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Sunday, 29 March 2015

My Week In Words | #13 2015

"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end."

Welcome to this week's edition of My Week In Words! This post covers from Sunday 22nd to Saturday 28th of March. It's been another great week. I can barely believe we're almost done with another month! I'm looking forward to spring. Anyway, on with this week!

Last week I wasn't very productive when it came to My Week In Words post. I just couldn't focus on Saturday at all and ended up leaving most of it until Sunday. So I posted it super late as I was also somewhat distracted with random stuff online. I did eventually get it up though. You can check it out here. I showered and my aunt Karen visited as usual for a little bit. Later in the evening I had some Rue time and rearranged and added some things to her cage.

After that I decided to make two levels out of a cardboard box cut in half as I'd taken out the level she had in her cage to make it look more spacious. I took all the tape off the box and then PVA glued it.

These were just prototypes for something I may do a craft post on in the future. I added string to tie it to the bars. It didn't really last long tied to the bars as Rue munched on it but I'd say overall it was a hit. That was basically my Sunday.

On Monday I had a visit from my ventilator technician so she could give it a once over and check it was working okay. She's really lovely and I hadn't seen her in ages as there is a newer guy called Scott I deal with now. She came at about 11am and everything with my BiPap was fine. The only problem was I hadn't had breakfast yet and my mum kept Orla talking for AGES. I had my breakfast when she left and just chilled until I had another appointment. A physio called Kim was coming out to assess my care needs... again. I think I mentioned before that my care manager called a while ago and basically said we needed to start from scratch. I didn't really understand why. The fact I'd already been through the whole process hadn't been passed on to Kim either. To be honest, this all doesn't bode well for how the system works but there's not much I can do. She was really nice and the meeting went well I think. She came around 2pm and after Eva and I finished season three of RuPaul's Drag Race. It's been the season I've liked least so far as I didn't like Raja. Later on Eva and I went over to Bloomfield shopping centre to do a bit of shopping and get something to eat. It's becoming all too frequent. I really need to let my bank account have a rest. We bought a bunch of stuff for our hamsters. Ledges, chews, treats, fruit and vege etc. We also treated ourselves to some colouring books and these nifty little blind bags. Who can resist a blind bag? 

Another thing that I'm doing too often is having chicken royale meals! I MUST stop or I'm going to make myself sick of them. They are just too good...

All in all it was a very draining day. I was happy to get to bed that evening. 

Eva made breakfast on Tuesday and while we ate we watched the latest episode of season seven of RuPaul's Drag Race. It was okay. I'm not feeling this year as much. I think it's because they really peaked last year. I don't know how they could top queens like Bianca, Courtney, Adore, Joslyn, Trinity, Bendelacreme and Laganja etc. All such big and unique personalities. I'm just not feeling that this year. Hopefully it will get better. After that I chilled for a bit before I cleaned Rue out for the first time. Having the size of cage she does it doesn't require being cleaned out every week and you should have a cage that doesn't require being cleaned out every week. Spot checks yes, but full on cleaning can be harmful to your little hammie. Anyway! I was starting to notice her cage didn't smell as fresh anymore so I decided it was time! I was worried because of the size of the cage I wouldn't be able to do it myself but I was actually able to do most of it. It was tiring but it felt good. I cleared out the substrate and wiped around the bottom with baby wipes. I cleaned out her sand bath, cleaned up her hoard a little, added a couple of new things and moved some things around. That was pretty much it. I didn't clean the toys etc as cleaning everything at the same time can be stressful for the hamster. I think the sand bath was causing the most smell as she was using it to pee in. I forgot to take photos of the cage on the day after being cleaned out, but this is it a few days later.

Eva and I were shattered after we cleaned out our hamsters so we got into bed with our chihuahua boys and watched some of The Vampire Diaries. We got out just in time for supper before going straight back to bed! Oh, I also posted up my Miscellaneous Tuesday post and you can read that here.

I got up a little late on Wednesday and mum made Eva and I a sandwich for brunch. It was a very chilled day. We watched some of The Vampire Diaries until dinner and then, the same as the day before, we got into bed and watched some more. In the evening I emailed my tutor and classroom assistant to tell them I wouldn't make it into class on Thursday as my mum hurt her ribs when she was down south and she couldn't lift me and get me dressed etc. I also found out we're not back to class until the 16th of April so I've got quite a long Easter break! In the evening I worked on Thursday's blog post and had some Rue time.

On Thursday I posted the latest instalment of Bloo's Reviews which you can read here. I ate breakfast and while I did I decided to watch the first episode of season one of RuPaul's Drag Race. After Eva and I hadn't really liked season three we weren't sure if we were going to go back any further. As Eva was at work I decided to see if I thought it was worth giving it a go. I was pleasantly surprised and I may convince Eva to watch the rest of it with me when we get a chance. When mum left for work I watched the last couple of episodes of the series Spartacus. There's a lot of uhm... adult content in it so I prefer to watch it when someone else isn't going to walk in. It was a long time coming but I finally finished the series. Luckily I wasn't as emotionally torn apart as I thought I was going to be. I think that was only because two of my favourite characters survived. When Eva came home from work we once again got into bed and watched The Vampire Diaries. We've both been so tired lately. I guess getting into bed to watch stuff is becoming a habit. Once again the evening was spent having Rue time before bed.

