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Sunday, 4 January 2015

My Week In Words | Week #1 2014/15

"I've always put my family first and that's just the way it is."
Jamie Lee Curtis

Welcome to the first instalment of my new weekly round up series, My Week In Words. As I mentioned in my resolutions post, it will be posted every Sunday. This post will document from Saturday 27th Dec to Sunday 4th Jan, as my sister came home at the weekend and I wanted to write about her stay, which ran into this week. Most weeks however, My Week In Words will be about Mondays to Sundays. I hope that all makes sense. Now on with the show! ...I mean post.

 Usually I get a big dose of PCB (Post Christmas Blues) on the evening of the 25th of Dec. Once all the presents have been opened, the family has visited and the Christmas dinner has been eaten. However, this year I was able to avoid it as I had something to look forward to. On the Saturday 27th my sister Jann came home from London for a few days. She hadn't been home since July, so I was really looking forward to some sister bonding time. We got up early and went to pick her up from the airport. When we got home we exchanged Christmas presents while dad made us breakfast. She got me a lovely big candle I can't wait to burn and two pairs of my favourite girl boxers. Her boyfriend also gave me £20 in a card.

I'd booked tickets for us and some of the family to go to a Belfast Giants match that night. It was a little self-serving, but I also wanted to share that with her like Eva and I have been. Originally it was supposed to be Jann, Eva, mum, dad, aunt Karen, granda and I. However that morning we got a call to say my granda wasn't very well, so my uncle Brian ended up coming along instead. Mum and Jann aren't really into sport, but they both seemed to have a good time. Jann even looked the part in one of my jerseys! And I wore the new one I got from Santa. Oh we also won 6 - 1 against a particularly tough team. All in all, it was an awesome night.

On Sunday we had my grandparents and aunt Karen around for Christmas dinner. We weren't sure they'd make it after granda not being too well on Saturday, but luckily he was able to and he seemed a lot better. We also weren't sure Eva would make it as she had work, but they let her home early. Granny was in good spirits. Usually she's more confused when she's out, but she wasn't too bad. They really enjoyed themselves and were happy to see Jann and thankfully granny remembered her. After dinner we all watched some of Frozen together. It was a really lovely family night and I was really thankful we got to have it. It's been a tough year for my grandparents, every moment feels more precious than ever.

Monday was a rest day. Eva was at work, then going out with friends and Jann nipped out to pick up a few things and visit our grandparents for the last time before she left. We'd planned a day out in Belfast on Tuesday and she wouldn't get a chance to see them as she was leaving early on Wednesday. I spent time working on my highlights of 2014 post and Jann and I just chilled until bed.

On Tuesday we went into Belfast for our last day of sister bonding. We took Jann to Alley Cat, but had a bit of  wait before we could get a table as the city in general was packed. Eva and I were starving so while Jann went to Zara, we went to Caffé Nero and got a coffee and a pre-dinner snack while we waited for our table. Okay, I say pre-dinner snack, we got a turkey, ham, stuffing and cranberry panini. I wish I had found them before Christmas. It was so good.

We didn't have to wait too long before our table was ready and Jann loved Alley Cat just as much as we did. Though, she thought the service left a bit to be desired. We ordered more than we could eat and enough teapot cocktails to make us more than a little merry. We all left very satisfied and headed to House Of Fraser's Paperchase section as Eva and I had a couple of things we wanted to pick up. One of my 2015 resolutions is better blog management and I figured I should get a diary to help plan when I'm posting certain things etc. Then Becky Bedbug put me in mind to get a Filofax, because I'm impressionable like that. I wasn't sure because they're pretty expensive, but then Jann found this Breast Cancer Campaign one marked down from £30 to £15. It was for 2014, but even with buying the refill for £4 it worked out cheaper, so I took it as a sign and went for it. I also got this little lunch box to use as a make up bag. I was in dire need of one and I wanted this lunch box for a while now. It was also marked down from £8 to £5.50. I cleared out my make up and it all just about fits in. Lastly, I got a pen because you can't not get a pen when in Paperchase. It was £2.

After Paperchase we caught the train home. Jann did her packing and then dad made some party food (oh yes, we could still eat) and we settled down to watch The Book Thief. Gosh, it was such a depressing movie, but it was good. I might read the book and do a review of both. After the film we went to bed. 

