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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Halloween | Blood 'n' Stuff

"It's said that All Hallows' Eve is one of the nights when the veil between the worlds is thin - and whether you believe in such things or not, those roaming spirits probably believe in you, or at least acknowledge your existence, considering that it used to be their own. Even the air feels different on Halloween, autumn-crisp and bright."
Erin Morgenstern

With one more day to go I guess we're almost at the height of the Halloween festivities. It's been awesome being part of the blogging community this year and seeing all the different things people have been doing in the run up to the big day. It has made me a little regretful I didn't put more effort in and decorate my room or bake gruesome cupcakes. Still, I'm very excited for when I get my own place and can get super creative with decorating it all spooky like. I think Eva and I will have tons of fun with it. I can't wait to try out some of the ideas I've seen, like the ones on Underland to Wonderland!

This year my sister and I have decided to forgo the Halloween parties and instead we're going to an ice hockey match and staying at a Premier Inn in Belfast for two nights. It will be our first time staying anywhere without our parents and even though it's only 30 mins or so away from them, it's still exciting and I'm still a little nervous. So I guess we're still doing something scary! We didn't intentionally pick the Halloween weekend, but it just happened to be the same night as the game. Still, we're going to maybe go a little Gothic and stuff. They have a fancy dress competition, but I think it'll be mostly kids dressing up. After the Game we're going to head to the bar like we did last time. It should be a lot of fun. Then on Saturday we're going to go on a shopping spree and treat ourselves. I can't wait to hit Lush! All the Lush hauls have put me in the mood to get some Snow Fairy. It'll be an adventure, and one I'm sure you'll hear plenty about in another post... so on with some Halloween fun!

Like I said, I'm not going to be home for Halloween. The last few years I've not had anyone to do stuff with, so I've spent it at home. I'd have some fun with make up and take photos. Last year I dressed up as Divine. I decided to do the same this year, but a couple of days early and share it with you lovely people! It's never anything elaborate, but there's nothing I love more than making a mess. And what's more fun to make a mess with than face paint and gooey fake blood! Definitely my favourite part of the whole experience yesterday.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Stockholm Syndrome

"Stockholm syndrome, or capture-bonding, is a psychological phenomenon in which hostages express empathy and sympathy and have positive feelings toward their captors, sometimes to the point of defending and identifying with them."

Okay, I wasn't kidnapped... but I'm not going to lie, it felt like I had been for a while. I'm attempting to make a funny in relation to my three and a half hour trip to IKEA on Monday (27/10/14)

IKEA > Swedish > Sweden > Stockholm... get it? 

I'm always super excited to go to IKEA. The only Swedish thing I like more than IKEA is the men, but I digress. I mean IKEA is a nifty place. However, I find the novelty wares off about half way through. But it's so big and a one way system, you know there's no going back. You must carry on! You end up like a zombie, mindlessly picking random things you probably don't need but hey! It's super cheap, so why not? By the end you have a trolley full of stuff that you don't even really remember picking up. Or maybe that's just me...  

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Button Button, Who's Got The Button!

"Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising."
Mark Twain

Okay, this is my week round up about what I got up to this week. But first I wanted to mention something I got to working on last night. If you follow me on Twitter you might already know I fashioned myself a button for my blog. You know, the type you swap with other bloggers you enjoy to promote each other etc? Yeah, one of them.

I started out with an idea I liked, but when it came to doing it digitally I just couldn't get it right. Then I had another idea and drew my kitty character for it instead. But then my sister kinda reminded me I hadn't really explained my kitty character thing on here so that might be confusing. SO, I compromised and this what I came up with.

I'm pretty happy with it. I was worried it didn't really reflect the look of my blog, but at the same time I think it reflects me. My blog is a little more gray scale than my personality is. If that makes sense. I'll get around to explaining the kitty thing soon enough. Also, I know it's probably a little bigger than someone people would be happy displaying, so I'll either offer different sizes of this or possibly make one smaller/simpler. We'll see! Any feedback would be appreciated. 

