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Thursday, 26 February 2015

Bloo's Reviews | Angels Of Sex

"Sex is emotion in motion."
Mae West

This review may contain spoilers.

Today I am reviewing Angels Of Sex, a Spanish movie directed by Xavier Villaverde. It stars Álvaro Cervantes, Àstrid Bergès-Frisbey and Llorenç González. It was pretty much a given that I’d like it considering two of the main characters were attractive Spanish men and a couple of years ago I developed a love for other languages and foreign films.

The film follows the relationship between university student Bruno and aspiring photographer Carla and how it is thrown into turmoil when Bruno feels drawn to karate instructor and break dancer, Rai.

Even though I had a feeling I would like this film, what I had underestimated was how much I’d actually like Carla, the female character played by Àstrid Bergès-Frisbey. I think it mostly came down to Àstrid’s performance as her. I can't fully put my finger on why but I just really liked her. I liked her style, her look and although she was a tad whiny and changed her mind a lot... (who wouldn’t if they found out their boyfriend of five years was cheating with a dude) I actually quite liked her as a character. Which is different for me. Usually I find female character’s annoying for various different reasons, but there is the odd one now and again I really like.

I did feel there was a couple of sex scenes between Bruno and Carla that weren't really necessary. They were quite timid with the scenes between Bruno and Rai, which is fine but I think in that case they should have been less graphic and less abundant with the intimate scenes between Bruno and Carla to make it more even. Just my personal opinion though.

I like movies that explore unconventional relationships and don't just go the straight or homosexual route. Even if this 'unconventional relationship' didn't have the best of starts, I like that it had a positive ending. I really loved the final scene.

So yeah, overall I really liked this film and for more reasons than beautiful people and language. I'd definitely like it if you enjoy films with LGBT themes, foreign films or just films with really hot people.


  1. I'm just really impressed that Rai is both a karate instructor AND break dancer!

    1. LOL. Really? I was more impressed by the fact he was able to seduce a dude who had a gf and then also seduce the gf after cheating with her bf. I mean he's hot but I'm not sure he's that hot. :D


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