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Sunday, 1 March 2015

My Week In Words | #9 2015

"Show class, have pride, and display character. If you do, winning takes care of itself."
Paul Bryant

Welcome to this week's instalment of My Week In Words! Another week full of treating myself as well as my furry babies! This week's edition covers from Sunday the 22nd to Saturday the 28th of February. Another month of 2015 down! 

Sunday began with a good old Ulster fry, courtesy of my dad. Potato bread, bacon, tomatoes and egg. My dad has become obsessed with making his own bread lately so there was also some wheaten bread he'd baked himself and then fried. Yum. For afters I had a left over cupcake from my mum's school reunion. How cute is it with the little GH for Girl's High in the school colour? It tasted hella good too.

After breakfast I finished off last week's My Week In Words, which you can read here. Aunt Karen didn't visit as usual because Sunday was another Belfast Giants game day. I chilled until I got ready and we left for the O around 3pm as face off is at 4pm on Sundays. Eva couldn't go because she had to work so I went with dad. I had literally been in the O for five or ten minutes and I'd already spent £11 on a Shirt Of The Back raffle ticket and two photo pucks. I got myself a Ray Sawada puck and I bought Eva a Mike Kompon puck since she always brings me presents. He's her favourite and after meeting Sawada he's become mine. 

The blonde is Kompon and the black is Sawada. #swoon

I almost got Eva a Craig Peacock puck as a joke because she's taken a real disliking towards him but at a fiver a pop I figured I'd best stick with someone she liked. Anyway, we'll not dwell too much on the game. We lost... again. This time against Sheffield. We pulled it back but lost in overtime. It was the first time I wasn't fussed on sticking around for the skate around. A nice thing they did during the game was put up #ForAmy (as seen in the picture below with the hockey sticks heart). Amy Usher is a remarkable young woman with a rare and incurable cancer. The whole league has really come together and got behind her. A lot of money has been raised and such. It really puts things into perspective, but also shows how close the community are. A community I'm glad to be part of again.

Monday was an uneventful day. Eva and I watched some RuPaul's Drag Race season 4 and I worked on my post for Tuesday. It was a post I had waited a long time to write and it was really important to me that I was completely happy with it when I was done. So a good part of the day was spent on it. You can read that post here.

I woke up on Tuesday to hear my mum grumbling that Findlay had had diarrhoea behind the chair in the hall during the night. It had happened a few times over the course of the week and a couple of times there had been blood in it. Eva came home early from work on Tuesday so I made Findlay a vet appointment for around 5pm because I was worried about the blood.

Findlay relaxing on the end of my bed before the vet.

Rare photos of my kitty babies, Findlay and Effy, together.

Eva and I finished RuPaul's Drag Race season 4 and then I had a shower. After getting dressed on my mum's bed I stayed on the bed with Eva and our chihuahua boys to watch a bit of television before we had to head to the vets. Around quarter to five we headed to the vet. We walked and Eva carried Findlay in the cat box. I didn't envy her. 

Findlay waiting to be called in.

Findlay is such a show off in the vets. He's usually a very aloof cat and when the vet asked if he'd been himself lately or was he lethargic etc I told her it's kind of hard to tell because he's always really relaxed. Well he made a liar out of me by being all bright eyed and bushy tailed as he purred like a freight train and rubbed all up against the vet. 

Findlay waiting for his girlfriend, the vet, to come back.

As Findlay seemed to be otherwise healthy and a young cat the vet decided to put him on a bland diet and give him some probiotic paste and see if it was just a tummy upset caused by something he's eaten. It hasn't happened since so I'm hoping there isn't more to it. The rest of Tuesday was uneventful and I decided to have an early night.

Wednesday was another hella lazy day. Eva and I watched some Criminal Minds, which was quite a switch from RuPaul's Drag Race. We used to watch it but haven't in a long time. I forgot how much I love that show. I was really tired so we ended up getting into my bed with Berty and Edwin and watching some more Criminal Minds, as well as some Good Mythical Morning and Untucked. Eva got me hooked on Good Mythical Morning not too long ago. It's awesome! While we watched it one time I mentioned to Eva that Link and Rhett remind me of me (Link) and her (Rhett) and now we can't watch it without thinking that, which just makes it even funnier. In the evening I worked on Thursday's Bloo's Review and that was pretty much my Wednesday. You can read that review here.