Okay! On with the week...

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Sorry, Not Sorry

"If you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all."

Okay, I didn't want to write about this. I didn't want to dignify Chloe Hamilton's article with a response, but at the same time I just felt like I needed to get this off my chest. Not just as a feminist, but as a decent human being. I apologise in advance if you're already thinking, "Oh gosh, not another post about this. I've read/seen/heard enough about it!" Anyway, here we go.

I recently read a post by an awesome blogger I follow on Twitter by the name of Holly Cassell. It was about internalised misogyny. Which is a phrase I'd never actually heard before, but something I, as well as I'm sure many of you are familiar with. That post can be found here. She even mentions the reaction to the launch of Zoella's beauty line as an example. It was such a refreshing read when so often all you see is people resenting the success of others and trying to tear each other down and find fault to make themselves feel better. Most of us are guilty at one time or another thinking 'that person doesn't deserve that thing! Etc'. But as I've gotten older I've learned to put that immature little voice in a box. Sure it pops up now and then when someone I like gets kicked out of xFactor rather than the person I don't want to listen to, but on the most part I'm happy in the success of others. Because at the end of the day, holding someone's achievements or differences against them isn't going to do anything positive for me. Resenting another's blogging success or methods, isn't going to make me better as a blogger or writer. Positivity breeds positivity, and I think more of society need to remember that.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

If She's Singing, She's Happy

"Spend some time this weekend on home improvement; improve your attitude toward your family."
Bo Bennett

This is the last instalment of my three part week round up for last week. Most of the time I do it in one post, but it was just going to be too long. So I split it into three separate posts. You can find the first two here (link) and here (link). 

After the stress of Edwin and his neutering fiasco (see link 1 above), practising for my presentation and worrying about my group discussion (see link 2 above), it was nice to have some quality family time on Saturday. I mean, I was worried about leaving Edwin in the house by himself for a little bit, but I knew it wouldn't be long and my mum would be home to make sure he didn't get up to mischief. He eventually did get up to mischief, but that happened to be while we were all home, not when I was out. Anyway! I've already told that story. This post is about the non-Edwin related stuff that happened on Saturday.

Monday, 20 October 2014

Presentation Smesentation

"The most splendid achievement of all is the constant striving to surpass yourself and to be worthy of your own approval."
Denis Waitley

I may have mentioned in one of my past posts that on Thursday (16/10/14) I had my first informal presentation in front of my class. We had to talk about our favourite movie or book. I was completely bricking it. This is one of the reasons I wanted to do the course, even though it's just a GCSE in English language that I already have a C in. I wanted to challenge myself, build my confidence. When it came to my turn I thought I was fine. I didn't feel overly anxious. I had practised talking slowly and clearly, and I had my cue cards. But after about two lines in, my nervous hit me like a wall. I suddenly felt like I was visibly shaking and my mouth went dry. It felt like words were tumbling out a mile a minute, in clouds of dust. I had told myself to look at the audience, not my cue cards. But I ended up feeling like my eyes were darting around the room like a crazy person. Despite this, I got a good reaction and my classroom assistant said I did really well and sounded and looked really confident. Though, she may have just been trying to make me feel better. Still, it felt like a small achievement. Back in the day I probably would have skipped class and put it off as long as possible!

