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Sunday, 23 November 2014

Under The Weather Week

"I am sick and tired of being sick and tired."
Fannie Lou Hamer

I mentioned in my last post, I felt like I was coming down with something. Turns out, I was. As I also mentioned, I have a few ideas for future posts, but I really haven't felt up to writing. Friday was a particularly bad day. I was in a lot of pain, felt very warm and even a bit faint. Which resulted in me having a panic attack. It wasn't very nice at all. Because of my cough, I had decided to get an antibiotic. It might seem a little rash, but doctors prefer me to nip any potential chest infections in the bud. So on Friday night my dad picked up my prescription for Augmentin. It really just made everything worse and gave me ANOTHER panic attack. I felt very nauseous, which made me nervous going to bed. The rest of the night I had to rationalise and keep my anxiety in check. Luckily I got through it without any more attacks.

After that I decided to hold off on taking any more of the antibiotic and see if the cough really did take hold or if I could get over it myself. Taking an antibiotic that was making me feel so ill seemed counter productive, because it would only make me weak and it more difficult to fight off whatever it was that I'd picked up. Once the effects of the antibiotic wore off, I felt a lot better. I'm hoping I'm on the mend now in general. Hopefully I'll be ready for class on Thursday and I get those planned posts under way!

While I've been unwell, I've kind of just been hibernating. I started watching Once Upon A Time. It took me a few episodes, but I really love it now. Especially now that Hook is in it. Then yesterday my sister Eva was off work because I gave her my cold. So we decided to have a bed day and took the opportunity to introduce each other to new shows. I introduced her to The Vampire Diaries and she introduced me to Gossip Girl. We watched the first episode of The Vampire Diaries and then the first episode of Gossip Girl, then kept going like that. I was worried she wouldn't like it, or she wouldn't like my favourite characters. But she loved Damon from the first episode! Sadly Eva was the one to be a little disappointed when I didn't like Chuck Bass as much as she hoped, but I assured her he'd probably grow on me. Despite being sick, it was a good day.

In the evening we decided to treat ourselves to some Dominos. It's been FOREVER since I've had Dominos. Almost forgot how good it is. Then I watched the Belfast Giants' second semi final Continental Cup game live stream. The semi finals are in France. It was cool watching them play a team from another country, even if we did end up losing! They're playing their final semi final as I write this, which they have to win if they're going to advance to the final. I guess I'll let you know by the end of this post what the out come is!

I woke up this morning to find my cat Findlay had a bloody nose. It looked like he'd been in a fight or something. I was really worried at first, but then he started purring like a freight train and telling us to feed him, so I figured he was okay. Still looked pretty sore though. Then Effy, my other cat and I had some cuddle time while I waited for the Giants' game to start. This one wasn't being streamed, but I've been following the updates on Twitter. You'd be surprised how exciting that can be. I have to say. I'm definitely looking better than I did a day or two ago.

So yeah, that's pretty much what I've been up to since my last post. You're probably wondering why I wrote this and not the planned posts, but I guess I just find it easier to write update posts. I want to wait and write the others when my mind is a little clearer.

So to finish off, I guess I'll give you that score! The Giants' won the game 5 - 3! So now we wait and see what happens in the game tonight between Angers and Grodno to see if we advance to the final. Lets go Giants! 

Edit: Angers lost and therefore the Giants didn't advance to the finals. Still been an awesome ride. They did us proud!

How has your weekend been?


  1. Awww I hope you continue to get better dear! :)

    1. Feeling a good bit better. Just gotta shift the cough now. :)
      Thanks! xo

  2. Hope you're feeling better soon! xx

    1. Thank you! Me too. Feeling a good bit better already. :)


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