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Sunday, 22 March 2015

My Week In Words | #12 2015

"Share love, give love, spread love. Measure, measure your life in love."

Welcome to My Week In Words! Another hockey and hamster filled week. This post covers from Sunday 15th to Saturday 21st of March. Please enjoy!

Sunday was a Belfast Giants game day and what we thought was Eva's last game of the season. I can't believe how fast this season has flown in. I'm really not ready for it to be over. I have no idea what I'll do with myself, but I digress. Eva and I were pretty tired from the long day we had the day before so we ended up getting the 3:30pm train. That also gave me time to get last week's My Week In Words up, which you can read here. The face off was 4pm so it was cutting it fine to say the least. However we only ended up missing about 30 seconds of the game. We'll not concentrate too much on the game, something I find myself saying far too often, because we lost yet again. 5-1. It never gets easier. Eva and I took this selfie to remember her 'last' game this season. 

During the game if you post a selfie on Twitter with the hashtag #GIANTSELFIE they might show it on the big screen. We thought what the heck and posted ours up. I guess I'm getting bold in my old age. Apparently they did show it but we missed it because we were too busy getting this bad boy!

The hot dog that is. Shame we missed our selfie but the hot dog really made up for it. After the game the Giants were doing a signing. They did say it was a yearbook signing but a lot of people weren't sure if that meant only yearbooks. I didn't take any chances and had brought mine with me. I'd also brought my autograph book, hoping I could get it started and tick another thing off my bucket list. Another bit of confusion was that they said the signing would take place 'around door 12 near McCools' so a bunch of people, including us, waited at McCools. We didn't realise the line had formed at the other end until Eva noticed it when she went to put stuff in the bin. You'd have thought the staff would have mentioned to the people in McCools but I guess not. Eva and I ended up joining the back of the line.

Thankfully once the queue started moving it really didn't take us long getting round. This may have had something to do with some people opting out when they realised it was yearbook only. As well as a money maker, I guess it was possibly yearbook only to stop people getting multiple things signed and it also meant books went down the line like a conveyor belt. The players were sitting in the order of their pages in the book and they just passed them down the line as quick as lightning. This annoyed some people because there wasn't much interaction with the players, but being the socially inept person I am that didn't bother me. Some players were having conversations together but some said hi and asked how we were etc. Considering they'd just taken their second loss of the weekend, I was surprised any of them cracked a smile. Davie Phillips, Ray Sawada, Calvin Elfring and Adam Keefe were the ones I remember saying hi and such. I took a couple of sneaky photos.

I felt bad for Eva as she didn't have a yearbook so she couldn't get anything signed. At the top of the queue they had someone selling them but we didn't have enough money. If there had been less confusion  we could have gotten more out, but alas it wasn't to be. Neither was getting my autograph book started. We decided we'll share my yearbook though. Our dad picked us up after and I finished off the night with my little Ru'Bix Cube (thank you Eimear for that nickname). When I got home I found her in her hoard having a nibble. She looked like such a sleepy little bean.

Once she'd finished her noms she came out to say hello. I then managed the impossible and managed to catch her still for two seconds to get this selfie of us!

I know it isn't great quality and I look less than dusted but I just thought she looked so cute! While I've been able to get great photos of her in her cage, it's a lot more difficult when she's out. She's usually trying to scale down my body on to the floor. So I was proud of this.

I had planned to be very productive on Monday. I was going to start revising for Thursday's Controlled Assessment and get Tuesday's blog post done and dusted. However my body had other ideas. I ended up with really bad chilblains. I got a little worried because my feet were proper purple. If I hadn't recently had my heart checked I probably would have thought I was dying. As it was, I couldn't concentrate on anything because of the pain and itchiness. It felt like something was biting me. My mum was in England so I gave her a call and asked some advice and then thankfully Eva was home to help me. However I ended up giving up and going to bed. I didn't sleep but read. Being in bed really helped the circulation and my feet finally started to feel better. By that time a lot of the day had passed and the only productive thing I did was my Tuesday blog post. Priorities, right? This little man also had a bad day on Monday. 