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Pets 'n' Stuff | Man Part Removal

"What a dog I got, his favorite bone is in my arm." 
Rodney Dangerfield

I had originally planned to do one of my usual week round up entries, but as I wrote it I could tell it was going to be a super long post. And I'm starting to be conscious of the fact my posts might be having a tl;dr effect (or is it affect?) on people. So I decided to split this week in to two or three posts over the next couple of days. I mean, I already know this post is going to be pretty long by itself. I really need to learn to condense my writing, but I digress. On with the show! 
I mentioned in one of my last posts my Chihuahua puppy Edwin and my sister's Chihuahua puppy Berty, turned 6 months last week. So on Tuesday (14/10/14) he and Berty were booked in to be neutered. Not going to lie, I was a little nervous. I always get nervous when anything involves sedation. When an animal needs to be sedated for a procedure, the animal has to be at the vets for about 9am. Usually it's annoying for whoever is taking my pets to get me up and dressed in time for that, so in the past I haven't gone. I mean you basically just hand them over anyway, but I wanted to go with Edwin. I just threw on joggers to make it easier. I wish I had gotten a photo of him before he went in, but I guess I was too sleepy to think of it.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Bloo's Reviews | How I Live Now

"Before the war I used my willpower for stupid stuff, like not eating chocolate. I think I thought if I could control myself, then maybe the world around me would start to make sense. I guess I was pretty naive back then."
How I Live Now

Today I am reviewing the 2013 movie How I Live Now.

This review may contain spoilers.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

This Week Was Pretty Epic

"Tomorrow is the most important thing in life. Comes into us at midnight very clean. It's perfect when it arrives and it puts itself in our hands. It hopes we've learned something from yesterday."
John Wayne

A quick little follow up to yesterday's post (link). (Okay, it turned out not very little at all... I had good intentions though!) While I found it cathartic getting that stuff off my chest, I always feel a little guilty when I complain. When I started this blog I wanted to convey a positive image of disability and show being disabled doesn't mean you're a depressive shut in. Because even in this day and age, that is how some people imagine disabled people to be. People wonder how we get through the day and I hate that. However due to unforeseen things that happened after I started my blog, I ended up blogging about anxiety and struggles related to my disability more than I anticipated. I felt like my blog was doing the opposite to what I initially set out to do.

But then I realised that is just real life. I wouldn't be doing anyone - least of all me - any favours by holding back. While I might write about things I'm going through that suck and those things may or may not be related to my disability, it doesn't mean that's all my life is. Everyone has their shit, and the important thing isn't to seem invincible by never having struggles, it's by showing how you overcome them. And that translates to anyone, not just people with disabilities.

So while I felt a little guilty about being such a bummer yesterday and felt like I wanted to do a follow up today so the last post on my blog wasn't me complaining about feeling a bit shitty, I know being honest about these things is really for the best. I'm not infallible, emotionally or physically. And my blog wouldn't be an honest representation of my life if I pretended I was. Now! On to other stuff.

While I was too busy complaining in my last entry, I totally forgot to mention the other stuff that happened during the week. On Monday my sister and I were in the kitchen with our chihuahuas and out of the corner of my eye I seen my Edwin chase something across the kitchen. At first I thought it was a bird, but as my sister grabbed the puppies and the thing ran under my feet, it became obvious it was actually a mouse. It ran straight out of the kitchen and into my sister's room. Obviously one of the cats had brought their new toy home more alive than usual. When Eva was afraid, I was all "Psh, it's just a mouse. It'll be fine." Well, it sure didn't take my bravery long to disappear when lying in bed that night I heard shuffling around MY room. At first I thought it was my imagination, and then I heard it eating some kinda crumb. Amazing how something so small can be so loud. I totally freaked out and made Eva and Berty sleep in beside Edwin and I in my single bed. She was super annoyed because I ended up not being able to sleep and kept talking to her until 5am. I was fine during the day, but I was scared I'd wake up and the mouse would be staring at me! We'd set up a home made live trap by putting some chocolate in a tub, thinking it would fall in and not be able to get out. When we looked in the morning the mouse had ate some of the chocolate and jumped back out. My cats couldn't have been any less interested in trying to look for it, but I was a little glad because I didn't want them to kill it anyway. The next night we made the trap again using my bin instead because it was deeper. I didn't have Eva stay with me because I felt a little braver. True to form, I heard Jimmy (yes, we named the mouse) rustling about. A little while later he started making A LOT of noise and it took me a little while to realise maybe the trap had worked.