I woke up with a really sore back on Friday. Despite my disability I don't really get a lot of pain, until recently at least. I was nervous about getting up but thankfully it wasn't too uncomfortable unless I moved my neck.

Edwin didn't want to get up either.

Friday was a game day but I was alone for most of the day as everyone was working. I decided to start watching the series Looking, with Jonathan Groff, and I'm really enjoying it so far. I mean it's very different to Frozen and Glee that I'm used to seeing him in... but he's as awesome as ever. The rest of the cast is too. Like Spartacus, I have to watch it when nobody else is around because it's full of gay sex, but oh well. Each episode is only twenty five minutes long so I got through most of the first season before I had to start getting ready to go to the match.

It was sad watching this team skate out on to the home ice for the last time this season, not knowing which of them will be back next year. It felt very important to soak up the atmosphere and every moment of the game!

Mine and Eva's Giant Selfie.

The game was good. It was the first playoff game I'd been to. We came away with a 1-0 win but I think we were a couple of goals shy of what we should have been. Still, either way it was nice to end our home games with GIANTS WIN! on the big screen.

It was also cool seeing my friend Fiona, whose birthday tea I went to a couple of weeks ago, win shirt of the back! Lucky lady. She was down the other end of the ice recieving it but they showed it on the big screen and Eva snapped a pic!

Hopefully that'll be me some time next season! And then it was over. The Giants did their final lap around the ice of the Odyssey for the 14/15 season. You can also see from the photo above all the number 6 jerseys in the Boomerang Corner. That's because it was Robby Sandrock's last game as he's retiring. It really feels like the end of an era since I remember him first coming to the Giants all those years ago when I used to go. It was especially emotional watching him skate round, with the Boomerang corner chanting for him.

We were hoping to stay after the game again, however Eva wasn't feeling very well and she had work at 8am so we decided to just go home. I was pretty bummed out since I imagine it was quite an atmosphere. I just tried to remind myself we still have the awards ceremony on Monday! I finished off the night having a debate with my family about the Conscience Clause and religion before bed. An unexpected end to the night to say the least.

By the time I got up on Saturday Eva had already came home from work as she still wasn't well. Apparently there's something going around her work. Dad made us a fry and after I opened a parcel that had arrived on Friday.

I think I mentioned a while ago about being offered a crafty opportunity because of my blog. Well the parcel was in relation to that. I was a bit overwhelmed at what I received. It feels a bit surreal. I never imagined anything like this would come from this little blog I enjoy so much. I'm really looking forward to trying out the crafts and sharing the outcome with you all.

After that excitement I chilled most of the day and chatted to people online. Despite my bank account taking a bit of a hit, I purchased some new make up. I've decided to make the switch to cruelty free. I find it a bit daunting since it can be a little confusing, but I'm going to be more conscious of it. I'm not going to dump all my old products in the bin but make the switch gradually as my old stuff runs out. Later on I worked on this blog post and had some Rue time. I actually took the photos of Rue's cage, seen above, on Saturday and got this adorable little snap of her too.

Can you spot her? She's too adorable. She's gotten so big. I had her out in her ball last night and allowed her to roll through the kitchen, most of the hall and Eva's room. She loved having so much space. Hopefully she'll get the chance more often. I'm still having trouble with her bar chewing. I'm pretty worried about it. I'm hoping she'll grow out of it as she gets older. It's mostly for attention when I'm in the room. So I might just have to avoid my room when she's up and about. 

That was basically my week. It was pretty good. I feel a little bad I took class off on Thursday since I now have such a long time off but I feel like I could do with the rest. After Tuesday I have no plans, so I'm looking forward to staying in and resting. I feel like I've been going non stop since the hockey season started. Not that I'm complaining. I've loved getting out more. I think I just need to recharge my batteries a little and maybe relax doing some of those lovely crafts! 

How was your week? 

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  1. I love this series that you do Sara! It's so interesting to see what other people get up too, sounds like you had a nice week! I feel the same about the rugby season finishing as you do about the hockey, but Ireland came out trumps in the end so I can't complain with that :) There's the rugby world cup in the summer so that's something I can look forward too. My week was pretty busy with school and study, I'm off for the Easter and I'm back on the 13th April, god knows I need the rest! I've started getting back in to Netflix lately and I only started watching Pretty Little Liars, considering I watch a lot of News programmes its nice to have a bit of a guilty pleasure haha. My plan over the holidays is to keep a bit more organised with my blog and write a few posts for the next few weeks, and somehow fit in a couple of days away before I go back!

    In my last post I nominated you for the Liebster Award, you can read about it here: http://goo.gl/XBsZtt

    Just thought I would let you knoiw :)

    Hope you have another great week,

    Catherine x


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