. If she ever seen me out and about she'd come over and ask how I was and give me a big hug. She has been through so much and many people would use it as an excuse not to succeed or hold it against the world, but she really is the nucleus of her family. She holds it together and she's so generous and loyal, and has done so well for herself. She is there for everyone, runs her own business, has two beautiful kids and is now married to the man she's been with for 13 years after she fell in love with him at 16. We always say she think she's a princess, but in a way her life has turned out like a fairy tale. And the wedding really lived up to that. 

We left the house late and on the way there Eva and I started to remember all the things we'd forgotten. We had tried to be so organised, but I guess it's just not us for everything to go as planned. First we realised we'd both forgotten our make up, then I realised I'd forgotten the umbrella I'd bought especially and then the real dinger... I forgot my BiPap. Yes, I was saying over night at the hotel and managed to forget the machine that allows me to sleep. At least with my make up I had thought 'I better remind someone to put that in the car' but with my BiPap it hadn't even occurred to me at all. My dad was already contemplating going back to check on the dogs later that night rather than have my aunt stay with them, but forgetting my machine pretty much made up his mind. Luckily that meant he also could get our make up. 

We finally arrived and my mum was super stressed because we were late. Tasha is never early for anything, and I'd joked this would be the one day she would be and we'd miss it. Luckily I was wrong and Tasha hadn't even got her dress on by the time we arrived. Tasha is my mum's sister's daughter, but there wasn't too many from my mums side there as a lot of them live in England. Still there were some we hadn't seen in a long time. Some had grown up so much. The ceremony was lovely. Much how I would imagine my own. Short and sweet, but still really beautiful. Tasha looked like a beautiful princess, her dress was really stunning. Alan looked lovely too, and the bridesmaids, flower girls and page boys were gorgeous. The bridemaid's dresses were different pastel colours and the flower girls had little white dresses and fairy wings. Tasha and Alan's two boys stood with them and at one point they were trying to blow the candles out on the table in front of them during the ceremony. And then Tasha was holding their youngest Maxi for part of it and thought he was marrying Tasha when the woman pronounced her and Alan, man and wife. Maxi was devastated to find out he wasn't the groom. The wedding was all in the same place, a lovely hotel called the La Mon. So after the ceremony we all went into a foyer part and there was a champagne fountain, a table of canapes and then a vintage looking sweetie cart for the kids. Everyone kind of just mingled with each other and the couple did the rounds before going and getting their photos taken etc. It was around 2pm when the ceremony ended and the dinner wasn't until 5pm so we had a lot of time to kill. Eva and I got our room during this time. We went to reception and seeing the wheelchair, they asked would we prefer a room on the ground floor because they had one free. We got to the room and it was much better than I could have asked for. It was a proper wheelchair accessible room, really big and had an accessible shower and everything. Not that we were going to be there long enough for me to need to shower, sadly. It also had a double and a single bed. My cousin Brogan said it was considerably nicer than her room, and turned out to be £35 cheaper! I dunno if it was usually that price or if we were charged that because that was the price of the room we were supposed to get and they couldn't increase it just because it was an accessible room. Either way it was pretty amazing.

At 5pm we all went into the dinner room. It was actually beautiful. The whole room was dressed in white. They'd even had it re-carpeted for the day! I decided to use my manual chair for dinner as it's more comfortable for eating, and Eva and I were the first into the room. All I could think was 'I hope my tires are clean and I'm not leaving big dirty tire marks on this lovely white carpet.' Luckily it was fine. Still, you should have seen the carpet by the end of the night. The dinner was slightly untraditional as there wasn't the usual speeches from the best man or the father of the bride etc. Tasha decided to have no speeches, rather than force anyone into anything that might make them uncomfortable and make them more nervous for the day than they needed to be. Even the groom wasn't going to make a speech at first, but a few weeks ago Alan decided to so he was the only one to give a speech. It was the only time I got choked up. I dunno why. I think it was how shy he is and obviously nervous but being really brave and pushing through it that got to me, more than what he was actually saying. The wedding favours were really sweet. The girls got a little wooden heart with a quote on it, and a little thing of bubbles. And the men got bubbles and a scratch card. There was also one disposable camera per table. The food was beautiful, there was a trio of starters, a roast chicken dinner and then a trio of desserts. I felt I choked a bit on the chicken, which put me off a little. But I ate as much as I could. It was definitely the nicest wedding dinner I've had. During dinner it was announced the chef was coming out to speak to us about the food, and he announced it was his last day at the La Mon. He then went on to say that they'd got him a present, but he had to sing a song before they'd give it to him. It turned out he was actually a singing chef that the bridesmaids had organised. I usually hate anything like that because it makes me anxious, but luckily he didn't come up to me. And he was actually very good. It was a great atmosphere.