We had indeed caught Jimmy!

It felt good being able to release him. There's only been one other time the cats brought in one that was still alive and it ended up dying in my sister's room. Rodents are one of my favourite kinds of animals. I've owned both fancy mice and rats. I don't see them as disgusting vermin, just wildlife. So the success of Mission: Catch & Release Jimmy was a good thing that happened during the week.

A second good thing that happened this week was this...

Okay, you probably don't know what this is and that's okay. You may or may not remember me posting about a Canadian Ice Sledge Hockey player that favourited one of my Tweets a while back. (link) Basically he went one better this time and replied to my Man Crush Monday post. It doesn't seem like a big deal to others because in the grand scheme of things he isn't really famous, but I had a total fan girl moment. I've been following him since Sochi and he is such a positive and inspirational person. So yeah, once I got over the embarrassment of seeming like a creeper... I was super chuffed he replied. 

I also had my first practice controlled assessment in class on Thursday. I spent the three days before solid revising. My family thought it was a bit much, but I wanted to give it my best. I remembered a lot of what I was supposed to write, but I didn't get the assessment finished. I have much the same problem in class as I do on my blog. I'm a long winded writer. Something I'll have to rectify when I go to do the real thing. For this Thursday we have to prepare a short informal presentation on our favourite book or movie. I've decided to do Rent. I'm looking forward to it, but I'm also terrified. Speaking in front of people isn't my strong point, but challenging myself is what I wanted to do when I decided to take this course... hopefully my anxiety won't get the best of me. 

And that brings us to the last good event of this week, and the one that really turned my mood around. The reason I felt like I could do a follow up to yesterday's post and say I'm feeling good. Last night Eva and I went to an ice hockey match. Belfast Giants vs Dundee Stars. The actual game itself was a little boring. I mean, I still enjoyed it but...

Yeah, landslide wins are never as entertaining. Still, a win is a win! It was my first time seeing Dundee and they looked promising at the beginning. Before the match there had been a lot of talk about the fact the goalie was the younger brother of one of the Giants, Evan Cheverie. Cheverie vs Cheverie they kept saying. Well, it wasn't much of a competition. He ended up letting 6 goals in and was swapped for Dundee's second goalie. When we were 6 ahead and 1 down, they let the Giants second goalie and token Norn Irish player Andrew Dickson play. It was my first time seeing him play, and he didn't let us down! Oh, I also painted my nails in the team colours for the match...

There's a bar called McCool's that stays open after the game where fans can go and some of the players go too. Eva and I ended up going there after to wait for my dad as he was out for dinner with my mum. Sadly I didn't get any photos with any of the Giant's as they were just turning up as we had to leave. Andrew Dickson, Jeff Mason and Mike Kompon were there. On the way out I drove passed Mason. It was difficult getting passed the crowd, especially after a vodka and cola, but luckily I did not run over his foot. I really wished I could have stopped to take a photo with him, but I didn't have time. I said as much on Twitter after and...

Gotta love social media!

I love zipping around the Odyssey in my electric wheelchair when I'm leaving and it was particularly fun last night because it was mostly empty. I was driving backwards towards the lift and Eva was like "Careful there's someone behind you!" and when I turned around I realised I almost ran into one of the Giant's, Mike Kompon. He was all, "You're alright!" Glad I didn't mow down one of the Giants. Wouldn't make me a great fan. But yes, it was pretty awesome seeing them so close up. Hopefully next time I'll have the time and courage to ask for a photo. We've decided we're going to book a room at the Premier Inn next to the arena so we can stay later at the next match on the 31st of Oct. Hopefully more Giant's will be there that night. Plus there's other bars in that area and it's Halloween. I won't be dressing up for Halloween again, but oh well

So yes, this week wasn't all bad. It was actually pretty darn good. I guess I just needed to vent the bad to be able to remember and appreciate all the good things. I'm just lucky that having my blog gives me the opportunity to do that. I hope everyone else had an awesome week too. 

