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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

If She's Singing, She's Happy

"Spend some time this weekend on home improvement; improve your attitude toward your family."
Bo Bennett

This is the last instalment of my three part week round up for last week. Most of the time I do it in one post, but it was just going to be too long. So I split it into three separate posts. You can find the first two here (link) and here (link). 

After the stress of Edwin and his neutering fiasco (see link 1 above), practising for my presentation and worrying about my group discussion (see link 2 above), it was nice to have some quality family time on Saturday. I mean, I was worried about leaving Edwin in the house by himself for a little bit, but I knew it wouldn't be long and my mum would be home to make sure he didn't get up to mischief. He eventually did get up to mischief, but that happened to be while we were all home, not when I was out. Anyway! I've already told that story. This post is about the non-Edwin related stuff that happened on Saturday.

Most Saturdays my sister Eva and I go to my granny's for family time with my uncle, aunt, granda, granny and dad. Then my aunt comes over for a little catch up on Sunday with us. However the last lot of Saturdays and Sundays my aunt has missed out on time with Eva because Eva works one weekend day, and the other we've been going to ice hockey. We decided to rectify the situation by taking advantage of the lack of ice hockey game this weekend and Eva's Saturday off, by going out for lunch and then round to my granny's house.

We opted for Marks & Spencer for lunch. It was either that or Subway, and I guess it felt a little more special. Eva and aunt Karen had a toasty each, while I decided to get a baked potato with cheese. I'd had one from there before and it was so good. I can be a little picky when it comes to cheese, but I had no complaints. I also got a latte and a packet of crisps, plus we bought a piece of cake to share. However, I didn't end up eating any of it. My coffee with five sugars had more than satisfied my sweet tooth.

Om nom nom

As good as the food was, mine and Eva's alone came to £20. Which felt a little expensive for what it was. I mean, considering what you can get at Subway for a fraction of the price. A memory of the last time Eva had gone to Marks & Spencer's cafe came flooding back, and I'm pretty sure I'd made the same conclusion we decided we wouldn't eat there again. Oh well. Food prices aside, it was really fun and we had a great catch up. We should really do it more often. I didn't used to enjoy going out to eat as much as I do now. I've started to enjoy it again since finding out my choking problem was all in my head. Go figure.

After that my aunt picked up some groceries and Eva and I headed to Smyths toy store as she wanted to find a Sims game. I'm not sure if I mentioned this before, but Smyths is basically my favourite store. I LOVE toys. I'm going to have to do a post about my doll collection at some stage. But I digress, I made no purchases that day. I'm trying to be good with my money at the moment, after Edwin's trips to the vet and I've also just booked for Eva and I to stay at a Premier Inn the night of and the night after the next ice hockey game we're going to see. Which just so happens to be at halloween. It will be our first time staying away anywhere by ourselves. I cannot wait! 

Eva and my aunt Karen in Smyths

We then headed round to my granny's house where my granda, uncle and dad, as well as my granny were already. My aunt had said earlier in the day my granny hadn't been in a great mood. Apparently she had told my aunt Karen she didn't want to see us and not to bring us round, which really isn't like her. However by the time we rocked up, she was in a good mood again. The joys and of Alzheimers. She was even singing! As my dad says, "if she's singing, she's happy." I took a couple of videos of her singing. I wish I could share them, but it wouldn't feel right. But they are just something really lovely to have. She seems so happy.

The obligatory selfie at my granny's

Sadly Eva's stay at granny's was cut short when we got a frantic phone call from my mum. Berty has been having really bad reverse sneezing attacks for the last week, and he'd started to have a particularly bad one when my mum had come home and let him out of his crate. She was by herself and anything that remotely sounds like choking scares my mum a lot. He'd tired himself out and started lying on his back and closing his eyes, which scared my mum even more. My aunt Karen rushed Eva home to be with him.

Eva's abandoned tea and coke

Berty was okay, but he's going to the vet in the morning because he's still having flare ups and Eva wants to see if anything can be done for him as he hasn't been himself the last few days. 

So yeah, that was basically my weekend. My aunt didn't come round on Sunday as she had parent/teacher interviews to prepare for. Eva was at work, so I just chilled. In short, my weekend wasn't half bad if you don't include the puppy troubles!

How was yours?

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