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Sunday, 25 January 2015

My Week In Words | #4 2015

"Every man gotta right to decide his own destiny."
Bob Marley

Welcome to this week's edition of My Week In Words! This post covers from Sunday 18th to Saturday 24th of January.

Sunday was a pretty chill day. I finished off last week's My Week In Words. It was quite an eventful week, more so than this one. After I got that posted I just chilled and waited for my aunt Karen to visit like she always does on Sundays. It was a nice catch up with tea and fifteens. A lovely relaxing Sunday.

On Monday mum rang the Housing Executive. She's determined to take over my case for me. I'm not great at phoning places, never mind phoning and pushing things. Usually I'm all for my mum taking over because she's good at this stuff, but I'm reluctant to let her take the reigns. On one hand, I feel like I need to work harder on overcoming my anxiety in relation to speaking to strangers. On the other, I'm worried my mum will push for what she thinks I should have. Not what I want. I had explicitly told my mum I wanted to hold out for a bungalow. I figure wherever I end up is probably going to be somewhere I'll be long term and I feel like an apartment would limit me a lot. For one, the likelihood of being allowed pets in apartment is significantly lower than in a bungalow. I need to have pets. They are essential to my happiness. That may sound dramatic, but they are the sole reason I've been able to accept not having kids. They are my children and there's no way I can leave them behind. I'll stay with my parents before I go somewhere I can't have them. However, once apartments were mentioned my mum was all for it. Wanting me to go see them etc. When the woman dealing with my case said I was very unlikely to get a bungalow, which was news to me as the man initially doing my assessment said it would be a bungalow, my mum didn't try to put her foot down. It may seem fair enough to you, but I know if it was something my mum was really against or wanted for me she would have. So yeah, as much as it could benefit me, I'm worried my mum might rail road the situation. Anyway! She rung on Monday and they told her a letter had been sent on January 2nd to see if I'd be granted homelessness. Basically because I can't physically get in and out of my home I may be granted homelessness, which would get me more points and I'd be higher priority. I don't know why the letter was only sent out this month. I'd have imagined it would have happened when I was assessed, but I guess that's why you need to keep on top of them. Other than that, I just worked on Tuesday's post which can be found here.

Then on Tuesday I had a call from my care manager, Kevin. It's kind of funny that I have two things to write about in relation to Operation Independence in one post, considering everything has been at a stand still for months, but I digress. Kevin is someone else I'd put off calling, however I had more of a legit reason. Initially my parents didn't react very well to the idea of strangers coming in to care for me. We had quite a few arguments about it. They didn't see the point with them here and my mum didn't want them stealing her stuff. She said we'd have to get locks on bedroom doors etc. I ended up feeling like I didn't want to bring it up or push it because I didn't want the confrontation. Well the first words Kevin said to me was, "I wish you'd have phoned me!" He had warned me he was likely to forget about me if I didn't keep on top of him... He said that when he'd requested funding for my care package there had been a few queries and for some reason, which I didn't quite grasp, we had to start from scratch. I'm going to assume the queries were related to the fact that I still live with my family and therefore why do I need carers. So they're going to assess me again and redo the funding request. Seems a little pointless since my situation is exactly the same, but maybe there is an expiry date on assessments or funding requests. So now I'm waiting to hear back from Kevin to talk about getting the assessment redone. The rest of Tuesday was spent tweaking my blog design. The day before I had made a new banner after coming up with the tag line 'My Life, My Hobbies & Myopathy'. I wasn't happy with it though and fashioned a new one on Tuesday. I changed a bunch of other stuff too. What do you think of it?

Wednesday was spent chilling with Eva and working on some future post ideas. I have a bunch of drafts in the works. I also finished next Tuesday's post, so I guess Wednesday was pretty productive.

On Thursday I posted the latest in my Arts & Crafts series. It was a slightly odd little project. You can check it out here. On Thursday evening I had class. We were learning about grammar and punctuation. To be honest I figured I was pretty set on this stuff, but I guess I was wrong. You guys probably aren't surprised. I'm sure I've made a lot of mistakes throughout my blog posts that I haven't even noticed. Class went okay, and I left a little early because they were doing some writing at the end and I find it difficult to write in class. I'm going to see if I can get a laptop in class as we're going to be doing written work a lot more leading up to our next assessment and exams. My anxiety was pretty bad in class and I had a massive migraine by the time I got home. I decided to have an early night. Definitely think I'm going to go back to the doctor about my anxiety. It's just becoming really draining.

Friday and Saturday were Belfast Giants' game days! I went with Eva on Friday. We were playing against Nottingham Panthers. I got all bundled up and we went up on the train. It's been so cold lately, even with my layers I was still freezing. My hands didn't enjoy the cold weather.

Friday was an awful game. Needless to say, we lost. 4 - 0. It was heartbreaking. Lets not dwell on that. Saturday was MUCH better. They were playing against the Fife Flyers. I went up with my dad in the car. We had a fun night and they won 5 - 2. They're playing tonight again but in Fife this time. Hopefully we can finish off the weekend with another win. 

So that was my week in words. 
How was yours?


  1. I absolutely love this idea of 'week in words'. This is the first time that I've seen it. What a great way to reflect back at the end of the year/later in life. You look like you've had a very exciting week too. I loved this read! :)

    rebeccamariee.blogspot.com xx

    1. Thank you! It's a new series I just started this year, but I wish I'd thought of it sooner. Also knowing I have to write a post every Sunday about my week will hopefully motivate me to try and make my weeks a little more interesting! Aha. Thanks for your comment!


  2. Hi
    Nice blog and a very inspiring story.
    I also go to the Giants games. Friday should be a great occasion and although last weekend was disappointing, the effort of the players cannot be faulted.
    Let's go Giants!

    1. Howdy! Thank you. :)
      Oh, awesome! I'm really looking forward to Friday. Hopefully we'll get a win! We definitely need it. :)

    2. Where do you sit? Over near the drums behind the goal? I try and get a seat in the middle and this time am right at the very back for a better view - and to get out quick for a drink! Hope Cardiff bring a few over as Fife's travelling support was great.

    3. Usually the wheelchair area directly behind the goal. It's the best view from a wheelchair area perspective. My sister likes the side views, but your view is obscured a lot by the boards. Ah yeah! I love when the away team brings a big crowd. Definitely makes for a better atmosphere. :)

    4. Didn't want to be too high last time as was worried about the puck but none came my way so going for a panoramic view this time :) If I see you, I'll make sure to pop over and say hello. Good luck with getting the bungalow!

    5. Ah. Makes sense. Lucky there's a big net in front of the disabled area. Though one still came over the other week. Luckily it didn't go anywhere near me. Aha. Well I warn you I'm extremely shy. So forgive me if I come across rude if you see me. :D


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