PS! I mentioned in my last post that Edwin was 6 months a couple of days ago. I wanted to show you a photo of him and I on the day I got him (07/06/14) compared to a photo of him and I yesterday (11/10/14) before I left for the match. Can't believe how different we both look 4 months later...

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Pity Party For One

“I am both happy and sad at the same time, and I'm still trying to figure out how that could be.”
Stephen Chbosky

I wasn't planning on writing a life post this week because I didn't really have any inspiration for one, so I was just going to skip ahead to another review. I watched How I Live Now last night and plan to put a review up about it on Monday, all being well. But now I find myself writing this post because I feel like throwing myself a pity party. Okay, it's not really a pity party. Things are okay. I'm happy. Well... I've been a little off. I've been feeling sad and I guess, empty? I can't really explain it, but I also feel happy too. I feel excited about the future and the things I want to do and have planned, but at the same time there's this heaviness in my chest. Not in the 'is my breathing or heart fucked up' kind of heaviness. Like an emotional heaviness or emptiness, and I have no idea why. Because in most respects I'm pretty content.

Aside from that, I've been feeling a little run down. My appetite is pretty non-existent (unless you count an addiction to Lidl's Snicker's rip offs), so I'm not eating much. And my skin - particularly my face - feels really dry and sensitive. I've been using Diprobase my doctor prescribed me on it, but it's not really doing anything. It still feels really tight, particularly the bridge of my nose. I don't know if it's possibly the fact I've been using Nivea face wash and my skin is too sensitive. (Anyone recommend a good moisturising face wash?) I've also been wearing make up a lot more often since I'm going out more.

To be honest, I'm wondering if it's all related to the fact I'm doing so much more than I used to do. I used to think I was going well if I went out once a week, but I have so much more of a desire to do things these days. I don't enjoy wasting time half as much as I used to. Even when I'm in the house I'm usually working on blog stuff, puppy minding or doing homework. It used to take me a couple of days to get over going out and want to go out again, but I don't feel like that anymore. I have so much more motivation than I used to, and I love it. But I just wonder if it's taking it's toll without me really realising. Or maybe it's completely unrelated. Maybe I just need to look after myself better and be more healthy.

I'm really enjoying life at the moment and I'm really happy with the progress I've made with getting out more, being more independent and trying to be more social and less anxious. I really hope my body and introverted nature aren't trying to tell me to slow down, because I don't want to.

On a small side note. My little sister Eva posted up her first post of her new blog today. She finally got herself a new laptop, and wanted to start fresh after her last attempt at blogging which ended up being all of one post. Anyway, hopefully this time she'll stick at it. I think she could be really great. Please check out her blog and show her some blogging community love! http://evostick.blogspot.co.uk/

Also! My little man Edwin turned 6 months yesterday. I can barely believe how much he's grown up since I got him. It happens so fast. While we were out for a walk yesterday, Eva and I booked him and Berty in to be neutered on Tuesday. It's probably silly, but I'm nervous about it. I always am when it comes to anything that involves them being sedated. But yeah, he's really grown into a typical chihuahua. Barks at everything, and he's pretty possessive over his territory... which includes me. Still, I wouldn't change him for the world. Well I mean, probably the barking and the possessiveness that we're trying to train out of him... but I mostly wouldn't change him for the world.


Monday, 6 October 2014

Bloo's Reviews | L'Oréal Infallible Foundation

"Whether I'm wearing lots of make up or no make up, I'm always the same person inside."
Lady Gaga

When I did my first make up review a couple of weeks ago, I said they wouldn't happen very often because I don't change my make up very often. In that review I reviewed some GOSH Natural (no. 12) foundation I'd bought that happened to be a shade darker than the GOSH Porcelain (no. 11) foundation I usually buy because it was out of stock. It ended up being too dark for my skin so I decided to try a different brand instead. After using it for a couple of weeks, I had some opinions on it that I felt like I had to share. So here we are. 

