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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Belfast Adventure Part Two

"On the one hand, shopping is dependable: You can do it alone, if you lose your heart to something that is wrong for you, you can return it; it's instant gratification and yet something you buy may well last for years."
Judith Krantz

Yesterday I posted up Day One of mine and my sister Eva's weekend staying in Belfast. Read all about where we stayed, our first night away without our parents and what we got up to here. Saturday was dedicated to shopping. I'm not going to lie, I'm not a BIG fan of clothes shopping. As much as I enjoy fashion, as I've mentioned before being a tiny out of proportion human being presents some challenges when trying to find things to buy. However every so often I will have a good shopping day, and I'm glad to say Saturday was one of those days. We decided to opt out of breakfast at the Premier Inn and had a lie in, getting up around 10am. We got dressed and headed into Belfast. We weren't really sure how to get there, but it was easy enough to figure out and was luckily wheelchair accessible the whole way.

I broke out one of my favourite jumpers I've not worn since last winter! And also realised my Belfast Giants' coloured nails went with it pretty well.    

For breakfast we hit good old Costa. By that time it was almost 1pm, so I guess you could call it brunch. Eva got this sandwich thing and an iced latte and I got a panini and tea. I never had one from there before, but it was so good. I'd definitely get it again. I usually don't like the premade ones from Starbucks etc. But yeah, that set me up for the day of shopping ahead!


I made my first purchase in H&M. I bought this little burgundy skull jumper for £5.99. I love the colour of it. I didn't use to like wearing this colour purely because it reminded me of my school uniform in both primary and secondary school. But I guess I got over that aversion as I got older. If anything, it now makes me feel a little nostalgic.


We then headed to Primark. I have to say, Primark is one of my least favourite shops. Probably only second to TK Maxx. Don't get me wrong, you find some great bargains, but I can't handle the chaos. There are so many clothes and so many people, and very little order. You can imagine how particularly bad it was on a Saturday on the run up to Christmas. I'm glad I was able to brave the throngs on Saturday and made some good purchases. Eva and I both bought our Christmas jumpers. I really wanted one with Rudolf on it, and since blue is my favourite colour, the blue Rudolf Christmas jumper, complete with bells and all for for £12 was pretty perfect. I also bought some Christmasy slipper socks for £4.  Then we went to another floor and I picked up yet another burgundy jumper! The awesome Hogwarts jumper was £10 and I am a little in love with it. I cannot wait to wear it. I also got an MTV t-shirt for £8. Simple print t-shirts are my favourite thing, and I have to say Primark is great for them.

I realised while we were out that I'd forgotten to charge my electric wheelchair over night. Usually it isn't really a big deal and it holds up pretty well, but I guess the luck I had finding clothes to buy didn't extend to making sure I had enough power in my chair. So I had to try and reserve energy by not moving about too much, because I'd very rapidly gone down to 1 out of 10 bars of power which I like to call lives. I basically became the clothes horse while Eva ventured off to find what she needed. It wasn't the worst though, in the sense at least I didn't have to try and battle my way through the crowds and potentially cause any injuries! I felt bad for Eva though, like I'd let her down. It meant we couldn't just relax and take our time and had to be very strategic about what shops we REALLY wanted to go to, the quickest route and not spend too much time.

Kukri Sports

We then went to the new Kukri Sports store that opened a few weeks ago in Victoria Square. Eva was thinking of getting a Belfast Giants' jersey so we wanted to have a look. They had all the colours and I slightly talked Eva into getting a black one. She wanted one, but she wasn't sure if she should spend £50 on something when she'd already spent so much over the weekend. I figured she might as well if she's going to buy one in the future, plus it was handy being able to see the sizes in person. Despite the fact I ordered a new jersey weeks back and still haven't got it, I couldn't resist buying another colour... even though I've asked for a black one for Christmas. I realised after seeing them in person I probably should have got a Youth one rather than a small adult. I bought a teal Youth 13 - 14 jersey for £40 and it was more than big enough for me. I can't wait to see how much I drown in the white one, which they posted today. Now I'm going to have to choose which to wear this Saturday! It'll be like Sophie's Choice. I thought I'd get at least one wear out of this one before my other one arrived, but oh well.

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is one of those shops I love, but I can never bring myself to spend money in. It's so darn expensive. I usually find it hard to justify it to myself, but especially after buying such bargains in the likes of H&M and Primark. I know the quality might be better, but still. That being said, by this point the spending dam had well and truly been smashed to pieces and when I seen this little bralette style crop top in the lingerie section, I just had to have it. Full disclosure, I don't usually wear bras etc. At some point during my teens when it became apparent that puberty wasn't going to bless me with well... anything in the chest area, I decided there was no point. Why would I wear a piece of uncomfortable clothing just because society says at a certain age I should? Well, that's what I told myself anyway, and still believe most of the time. But truth be told there have been times I've seen pretty underwear sets and wished I had a reason to buy them. It might sound silly, but as someone who doesn't feel all that feminine a lot of the time there are times I've just craved that femininity.