We flea our pets once a month or so and Edwin HATES it. You would think you're pouring acid on to the back of his neck. Eva tried to put it on him but he ended up flipping out and scratching all up her arm. After his freak out he was really tired and he ended up going to sleep. So Eva put it on him when he was none the wiser. However he was the wiser. He woke up and he knew right away that it was on him. He was shaking and all sad. That's when I took the photo above. The rest of the evening he avoided everyone and hid in Eva's room, sleeping off the traumatic experience. Later in the evening, before bed, Eva let him out to the toilet and she was watching to see him go when he yelped and started shaking his paw and limping. Eva rushed out, thinking he had got glass in his paw or something. Turned out he had stepped on a slug and was shaking his paw to get it off. So he was traumatised all over again. Shaking and everything. So needless to say, Edwin's day was as bad as his mummy's. 

I'm not going to lie, I forgot to keep a note of what I did this week and the middle of the week is a little bit of a blur for me. I don't really remember what I got up to on Tuesday but know I did finally start revising for Thursday's Creative Writing Assessment. 

That basically consisted of typing it out a lot and trying to memorise it. It wasn't so important that I remember it word for word this time as it was creative writing which meant I could have more artistic licence. I have no idea what else I got up to on Tuesday to be honest. My dad did pick up Rue a ball from Pets At Home and she had her first go in it. I decided to get Rue a ball as she's so full of energy and very fast for me. I figured it might help her burn off her energy better. I got a little video of her first go. 

I also put this bit of toilet roll tube on her favourite bar to chew, but as you can probably tell from how she's going at it in the video... it didn't last long. 

Other than that I did get Tuesday's post up, which you can read here.

Wednesday is another day I don't remember too much. Heh. I really failed this week. I know a lot of the day I worked on Thursday's post. I had a last minute idea to do a tutorial on how I made a signature graphic for a hamster forum I joined since getting Rue. I was kind of proud of the tutorial. Hopefully some people will find it helpful. The rest of the evening I carried on with my revision. 

On Thursday I was by myself some of the day as everyone was at work. My Controlled Assessment was that evening so I just spent most of the day revising after posting up Thursday's Arts 'n' Crafts post, which you can read here. I was pretty confident even though I'd done less revision this time. It went well. There was a moment part of the way though when  I drew a blank but it came back to me and I did actually pretty much remember it word for word. I also added a few other little bits too. With my extra time I had two and a half hours but I finished with about an hour to spare. I would have finished sooner but I took a while to proof read and correct my mistakes as we were graded on spelling, grammar and punctuation in this particular assessment. I emailed a copy to myself and my assistant asked if she could have a copy too as she read it before and had enjoyed it. When I came home I had something to eat and watched some Drag Race season three with Eva. I take back what I said last week about liking Manila. I also attempted to flavour some of Rue's wooden chews to see if I could entice her to chew them instead of her bars. I dyed them a lovely shade of red but they still kind of just smell like wood. 

Friday was once again a game day. I was supposed to go with my dad but Eva was able to get her shift changed and finished work at 5:30pm instead of 6:30pm. I had planned on working on this post on Friday but I ended up watching the latest of The Vampire Diaries episodes and then watching Spartacus again. I kept just wanting to watch one more episode then before I knew it it was after 4pm. Even though I'd had all day, I ended up rushing to get my make up done etc. When Eva got in she literally had ten minutes to get ready to leave for the train. We ended up with around seven minutes to make it to the train stop. I seen the train stop from the bridge and I was sure we were going to miss it. I signalled to Eva it was there and she was basically running. Luckily the attendant, or whatever they're called, was looking out the disabled access door and seen me. By the time she got the ramp and set it up it gave Eva enough time to catch up. We had literally gotten there by the skin of our teeth. It was such a rush! Needless to say, Eva was shattered. We were playing against Coventry Blaze and I hoped the guys could pull out a win for us at our last league game of the season. 