I opted for the L'Oréal Infallible Foundation Porcelain (no. 15). I can't remember who it was that recommended it, but I'd seen it recommended for those who want a pale make up at an affordable price. She was a professional make up artist and she hadn't mentioned GOSH so I had high hopes that it would be as good, if not better. Especially since it was a couple of pounds more expensive at £9.99 (purchased at Superdrug).

When it arrived I was really happy with the colour of it in the bottle and was still happy with it when I applied it. I really liked the texture of it as it had kind of a velvety feel. Initially I had been worried about the pump dispenser (is that what it's called?) as I do have trouble with them sometimes, but that is a personal worry in relation to my disability that wouldn't be applicable to the average person. However so far it hasn't been too much of an effort to use and has come out rather easily. 

Everything seemed like I was on to a winner, however I wasn't prompted to write this because of it's brilliance. Quite the opposite really. Unlike Ronseal, this foundation does not do what it says on the tin... or well, the glass bottle thing. L'Oréal claim it is a 'stay fresh foundation' that 'fights make up meltdown' with a big red 24H that you can't miss. I assumed that 24H meant twenty four hours but I guess they didn't actually specify that. It could be twenty four horses or twenty four... hippies? But I digress, it did not last twenty four hours. After a few hours I noticed I didn't have great coverage on my nose anymore. I kind of have a rosy nose and I am quite self concious about it. My aunt's friend once called me Rudolf and I never quite got over it. So a good foundation that can make me look like any of the other reindeer is important to me. I also noticed that unlike GOSH, it would sink into all my pores and wrinkles and make them more pronounced. If I raised my eyebrows and my forehead wrinkled, the wrinkles would stay rather than go away like they usually would. 

In the end I felt really let down with this product. The colour, texture and even how it looked when first applied seemed great. The problem with L'Oréal Infallible Foundation is the fact it is not infallible at all. I don't expect to actually get twenty four hours out of a £9.99 foundation, and I could probably get over the fact the coverage isn't great after a couple of hours. I've found using a powder along with it as helped keep coverage for longer. But that along with the fact it highlights my pores and wrinkles means I would not recommend this product or think I'd buy it again. 

I'm really disappointed, because finding affordable pale foundation is so difficult and this had great potential. I'm tired of the fact only Superdrug carry GOSH locally and Porcelain tends to be out of stock in store and online. If anyone can recommend a good, affordable, high street brand that carries pale foundation, I'd really appreciate it! 

Edit: After continuing to use it, this foundation ended up growing on me. It's staying power wasn't as bad as I first thought.

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Moar Ice Hockey Fun Times

"Every day is a great day for hockey."
Mario Lemieux

You may or may not remember a few weeks ago I wrote this (link) post about rekindling my love for Ice Hockey and the Belfast Giants, and where it all started just over ten years ago. The tl;dr version is I started going when I was about thirteen and stopped going when I was sixteen. I don't really know why I stopped going if I'm honest. I don't ever remember not enjoying it, until I'd gone so little that I stopped recognising the players. It's always more enjoyable when you have favourite faces to support, and by support I mean lust after. If I was inclined to make this more informal than it already is, I may have used a winky face after that last sentence. But I digress, for whatever reason I've only been a handful of times since I was sixteen. I can barely believe eight years have passed. 

In my sport withdrawal after the Winter Paralympics and the Commonwealth games, I decided to ask my dad to take me to the first pre-season friendly game between the Belfast Giants and the Cardiff Devils. I had just seen it advertised by chance on Facebook or something. All the memories and love for the team and the game came flooding back, and I've been to every home game apart from one since the season started. That's four games in a month. 

