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Sunday, 9 November 2014

If I Had The X Factor

"Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to loneliness."
Maya Angelou

Lets pretend we're in some alternate universe in which I am a super talented singer and musician, but for some reason feel my only road to musical success is X Factor. I started to wonder what songs I would sing if I happened to be one of the contestants, while watching X Factor this week. And so the idea for this post was born! Obviously in my alternate universe I am so talented I make it right to the end of the competition. I looked up all the categories they had week by week last year and thought about what I would sing. I think the trick is to try and pick something you like, but what you also think they audience will be familiar with and like. I know I tend to tune out when someone sings a song I'm not familiar with. So here are my picks, week by week!

80's Week
I don't know why but 80's week always tends to be one of my least favourites. Not so much because I don't like music from the 80's, but more so because I don't tend to like the particular songs they always seem to pick on xFactor. I had a couple I had in mind to choose from. Just Like Heaven by The Cure being one, and Crazy For You by Madonna being another. In the end I think what I would sing would be Holding Out For A Hero, but the Ella Mae Bowen version from the Footloose remake. I guess in a way that would be cheating, singing a modern version of the song, but I fell in love with that song after watching the remake and even more when I found it on a Delena fan video. It's such a simple, but beautiful version.

Love & Heartbreak

I thought I would have lots of ideas for Love & Heartbreak week, but in a sea of choices only one song popped out at me. I decided out of all the songs about love and heartbreak I could choose, I'd go for something a little up tempo and different. Going with this song choice would be risky. I don't think it's an extremely well known song, but it's hella catchy. It's Dancing On My Own by Swedish artist Robyn. I had thought about a couple of her other songs, but I thought this one fit the theme the best plus the up tempo vibe I wanted to go for. So many people do big ballads and such for Love & Heartbreak week. It so easy to go for that. There are some beautiful ones, but sometimes they end up being to predictable. In my opinion anyway.

Songs In Film

Again, I really had so many to choose from when it came to this category. I think I've mentioned before my love for movie soundtracks and that a good soundtrack is like a gift that keeps on giving. I've found some of my favourite songs through television shows or movies. The right song or music with a scene can make all the difference. Now, this probably wouldn't be a popular choice for a lot of people. But I'm not here to debate whether Twilight was any good. Each to their own.The song I'm choosing is Turning Page by Sleeping At Last from Breaking Dawn part one. They used it a couple of times throughout the movie, one of which being instrumental I think. When I really noticed it was when Bella and Edward slept together for the first time on their honeymoon. Whether you like Twilight or not, I just think it's a beautiful and romantic song. It's lyrically gorgeous, which is something very important to me. Lyrics that really speak to my heart and stay with me. 

Disco Week

I don't have much to say on this week. It's probably my least favourite out of all the weeks. I guess disco just isn't my thing. So for this week I'd probably go with the one disco song I can tolerate, which is I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor. I remember way back before I ever had even a computer and before YouTube existed and emailing each other funny or random videos was a thing instead of linking or sharing them on whatever social network you choose, my  aunt had a video sent to her of an animated alien singing I Will Surive and at the end it was squished by a giant disco ball. The nostalgia of that memory makes I Will Survive just bearable. Maybe if I wanted to be a little bit of a cheat, I would do the Glee version that's mashed with I'm A Survivor. It is pretty epic.

Big Band Week

I think my preference for big band week would be to take a song from a different genre and do it in the big band style, but I can't really think of a song I'd like to do that with so I will just go with one of the generic big band songs. When I hear this song, I always think of when Stacy Soloman had Michael Buble as her duet partner and that is one of my all time favourite X Factor performances. I think I'd sing Feeling Good. Need I say more?

British Classics

This was a no brainer. Nobody does classics quite like Queen, but my particular favourite is These Are The Days Of Our Lives. It's such a beautiful and poignant, but still very positive song. There is nobody like Freddie Mercury, nor will there ever be. So it seems fitting I'd pay tribute to him at some point during my rise to fame. I think many artists would credit Queen and Freddie in their list of bands and people who inspired them musically.

Best of X Factor Winners

For this one you have to sing the winners single of your favourite X Factor winner. This was another easy pick for me as well, I could only remember two... and they're the two most recent. It was a toss up between Skyscraper by Sam Bailey or Impossible by James Arthur. I decided to go with the latter because it's the one I listen to most. I think James is a douche, but he has a great singing style and voice and he brought something different to the competition than what had been done before. Plus the song is used in another of my favourite Delena fan videos. I really need to make a post about my favourite fan videos!

Musical Heroes

This is another one of the weeks where I'd take a risk and sing a song that may be obscure but that I really love. You by Keaton Henson just speaks to my soul. The first time I heard Keaton Henson was at the end of the first series of In The Flesh when they played Corpse Roads. His voice is so hauntingly beautiful, and he's a lyrical genius in my opinion. His songs are so quotable. I actually quoted some of his lyrics at the beginning of one of my posts.

"If you must die, sweetheart. Die knowing your life was my life's best part."

Beyonce & Elton Week

For this week they had to sing one Beyonce song and an Elton John song. Elton has so many awesome songs, but my favourite has to be Tiny Dancer purely because of this scene from Almost Famous. One of my favourite movies. One of, if not my favourite Beyonce song is Sweet Dreams. I don't know why, I've just always loved this song. It makes me want to dance. It doesn't really go beyond that. Hopefully it would make the audience want to dance too!

Celebrity Duets

Finally! The final week and the celebrity duets. I know in recent years they've had some trouble getting celebrities to do the duets, especially big celebrities. The mentors have ended up singing with their acts etc. Well, lets pretend for my year we have our pick of celebrities because I'm so awesome anyone would be happy to sing with me! I mean, I'd be humble and stuff. I wouldn't let my awesomeness go to my head. Anyway! For my celebrity duet, I thought I'd go with a singer I love and a very current song. I'd go with Chandelier by Sia. We'd both perform with our backs to the audience and in the absence of Maddie, I would get Eva to do the dance instead. It would be awesome and would definitely insure I win!

What is your favourite X Factor week and what song would you pick?


  1. I'd love too be on the xfactor but I cannot sing in the slightest! Great post x

    1. I'm the same. My sisters got all the singing talent, sadly. D:

  2. Funnily enough my sister can sing too but sadly I had no such luck!


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