But I digress, lately I'd been looking for a black bra that would fit me without the excess of material in the cups or padding. I loved that this is for an adult and you can tell that it is. Even the training bras or ones for young teens don't usually fit me and they usually look juvenile. I got it in extra small, and it fits perfectly. It was £18 but I didn't mind since I wanted something special anyway. I got nice pants to go with it also, and they were £6. I tried the top on when I went home and although it fit perfectly, I still felt a little ridiculous when I looked at myself in the mirror. But oh well, baby steps.


The last shop we went to was Lush. If you follow me on Twitter, and I think I may have possibly mentioned it in recent posts, I was really looking forward to hitting Lush and seeing all the Christmas stuff. Especially since reading a lot of Lush haul posts. I wanted to take a bunch of photos of what they had and such, but alas this was the only photo I got in store.

There was quite a few people in Lush when we went in, but after a few minutes it was completely chock-a-block. It's a tiny shop anyway, and on a good day would be hard enough to get around, but on Saturday it was just ridiculous. I even bumped into my first kid, whose mother did nothing to try and help me get passed her son and was more interested in the demonstration the women from Lush was giving. So I didn't get any more photos because I couldn't stay still long enough in front of any of the displays, because people were trying to get passed. It also meant I didn't get time to really look at everything either, so I only bought two things. The obligatory Snow Fairy and a Squeaky Green shampoo bar. The Snow Fairy was £11.95 for the big bottle and shampoo bar was £5.75. I also bought a little tin to keep the shampoo bar in which cost £2.50. I've used the shampoo twice since I got home and I'm in love with it. It's also really handy for whoever is washing my hair. Usually they find it hard getting good coverage of shampoo, but with the bar it's so much easier. It's left my hair in really good condition after both washes, without conditioning. Eva and I are hoping to go up again soon, on a less busy day and I'm going to get more then. And hopefully other stuff!

After Lush we began the journey home, just in time for it to start raining! It was very stressful. We no longer were just worrying about the fact my wheelchair might run out of battery, but it also might break down in the rain. It wouldn't be the first time it happened in the middle of Belfast. I don't know what we'd have done if that had happened. It's hard enough to push for my dad, I don't know how Eva would have managed it along with all the shopping bags! Speaking of which, whoever thought paper bags were a good idea in Northern Ireland wasn't the brightest spark. I rushed away on by myself and got to the Premier Inn first. Just in time as about five minutes from it my wheelchair started to slow down, a sign there wasn't much power left. A little while later Eva came through the automatic doors carrying a wet bundle of clothes. Lets just say the Primark bag lost it's integrity... When we got to the room Eva had to set the pile of clothes on the floor to open the door, then some how get the clothes into the room while holding the door open. One of the staff noticed her struggling and helped lift the clothes into the room. Not at all embarrassing! Inside we remembered the Lush bag I'd been carrying was also wet, and as Eva took it off my chair it came apart too. Luckily none of the stuff inside was wet.


We decided venturing out again in the rain was a bad idea and Eva made reservations in the Premier Inn's restaurant. After relaxing a little while and charging my chair, we got ready to go down for dinner. The restaurant and food were lovely and the staff were so nice and welcoming. I was glad we ended up there instead of going out again. For starters we shared duck parcels and for mains we both got burgers. I got a chicken salsa burger and Eva got a cheese burger. Burgers might not seem very fancy, but they were so good. Even so, Eva and I are such small eaters we couldn't finish. It felt like such a waste! I wish they did every meal in small, medium and large. For dessert we shared cheese cake, and finished off with lattes.

After dinner we went back to our room, got ready for bed and finished off our day with some television. We watched X Factor and then Jonathan Ross. It was a nice and relaxing way to finish off our last night. I got a touch of PHB (post holiday blues) even though we weren't leaving until the morning. We had such an awesome time, and I didn't want it to end. The only thing that made going home a little sweeter was getting back to our boys, Edwin and Berty. I missed all my pets, but it was my first time being away from Edwin. Eva felt the same about Berty and he can be especially huffy when Eva leaves him, even when she's just going to work.

The next morning we woke up around 10:30am and got ready. Again we had opted out of breakfast and our dad picked us up just after 11am. We had until noon to check out, but dad thought he'd get us home a little earlier and make us breakfast. A nice home cooked Ulster fry up also took the sting off coming home.

And that was the end to our weekend away in the big smoke. It didn't go perfectly, but I still had an amazing time. I hope Eva enjoyed it as much as I did. We're already talking about doing it again in the new year. And we'd also like to go to England at some point too. I think we'd be grand, so long as we remembered an umbrella and to charge the wheelchair! 

I hope you enjoyed reading about our weekend away, and remember if you haven't already to check out Part One.

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