It was another full bowl, so that was amazing. Not long into the match a guy in front of us bought the whole Boomerang Corner a pint each! He then bought the people beside us beers each but they said they didn't drink alcohol so he went and got them colas instead and bought Eva and I a cola each too! Such a kind gesture from a complete stranger. Especially at Odyssey prices. At the beginning of the game they held a one minute applause for a young girl called Amy Usher, who passed away on Thursday morning. She was a Sheffield Steeler's fan that the whole league had really gotten behind. I'd mentioned her in a previous week in words post, which you can read here. The Boomerang Corner had a banner for her and t-shirts they held up and also led a chant for her at the beginning of the second period. I really loved it. It seemed like such a fitting tribute to a hockey fan. 

So I'm happy to say we won! 2-0. It was nice to have something to celebrate and see the GIANTS WIN! flash on the big screen for once. Though I was hoping for a bigger margin.

A bunch of people were staying after the game so Eva and I decided to stay too. We also decided to have a drink. Something I haven't done in forever and was a little nervous of since I'm on antidepressants. Well... I had forgotten how fun it can be! I have three kinds of drunk. Tired drunk, not much different drunk and bold and a little feisty drunk. On Friday I was the latter. So I had a lot of fun. I got to chat to some of the girls I'd been out for dinner the week before and met a couple of other people I follow on Twitter and who read my blog. If you're reading this, howdy! Thank you for saying hi on Friday. Hope I didn't seem rude! It's kind of sad that I'm only getting to know people now and the season is ending. Hopefully they won't have forgotten me by next season. Aside from that, I also FINALLY got a photo with Carsen Chubak. I thought I had missed my chance.

Considering how drunk I was the photo didn't turn out half bad if I do say so myself. A little bummed out I missed a chance to get a photo with Calvin Elfring and Davie Phillips but I did get another photo with the lovely Ray Sawada. So I was happy with that! 

Eva got a photo with Craig Peacock and Adam Keefe also said hello to us and had a little bit of a chat in passing, which was nice. He also became an ambassador for Autism NI this week, so I hope that signals him staying for next season. Dude is a work horse. I'm looking forward to and dreading hearing who is staying and who is going at the same time. I've never been good at goodbyes or change. Anyway! After McCools we headed to Rockies for the first time. Gosh, I wish we'd gone there sooner! It's an awesome place. We'll definitely be frequenting there next season.

Dad came to pick us up around 11:45pm and on our way out a guy (which I now know was Jim Graves) at the door at Rockies stopped us to talk. I was hooked on the Canadian accent right away. He started asking all about my chair, the great quality of life it gives me, my disability and of course about my favourite Giant etc! He was really nice and he also asked if we'd be going to the playoff game the week after, which being the noobs we are hadn't even realised was a thing! Since it's my first season back in over ten years I didn't realise there was a home playoff game. So I guess the fun isn't over just yet! When I got home I had something to eat and went to bed. It was the first night since getting Rue that I didn't have her out. Figured no play time was better than drunk Bloo play time. It's hard enough to keep a hold of her when I'm sober.

Saturday ended up a better day than I expected. Eva took the day off work as she wasn't feeling well. Which basically means she ended up spending the day hanging out with and taking care of me. She made me breakfast and got me out of bed as dad was at golf and mum went to Dublin for the weekend. We watched Drag Race as we had breakfast and then I spent some time online. I had planned to write this post but I got distracted. Then I decided to go visit my granny. She was round at my aunts new house. She was in a funny mood from the moment we went in. In really good spirits, cracking jokes and laughing her head off. We just hung out and then had tea. The remnants from which you can see below. 

All in all it was just a lovely family afternoon. I was really glad I went as it's been quite a while since I'd seen my granny. I'll see her a lot more now that the hockey season is about over. On the way home we got a KFC and as usual we watched Drag Race as we ate. Then I let Rue out in her ball for a while and tinkered about a little in her cage before attempting to work on this blog post but I just couldn't focus. I ended up chatting online and such. We also heard on Saturday that Sheffield won the league. A fitting result and tribute to Miss Amy Usher. 

So that's my week. Despite not keeping any notes on what I got up to I guess I did find plenty to write about. I won't the same mistake this week though, as I'm sure there are things I wanted to mention that I've forgotten. Oh well. I hope everyone had a good week!

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