I've been fortunate that so far I've had someone to go with me. Duties are split between my dad, my aunt and my sister. I was worried nobody would want to take me, but they've all been really accommodating. This weekend I even made it to two games. The first was on Saturday with my dad, aunt Karen and my granda. We decided to take my granda for his birthday and I bought him his ticket. It was a great game against Coventry Blaze and the fact they actually won really made my granda's birthday.

My pre-game selfie!
Luckily they weren't playing Braehead Clan as I was wearing a lot of purple.
Eye shadow, t-shirt and nail varnish!

It was nice to see they also had the old retired jersey numbers up finally, a number of which were some of my favourite players. They made me feel all nostalgic and I don't know if I mentioned it, but I love nostalgia. It's hard to believe the first Giant to be my favourite (Paxton Schulte No. 27) retired back in 2004. Ten years ago! Gosh, do I feel old.

On Sunday my sister Eva agreed to go with me. So far games have been on Friday and Saturday and she always works either a Saturday or Sunday. Luckily this weekend she worked the Saturday and the second game of the weekend happened to be on a Sunday. I love when things work out. She doesn't really like sports, like... at all. When she used to go with my aunt and I when I was fourteen, she used to sleep through the games. Literally. Though that had as much to do with her undiagnosed thyroid condition as her lack of interest. However, I hoped the promise of fondue and alcohol may make this time around a little more enjoyable for her.

Our dad had said he would take us as we weren't sure the train stop beside where the games are played was wheelchair accessible. However he changed his mind when he realised he'd miss some of the Ryder Cup and we ended up chancing it and taking the train. Luckily the stop was wheelchair accessible and there were some people on the train on their way to the Giant's too, so we followed the people in jerseys so we didn't get lost. I got this photo of Samson and Goliath - the iconic cranes of Belfast - as we walked to the bridge. I've always wanted a good photo of them.

I had such a fun time at the game with Eva. She opted out of having alcohol as the game started at 4pm and it was a bit early, but she enjoyed the it nonetheless. She super got into the match, even if she did end up liking the opposing team - the Fife Flyers - more. It was the first time either of us had seen Fife, but I guess Eva got a good feeling about them which held up as they beat us 6 - 1. I usually like games a little closer than that, even if we don't win. But I still enjoyed the game against Fife. I guess the company helped.

I'm going to two games this weekend again, both against the Cardiff Devils. They were the team I seen with my dad in the pre-season match. I can't wait. In that game we beat them 2 - 1 and the game after that they beat us 7 - 5. Not to mention how rough they play and the fact they're managed by old Giant's legend and my favourite player ever, Todd Kelman. Hopefully it's going to be quite a show down!

On Sunday I had a treat yo self moment and purchased myself some merchandise. A nice mug, because a girl can never have too many mugs. Especially a girl that drinks as much tea as I do. And I also bought a snap bracelet thing. I don't really know what they're called. They go straight and when you snap them on your wrist they curl around, if that makes sense? I remember getting them as a kid, and I guess I'm just easily amused. 

Treat Yo Self

While I was in the mood to treat myself, I decided rather than waiting for Santa to bring me a jersey for Christmas, I would buy myself one. Eva agreed that I could totally buy myself one and still get one for Christmas, so I would have two to change things up. Also there's always the chance Santa might forget or they might be sold out around Christmas etc. On Monday I ordered my jersey and it will take three to four weeks to arrive. I got SaraBloo on the back and the number 84. Last time I got a players name, but then it sucks when they leave. Plus I didn't feel ready to make such a commitment yet, even if I do have a favourite. This is serious business! 

So yeah, I'm really looking forward to this weekend. Eva is taking me on Friday and my aunt Karen is taking me on Saturday. I'm really surprised how much Eva's looking forward to going to future games. She even mentioned maybe getting a jersey some day. On Friday Eva and I are planning to get a little... steam boated (drunk). Probably she more than me. I'm just really looking forward to an awesome game and maybe some fondue. Love me some strawberries, marshmallows and fudge! Yum, yum.

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