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Saturday, 14 March 2015

#1 Year Of Blogging!

"There are two great days in a person's life - the day we are born and the day we discover why."
William Barclay

As you can probably guess from the title of this blog today is Bloo 'n' Stuff's birthday! Today marks a year since I posted my first blog post. It seems like both yesterday and forever ago. I'm glad I enjoy blogging now as much as I did then, maybe even more. So to celebrate this milestone I decided to look back over some of my most popular blog posts and some of my own favourite past posts.

Popular Posts

My popular posts are quite random a lot of the time. In the past it's always seems like the ones I enjoy writing the most or I'm most excited about don't really rate with my readers. Not that I'm complaining. I just find it interesting. I have found recently it's gotten better so maybe I've just gotten better at titling my posts. Anyway, on with the popular posts according to stats!

1) Long Time, No Post. Birthday Update! So as you can probably tell, this is my birthday post from 2014. It also includes what we got up to for Easter. For my birthday I went to the Ark Farm and for Easter we visited Belfast Zoo, so there are plenty of cute animal photos in this post! Perhaps why it's so popular.

2) Rocking My Face-Triangle This is definitely one of the more random popular posts. Possibly because of the vague title. This post is basically about my Sleep Apnoea, BiPAP and the marks it leaves on my face. Not exactly exciting but I guess it's informative? I'unno. Whatever the reason it's my second most popular post of all time. 

3) Arts 'n' Crafts | My Wreck This Journal This post being popular wasn't so much a surprise as my Arts 'n' Crafts posts have always done pretty well. I was glad this one did particularly well as I love my Wreck This Journal and I really can't recommend it to people enough!

4) Dreams Do Come True! This is a pretty recent post and one I'm glad I can include in this category. It was something I had waited to write for a long time and to be finally able to share the experience and get such a response really felt good. Had it not been included in my Popular Posts according to my stats it definitely would have featured in my own personal favourites list. This post is all about my experience winning a giveaway and it leading to be able to Skype with one of my sporting heroes.

5) New Year, New Resolutions I think the reason the popularity of this post surprised me was because around the time I posted this there were a lot of NYR type posts going around so I figured people would be bored of them by the time I got mine up. The fact it also didn't have any photos in it made me think people would be put off. I guess I was wrong.

My Favourites

Gosh, I had planned to make a list of five favourites but looking back I decided that would be too difficult. I didn't realise I had so many posts that I loved quite as much as I do. It's not that I think the posts are particularly well written etc, they're just the ones I enjoyed writing most because of the experiences and such. So here we go in order of oldest to most recent!

1) Puppy Love This is an obvious one. Obviously one of my favourite posts is going to be about the time my little bundle of chihuahua cuteness came into my family. This isn't just one of my favourite posts but genuinely one of my best moments in my life.

2) The Hardest Of Goodbyes This might seem like a weird one as it was an immensely difficult time but being able to write about it and write about her and what an amazing and important part of my life she was was so cathartic. I could never do her justice but I did my best.

3) Operation Diagnosis! This post is about the days leading up to and the day I finally got my official diagnosis, just 20 or so years after my initial diagnosis!

4) Ice Hockey Nostalgia! I have SO many hockey related posts that I love but this is the one that started them all so I figured I would go with it. I relived some of my old hockey memories and started to make new ones. I'm so glad I decided to return to ice hockey. One of the best decisions I ever made and I've enjoyed being part of the Belfast Giants community so much this season. Already looking forward to next!

5) Memory Walk I just loved this experience. My family and I decided to do the Belfast Memory Walk which raises money for people like my granny with dementia and alzheimers. The day wasn't perfect, thanks to the little devils Edwin and Berty, but it was still a lot of fun. I look forward to doing similar things in the future.

6) Big Smoke Adventure Pt 1 & Belfast Adventure Pt 2 Not only was this a big milestone for Eva and I since it was the first time we stayed anywhere without our parents, it was just A LOT of fun. Even though we were only in Belfast it really did feel like a little holiday.

7) What's On My Tree I was really looking forward to writing this post. Christmas is my FAVOURITE time of year and I love decorating my own little Christmas tree for my room. Over the last few years that I've done it I've collected new bits and bobs every year. I really liked this year's tree. I go for tacky chic.

8) Highlights: 2014 Edition Okay, this one feels like a little bit of a cheat since it's like posting highlights within highlights! I posted this on the 30 of December as a yearly round up before 2015. So some of the same highlights are mentioned in it as are mentioned here. Still, I really enjoyed putting this post together and reflecting on 2014.

9) Bucket List Reveal! I'm so glad I made this post and finally got around to putting together a bucket list. It has me so pumped for the future and I can't wait to start ticking more things off it. After only posting it a short while ago I've already been given an opportunity because of it and I'm looking forward to sharing that with you lot in the future.

10) Introducing Rue! And last but by no means least the most recent of my blog posts, Introducing Rue! I was so excited to write this and I'm glad I gave her her own post rather than include it in My Week In Words. It was a great day and I can't thank my parents enough for letting me get her. She's a little bundle of fun and I can't wait to share more about her and the rest of my pets in my newest series Pets 'n' Stuff.

And there you have it. Some of my favourite posts from my first year of blogging! I can barely believe I've been at this year and I look forward to many more. I feel like blogging has changed my life and given me something more to live for. More of a purpose. I can't wait to see what the future holds for me and my blog!


  1. HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY!! Heres to many more.
    I'm yet to read a post of yours that I don't thoroughly enjoy and thats rare as there aren't many blogs where I read every post.


    1. Thank you! Feel's like the blink of an eye on one hand but also like I've been blogging forever on the other.
      Awh, thank you so much. That is such a big compliment. I enjoy blogging so much that knowing people enjoying reading it is really just the cherry on top. :) xo

  2. Happy Blogging Birthday Sara! :D
    I'm so glad I found your blog and got to know you, I'm sure your blog will continue to be amazing for many years too come! xx

    1. Thank you!
      I'm so glad too. Thank you. I really hope it does! I can't imagine being without it now. :) xo

    2. Same it's crazy isn't it how much just a writing your thoughts down can become such a massive part of your life x

  3. Happy Blogiversary! This is a lovely post to read and I always find it loads of fun being able to look back over older posts and remember all that you've done and accomplished. I love your blog so here's to many more years of great posts! - Tasha

    1. Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. And yeah, me too. You kind of forget what you've written about sometimes. And how far you've come and progressed. Thank you! xo


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