Everyone was working on Thursday, so I was by myself until after 4pm. I watched Criminal Minds, which isn't the best idea when you're home alone. I also practised for my practise Creative Writing Controlled Assessment which was supposed to be on Thursday but I decided to do it at home instead and email it to my teacher. I'm still really tired a lot and didn't see the point in going into tech when I'm perfectly able to do the work at home. Eva finished work at quarter to seven and dad and I picked her up from work and then we went to Pets At Home to do a bit of shopping. I bought Edwin some new treats. Misfits Scruffy Bites which were reduced to £1. They've been a BIG hit. I also got him Dentastix which were reduced to two for £2 and I got Edwin and Baby a rice bone each which were £1 each. Edwin's isn't pictured because he wanted his before I had a chance to take the photo!

Aside from the yummy things I bought for Edwin I also bought him a new jumper, coat, collar and lead. Edwin really suits red so I wanted to get him a red collar but my local Pets At Home don't carry small enough collars on their own. So I had to get a collar and lead combo from the puppy section which is very limited. Despite the fact Edwin is too small for most of the collars, for a chihuahua he's actually kind of chunky. A lot of the XS clothes are far too tight for him so he's grown out of all his old clothes but the size up is too big. I found this camo jumper that fit and this little rain coat that just about fits. The puppy lead combo was £6, the camo jumper was £9 and the red coat was £12. If you're the type of person that judges people who dress their pets I'll just say that you put extra layers on when it's cold and dogs aren't immune to feeling the elements. I don't see a problem in dressing animals if they aren't distressed by it but in the least functional clothing just makes sense.

I also got Edwin a new harness as he's just about out grown his old ferret harness. However I misjudged his size and it was too small so Eva took it for Berty instead. After Pets At Home we went to Tesco and did a little bit of food shopping. I bumped into my classroom assistant from primary school and she told me she retired and her son and daughter are both married! Her son was the year above me at school and her daughter was the year below. Gosh, people my age getting married and I can't even commit to which One Direction member is my favourite... We also bumped into my cousin Alex with her son who I swear was a baby five minutes ago but is now about to start school. Time just flies... 

Friday was another game day. I got up early to have a shower before my mum left for work as everyone was working again. However I needn't have bothered as Eva was sent home from work YET AGAIN. We chilled watching Criminal Minds until we had get ready. We got the 6pm train as usual. The arena was packed and there seemed to be a lot of schools or youth clubs. It was pretty funny when Hull skated out on to the ice a bunch of kids started screaming like it was a 1D concert, not realising they were screaming for the wrong team.

Mine and Eva's game didn't get off to the best start when these plebs sat in front of us. Oh I mean stood, stood in front of us.

They spent the majority of the first period getting in and out of their seats for drinks and standing discussing said drinks. It might have been tolerable only all four of them had their ass cracks on view. Seriously, not one of them had properly fitting trousers. Luckily the seats down from ours (the seats I've bought for next season!) were empty and just before the first period ended we moved and were able to see for the rest of the game. It ended up a good night as we ended our losing streak by beating Hull 3-2. I thought they might tie right at the end and we'd lose in overtime but I'm glad I was proven wrong. Eva and I also bought ourselves tickets for the Belfast Giants Awards at the end of March. I've never been before but I thought it might be fun for Eva and I to go. Something to look forward to. After the game dad picked us up and that was my Friday.

On Saturday I basically just chilled. I watched some more Criminal Minds. I guess you can say I'm a little hooked again. I preordered Miranda Sings' Selp Helf book and I'm really looking forward to getting that. I ordered it from the US as I couldn't find where to buy the hardback version in the UK. Might take a little longer but I think it will be worth it. Dad picked up a bigger harness for Edwin from Pets At Home and I tried it and his new collar on him. He looked mighty handsome.

At first he wouldn't move but he soon got used to it when I enticed him with his new treats. I was also finally able to teach him how to give his paw! I was so proud. The only problem is we don't know how to do it when he's on the ground and I'm in my chair as he's too small. I taught him when he was sitting on my bed so he was at my height. The rest of the evening I just worked on this post and watched some YouTube with Eva. 

And that was my week and another good'un. Highlights were definitely spending money on my boy Edwin, buying tickets for the Belfast Giants Awards and the Giants winning! Hopefully we can keep it up for the rest of the season. We live in hope.

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