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Sunday, 8 March 2015

My Week In Words | #10 2015

"Determination becomes obsession and then it becomes all that matters."
Jeremy Irvine

Welcome to My Week In Words! It was another big week. This post covers from Sunday 1st to Friday 6th of March. I can't believe we're into a new month already! You've probably noticed I'm not covering Saturday like I usually do in My Week In Words. That is because Saturday was such a big and special day that I wanted to give it a post all of it's own. There is a link to it at the bottom of this post. Enjoy!

Sunday was very standard. I worked on last week's My Week In Words, which you can read here, and my aunt Karen visited. Later that evening I had a shower so I'd be ready for my doctor's appointment in the morning. 

I woke up to snow on Monday and decided to see if I could cancel my doctor's appointment and still get my antidepressants. The only way I could get to the health centre would be to walk and that wouldn't be easy in my electric wheelchair even though the snow was only slight. My mum rang and they said I could reschedule my appointment for the following week and still get a new proscription for my tablets. I was really glad because I really didn't fancy traipsing my way to the doctors at 10am in the snow. When I got up I had breakfast and watched some Criminal Minds before sending my tutor my practice creative writing essay. The rest of the day I worked on my bucket list.

On Tuesday morning I woke up to these ADORABLE faces.

Waking up to these cuddle bugs is the best thing in the world. Definitely puts me in a good mood. When I finally got out of bed I watched some Criminal Minds. It's my new Netflix obsession. I also finished off my bucket list and posted it up as my Miscellaneous Tuesday post. You can find it here. Later in the evening, much later than I was prepared for, we went to my aunt Karen's new house as she'd asked Eva to come help her clean the kitchen cupboards out. I was pretty tired by the time we went but I was excited to see how the house was coming along. Here are some photos of it!

Above are photos of the kitchen and the living room, the only two places I could get to. Still a lot of work to do, but it's getting there. Also, check out Eva living for that tiger print wall. Just kidding. It's half stripped wallpaper. Anyway, we were there for a few hours and passed the time while aunt Karen and Eva worked by doing a trivia quiz. I was the quiz master and found the questions online. First we did general knowledge and aunt Karen took Eva out by the roots but Eva pulled it back when we had a Disney quiz in the next round. We left aunt Karen's house pretty late and got McDonald's on the way home. It made it worth being out so late! 

Wednesday started with a trip up to the City Hospital in the big smoke for my heart scan. The one where they put gel on the wand and take pics of your heart. I was interested to see if I still had one. We left around 11am as my appointment was at noon. We made it to the big yellow tower with fifteen minutes to spare.

We made our way up to level 9, which I think is the highest I've ever been. It took a while as people kept pouring in and taking it to different levels. We ended up packed in like sardines. The scan didn't take too long and she didn't gasp or anything so I'm not too worried about the results. It'll be a while before I get them. After the hospital I asked could dad and I go to Bloomfield for lunch and to do a bit of shopping. I had had a dream about a hamster the night before so I concocted a plan during my scan to beg my dad to let me get one. My mum wanted to come with us to do a bit of shopping so we picked her up first. She went off and did her own thing and my dad and I went to get a bite to eat.

I'm basically addicted to chicken royale meals at the moment. They are so good. After that we nipped into a couple of shops but I didn't really get anything. I wanted to wait and save my money on the off chance my parents would let me get a hamster. After my parents did some food shopping we made our way over to Pets At Home as we needed to get cat food anyway. I got there first and went straight to where the hamsters were. They had an abundance! More than they usually have. There was a bunch stuffed into a bed together and as I approached a grey one popped it's head out and looked at me all groggy and sleepy like. I fell for it straight away but when I asked my dad his answer was 'absolutely not'. My mums answer was much the same. I thought I could sway them but alas I could not. My mum then pointed out this hamster in a tank that was higher up that usually has rats in it so I hadn't checked.

