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Monday, 8 December 2014

What's On My Tree

"He who has not Christmas in his heart will never find it under a tree."
Roy L. Smith

My dad finally got our Christmas decorations down yesterday. My mum was visiting my granny and sister in England last week and as she's in charge of the main decorations, my dad didn't want to get anything down from the lost until she got back. I felt left out seeing everyone else's decorations up, so I was glad to get mine up last night! While I've called this post What's On My Tree, it will include all the decorations in my bedroom. We've only had our own trees for our bedrooms for the last three or so years. So while it's a new tradition, it's definitely one become a favourite.

Our main tree and decorations in general have always been a very traditional and old fashioned, red and gold theme. While I love that for our main tree, when I got my own I wanted to do the complete opposite. I wanted it to be as colourful as possible. It might look a little tacky, but I love it. So on with the decorating fun! Before I started, I decided to put Edwin's Christmas jumper on him to get him into the festive mood too. It was pretty cold last night, so I think he appreciated it. He kept it on all night until we went to bed, and Rudolf's nose even remained intact!

So the first thing I put on my tree was the lights. My family think I go a little crazy with lights. As in I have four sets just for my small tree. Two plug in, and two battery powered. The two pictured are the battery powered sets. A multicoloured set from Paperchase and a blue set from Poundland. The other two sets I have are both multicoloured. One set has different settings so the lights can blink and such as different rates and patterns. My favourite is just static though.

Next I put on the tinsel. The last couple of years I've only had one strand of tinsel, the one to the left I got it from Paperchase. However this year I seen the tinsel on the right in Poundland and thought it would be perfect for my tree. 

After that I added this string of colourful disks and beads my mum found in Poundland to go with my tinsel. I have to say, Poundland has been pretty great for finding affordable decorations. My sis and I raided their Christmas shelves a few times and she had some good finds for her colour scheme too.

I then added these three different strands of beads. Blue, gold and purple. When I say I, I mean my dad. I also had help from Eva throughout the process. I can't take all the credit for the masterpiece that is my tree.

Next I added an assortment of multicoloured mini glass baubles I got from Paperchase. I am in love with these. They're just so colourful and mini! The picture only has a selection of them. I have a lot more. Paperchase is another of my favourite places to get Christmas decorations. They always have an awesome collection.

I also added a few of other random decorations. I got these little colourful robot decorations a couple of years ago. There were three originally, but I gifted one to someone and kept the other two for myself. I love how colourful and a little bit tacky they are. I also added two of these little snowmen my mum bought me from Poundland this year. I gave the third to my sister. In return she gave me a little Santa version of the snowmen that she also got in a pack of three from my mum. I forgot to take a photo of him.

Lastly, my Christmas tree topper! Again this was a Paperchase purchase. I just thought it was perfect for my colourful tree. Some of the little stars have fallen off, which I only noticed this year. I was a little bummed about it but I don't have the heart to replace it since it's my first tree topper. I may see if I can find little stars to replace the ones that have fallen off.

Now for some of the other decorations around my room. I got the cute little candle holder from the Yankee store a couple of weeks ago. It came with a candle too, which was Mandarin Cranberry I think. I just thought it was really adorable and would look nice on my desk over the festive period. I'm really loving candles lately. I got the little nativity scene below years ago from a catalogue my aunt had. Again, I just thought it was cute. I've put it out every year since. I'm not religious, but I still love it.

Mum picked me up this wreath to go with my tinsel from Poundland, and some extra tinsel too. I'm not sure where I'm going to put the wreath, but I added the tinsel to my lamp. I thought it looked pretty good! You can also see a little Santa with danglely legs my mum gave me that she didn't want to display this year. You can't really tell from this little photo, but he's pretty cute!

This is the display on my desk. I also have some blue lights along the front of my desk, but I couldn't get a good photo. You can see the matching angel that goes with the Santa that my mum gave me. I'd like to get more lights for my desk too. It still feels a little bare. I'm getting a cork board put on my wall, and I have some lights from Poundland that say Merry Christmas and I have some pink tinsel Eva got me that I need to find a home for. 

I thought these little decorations would be cute to show you. They're from our main tree. I made them years ago in primary school. You can see Rudolf is a little worse for wear. I love despite the fact my mum likes our tree to be very rich looking, we still have these special little things that go on it every year. 

So yeah, that's what's on my tree and in the rest of my room. So far at least. No doubt I'll maybe pick up a few more things in the run up to Christmas. I'd really like more lights around my room at least. My family might be right, I may be obsessed. Anyway, I figured I'd leave you with a photo of my tree all finished in day light and at night when it's lit up. I personally don't think the photos do it justice, but I may be biased.

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  1. Gorgeous colours! It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, every blog post you seeeee haha x


    1. Thank you! I think this years tree is my fave so far. Got lucky with a bunch of Poundland stuff that really went with the colour scheme I've been going for. :) But yeah, I'm sure people are getting sick of seeing it. It's my first Christmas as a blogger, so I'm gonna make the mos of it! Hehe. xo

  2. I love your tree topper, our tree topper is a light up star, but I can never stick it on straight and it's already looking like it's drunk! So cute you still have some of your ornaments you made when you were little. I remember we use to make pompom snowmen (I think it was at school, or maybe Brownies) and one year we had mice in the loft and they ate through their hats (which were made of cork). I still remember how fun they were to make though!

    1. Thanks! I wish mine lit up, or at least caught the lights from around the tree more. My tree doesn't sit very straight, so it looks a little drunk sometimes too. Lol. Pompom snowmen sound adorable! I'd actually quite like to make some decorations this year. It's just finding the time. Days seem to be flying in. That sucks the mice got to them though. A couple of years ago we had mice in our loft and that was where my parents hid our Christmas presents. They ate everything! Including bags of coffee beans from Starbucks. I'm sure they were bouncing off the walls. Lol.

  3. Love the colours and all your decorations are so cute! I've got a real tree in my room that has little lights on and I've got multi coloured buble lights around my headboard as well as our main decorations downstairs, as you can tell I adore Christmas! xx

    1. Thank you! I like picking up more every year and building on my collection. I'd love a real tree. We only got one once, but it kind of made a mess so my parents didn't ever get one again. It was super fun though, going to choose it and stuff. I think maybe when I have my own place we'll have at least one real tree, even if it's just a little one. :) But yeah, I love talking to people who love it as much as me! xo


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