It didn't take long for the day we weren't looking forward to to roll around. On Wednesday morning we took Jann to the airport to go home. I don't cry anymore when she leaves, but I guess you could say I get PJB! (Post Jann Blues) I don't think you ever truly get used to saying goodbye to someone you wish was around all the time. There's a weird emptiness, like something is missing. The day wasn't all bad though! Some of my Boxing Day buys arrived. USA Sports UK had a 15% off sale, so I couldn't resist. I got an Anaheim Ducks and Vancouver Canucks hat, and also a Pittsburgh Penguins Malkin t-shirt.

My parents decided to go out for dinner on New Years Eve and because Eva and I had planned to just stay in, we tagged along too. We went to Teddy's in Bangor. It didn't get off to a great start as the waiter asked my parents did they want the children's menu for me.

He soon realised his mistake and was very embarrassed and apologised. Apparently I took a lot younger from behind. It was a nice quiet atmosphere, even if my dad was a tad tipsy and embarrassing. I almost died when we started talking about going to Berlin and he did the Nazi salute. The food was pretty good. The main was my favourite. I'm not a big fan of starters and desserts where you get a selection. I like to pick one thing I know I'll like, as I'm quite a picky eater. Still, it's a novelty I guess.

After dinner mum and dad went to a pub for a drink and Eva and I went home and watched a film. It hadn't ended long before it was almost midnight. My parents made it in the door with four minutes to spare and a little worse for wear. We sang Auld Lang Syne together and rung in the new year. I still can't quite believe it's 2015. Just one more year until Rio! Anyone else excited? No...? Just me...? Okay. Moving on.

My last selfie of 2014!

Thursday was the first day of the new year and I was determined it would be a rest day, yet productive. The festive period was so busy and I was out so much, I just wanted to stay in and do whatever I felt like. And I hoped whatever I felt like would be something productive. I didn't do too bad. Eva and I finally cleared away all my Christmas presents that were sitting on my desk. That meant I could finally use my desk for work again, and after watching The Lego Movie with Eva and dad, I set about writing this post! I mean what I said about managing my blog better. I'm looking forward to having more structure.

Friday and Saturday were Belfast Giants nights. The rest of the day I didn't do much. On Friday I caught up on some blog reading. I've been super bad keeping up. Sorry to my fellow bloggers. On Saturday I wrote Tuesday's post. I have it scheduled and all. Friday's game I went with my dad and with Eva on Saturday. We were playing against Sheffield both nights. I know it's bad, but I was kind of prepared for a loss. Sheffield were at the top of the league and after losing a few games, I figured they'd have extra determination to win. I needn't have worried though as we came back from being two goals behind to win 5 - 3! Saturday was another blinder and we won 6 - 3, which took us to second in the league. My most notable performances were Elfring on Friday, a fight (which he NEVER does), a goal and an assist.

He got Man of the Match for his efforts. Another was Mason on Saturday, which also got him MoM. Stand out player for this season has to be Kompon. I really hope he stays next season. He's an amazing player. MVP for this year for sure. All in all though, the whole team played well. I genuinely love these guys. Oh! Also during one of the breaks on Saturday they had junior Giants playing again and it was adorable! I took a little video. Number 18 was my favourite. I hope they do this more often.

And that brings me to today, Sunday. Nothing much to report on today. I'm having a lazy day. Finishing off this post, catching up on blog reading, replying to comments and starting Thursday's post. My aunt isn't visiting like she usually does. So yeah, that's pretty much the first of my new My Week In Words posts done! This was a particularly busy week with my sister being home and new year etc. I think 2015 is off to a great start! 

How's 2015 treating you so far?


  1. Love how into hockey you are, I've never been but definitely something I'd like to go to! x

    1. Well, I only just got back into it this year. I wish I hadn't missed out on so much. Forgot how much I loved it. But yeah, I def recommend it. I've only been to home games, but I assume it's as much fun anywhere! :) xo

  2. The kids were on during the Fife game and were so adorable. They weren't half bad either! So cute how they play on a smaller rink and have to be guided back into play when they can't stop themselves skating behind the goal. They put such a good show on around the ice hockey which is brilliant in its own right. P.S. Allezzzzzzz les Canadiens!

    1. They REALLY were! I love that they've started to do that. It's cool seeing the young up and coming talent. Hopefully we'll see some of them on our team in a few years! Well.. maybe more than a few. :D x


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