She was half asleep in her bed drinking water. Her face looked so smooshy and cute! As much as I'd loved the grey one, I felt like this one was really for me. Still... I wasn't allowed to get her. It broke my heart leaving her. I texted Eva about it and we decided to begin Operation: Hamster Get. By the time we got home it wasn't long until Eva finished work. When Eva came home we got into bed with Edwin and Berty to watch the first episode of season seven of RuPaul's Drag Race. I'm so excited to be able to follow this season as it happens! It will be difficult to top or even match season six but I hope it comes at least close. Some beautiful queens this year. While we were still browsing online I seen on Facebook that one of my biggest childhood influences and the person that surprised me with my first cat when I was about five or six lost her husband of six and a half years. It seemed like a sudden thing and really brought home the unpredictability of life, Their daughter is only about five years old, so it's just heartbreaking to think she's lost her father. Life can be so cruel to the nicest people. Eva and I finally got out of bed in time to have supper and watched an episode of Criminal Minds as we ate. 

Thursday got off to a bad start with my mum. She can be tense on Thursday and Friday mornings as those are the days she works. We had a dispute over whether I would have a bagel or bacon for breakfast. I didn't want a bagel because I was having toast for lunch but mum didn't think she had time for bacon. Protip guys, don't offer someone their favourite food if you don't want to make it. Needless to say she did have time to make me bacon and it was yummy. By the time she left she was in a good mood again and so was I with a tummy full of bacon. While eating I watched Criminal Minds and then belatedly started working on Thursday's Arts 'n' Crafts post. I don't really mind posting Thursday's post a little late as there's more days between it and another post than Sunday and Tuesday posts. This week I made a crochet caravan keyring. The post exactly go perfectly but if you want to check it out you can find it here. I had just finished posting when I had to get ready and go to class. I ended up not putting any make up on for going to class, the first time I hadn't! When I got there my assistant asked if I was okay because I looked pale! Oh well.. I did almost have a panic attack right at the start of class because once again I didn't know what we were doing and as we waited for the tutor people were talking about doing a debate. Luckily I wasn't involved in the debate and it was a small group doing it for a moderator. The rest of the class and I got feedback on our creative writing practice before we did some work for a practice persuasive essay we have to do for homework this week as we're off this Thursday coming. My feedback was really good. I had a couple of spelling mistakes/typos and one sentence that needed worded differently, but other than that she said it was 'excellent' and the opening really got her interest and I held it all the way through. It was a big relief as I'd been nervous since I'm so passionate about creative writing. The rest of the class went well. When I got home Eva and I watched an episode of Criminal Minds as we ate supper and then I went to bed. 

I started Friday with a shower that I didn't have to rush as my mu got me up early and we generally had a nice morning before she headed off to work. I wish every work day could start off like that! After my shower I had cuddle time on the bed with the dogs and mum even let Baby on the bed!

This is the best photo my mum could get. It amuses me it looks like I've had my hair cut short. Anyway! After cuddle time I had a bacon breakfast while I watched Good Mythical Morning. After I attempted to make my own crochet pattern for an easier project, but that died a death. I found out the series Spartacus was on Netflix so I watched some of it while I ate the lunch I made which was naturally a Pot Noodle, tea, crisps and a chocolate bar. I've put off watching the rest of Spartacus for ages as I was scared I couldn't emotionally handle the inevitable ending but I think I might be ready now! Still, I didn't get to watch as much of it as I'd have hoped as Eva came home from work early. We ended up getting into bed to watch Good Mythical Morning. We were going to watch a movie or start season three of RuPaul's Drag Race but Eva fell asleep. Eventually dad came home and we had to get up for the steak dinner he'd made us! The rest of the evening we tortured ourselves with YouTube videos about hamsters. We had been working on our parents since Wednesday but they still held a firm no. 

Saturday was a BIG day and so I have decided to make it a post all of it's own. Usually times when I would want to do an extended post about something that happened during the week I would give a little hint in My Week In Words and then post about it for Miscellaneous Tuesday but I can't wait until Tuesday to write about this so... if you're interested in meeting the newest editions to our family check out this post.


  1. Great post and also I cant help but realised that we have the same quilt cover haha high five :) and also your dogs are so cute!


    1. Thank you! Aha. I got it from IKEA think. I love it. <3 Also thanks. :D


  2. Woo sounds like a good week overall! The doggies are sooo cute. I've watched a lot of criminal minds but didn't even realise it was on netflix! I totally need to get into watching that again, it is good, Reed is my fave! xx

    Jasmin Charlotte | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. It was! Thank you. They can be little nightmares but they are mighty cute! Lol. Yeah, it's on the US Netflix. I forgot how much I loved it. :D xo


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