After dinner my sister and I went back to the room and changed into different clothes. We'd brought other outfits in case we were uncomfortable in our dresses. I couldn't wait to change. As nice as it was feeling pretty and dressed up, it was super annoying that every time I got pulled back in my wheelchair, I had to have my dress all pulled down again. Also my hair bun was super heavy so I had taken that out just before dinner and had a pony tail. After dinner I took my hair down and my sister straightened it with straighteners my cousin Brogan had brought. I felt so much more comfortable in my leggings and t-shirt, with my hair down. Even if I did feel slightly under dressed compared to others. Eva changed too, and I think others were a little jealous we got to be comfy.

The evening do was really fun. I had planned to get considerably drunk, but I had a headache a lot of the day and I also felt quite anxious even though I was really enjoying myself. So I decided it was best not to drink too much because some of the anxiety was coming from worrying about feeling sick if I drank. Turned out I didn't need to get drunk anyway. I guess my new found confidence meant Dutch courage wasn't required and I was up dancing on the dance floor and all without being self conscious or worrying some other drunk person was going to hurt me. It was amazing and really fun. The whole day really lived up to the planning and the waiting. Often there can be an anticlimax, but there really wasn't at all for me. I didn't want the night to end. We were some of the last to go back to our rooms. My dad ended up staying in mine and Eva's room because Eva was pretty drunk and I was worried about her helping me to bed. In the morning we got up and went down for breakfast. Mum slept in her hotel room by herself and decided to have an extra hours sleep instead. I don't usually bother getting a fry up when I stay at hotels, opting for a croissant or toast instead as they're a bit easier on my stomach. It doesn't enjoy the early start required to be up on time for breakfast at a hotel. However I was glad I went with a fry up. Definitely the nicest hotel breakfast I've ever had. Bacon, soda bread, potato bread, tomato and a fried egg. Yum. We didn't expect to see Tasha and Alan down at breakfast, but the happy couple was there. It was nice seeing them, but odd seeing Tasha out of her princess wedding dress as she'd worn it all day the day before. I dunno how she managed! After breakfast we hung around for a while before we packed up and met up with my mum to check out. We actually ended up sitting around in the hotel for a couple of hours as my dad seen a police car outside and he was too worried about driving since he'd been drinking the night before. We had to wait for my aunt Karen to come pick us up after church instead. Leaving the hotel was bittersweet. In a weird way with all the build up there had been to the wedding, it felt like the end of an era. I had that end of holiday feeling, a definite come down. That's how much of Sunday night felt. I still can't believe it's over. Still, it was nice getting home to my pets. Anyway here's some photos of the wonderful occasion!

Last but by no means least, the brides beautiful shoes.
I can imagine having shoes much like this for my wedding.
These were her 'something blue'

So yeah, it was a really awesome and beautiful day. I don't even think this super long blog entry can even do it justice. I just really hope it lived up to everything Tasha wanted. Obviously Alan too, but Tasha planned it all so she probably had more in mind for how she wanted it to go. I actually started writing this blog post a couple of days ago, but writing it and editing the photos took longer than expected. I almost had it ready to post last night, but we agreed to mind Tasha's dogs while she's on her honeymoon and we got them last night as she was leaving at 4am this morning. So yeah, playing with cute tiny chihuahua/yorkie crosses is much more important than posting on my blog! No offence. We have them for two weeks all being well, so I'm sure I'll be making a post about them... mostly as an excuse to take a bunch of pictures and show them off. Tasha and Alan are spending their honeymoon in Florida, and they've taken their two boys with them too and Tasha's granny Jean to look after them. I think it's really lovely that the family are going together and going to Disney, but the couple also have the option to spend time by themselves since Jean is going. 

But anyway, sorry for the infrequency of my posts. I've been super busy, and sometimes it takes me a couple of days to write these super long entries. Hopefully I'll pick up moment again now that things are getting less busy. The irony is, the busy times are when you have the most to write about but don't have the time to write. Blogger problems, am I right? 

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