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Sunday, 8 March 2015

Pets 'n' Stuff | Introducing Rue!

"Animals are such agreeable friends - they ask no questions; they pass no criticisms."
George Eliot

So usually Saturday would be included in My Week In Words but Saturday 7th of March was such a big and special day that I felt it needed a post all of it's down. The special little lady I'm about to introduce to you deserved a post all of her own. So on with the story!

Eva got me out of bed on Saturday and had made pancakes and bacon for breakfast. They were so good. While we ate we watched an episode of Criminal Minds and after that I worked on this post. Also my new autograph book arrived along with the one I bought for Eva which is just a purple version of mine. I'm really looking forward to starting it so I can tick another thing off my bucket list! Eva had some stuff she needed to get for Gary, her African Land Snail, so we had decided to go to Pets At Home to do some shopping and also grab a bit of lunch. I decided to triple necklace it again, wearing a dog tag necklace I've had for a long time but never actually worn. The quote is from my favourite character from Firefly. RIP Wash.

Our parents were still a huge no on the hamster front despite all our begging. So I was worried when we got to Pets At Home and Eva saw all the cute hamsters she'd end up just buying one anyway. Then we got there and THIS happened.

The little darling I had wanted on Wednesday was still there! But the other's I thought I wanted before I noticed her were gone. It felt like a sign. When Eva went up the glass and she came up to a crack in it and tried to put her nose through. Then this other little grey and white one came up too.

It was like they picked us! The others in the tank just carried on sleeping. We knew we HAD to have them so I snapped this photo and sent it to my parents to try and tug at their heart strings. Maddeningly neither of them replied for AGES. So while we waited we went to get some lunch. Eva had the great idea to get our parents presents... totally not to sway them. We bought our dad a preowned Xbox 360 game as I'm giving him my Xbox 360 for his room. We got our mum a Yankee candle and two little Yankee candle. After that we went to Burger King and I got a chicken royale meal for the second time this week! While we were waiting for our food a man came up and ordered a strawberry milkshake and the guy serving said "They're actually smoothies but we don't have the stuff to make them." So the man went on his way and when he left the guy who worked in Burger King said to Eva. "We actually do have the stuff, I just couldn't be bothered making it." After I said to Eva she should have said, "Oh in that case I'll order one!" That'd have sickened him. While we ate our food our dad texted back but I don't think the photo worked on him. Finally my mum replied too but she hadn't gotten the photo. I told her the story and I guess it did tug on her heart strings as she said we could get one between us. This is where I got very clever and said since we wanted different ones and would find it difficult to pick, I told her to look at the photo and help us choose. I think she realised how difficult that would be and said we could get them both! But only if we agreed to have a big clear out in our rooms. Elation is not even close enough to what I felt. While I was on the phone I started coming out in a big rash up my neck and on my arms. It must have been an excitement rash or something.

Eva and I set off for Pets At Home right after we called to let our dad know mum said it was okay. I was nervous that in the couple of hours between being there last that one or both would be gone. But I decided if she was gone she wasn't meant for me because as my mum always says, what's for you won't pass you. However, my heart also plummeted when we realised the store closed at 6pm and not 8pm like other days and it was now 5:42pm. When we got to the hamster section there were people getting hamsters but luckily it was a dwarf species. Our babies were still there!

We had to wait for someone to come help us and when we finally got someone she asked had we got the cages because the store was closing soon she wouldn't have time to go through everything with us. We thought we were too late but we ended up basically playing a round of supermarket sweep! Grabbing all the essentials to tide us over. They put our little women, they haven't been formally sexed but so far they seem to be girls, into boxes and not too long later my dad picked us up. While both weren't too happy being in the boxes, mine was really trying to get out. I got nervous holding her so when we got into the car I gave her to Eva. Eva's had gone quiet by that stage, so naturally Eva assumed she was up to mischief. She was right! We'd pulled into our driveway and my dad said "Oh look, one's out of the box." He said it so casually I thought he was joking! Luckily she hadn't gone too far and before the walk into the house we transferred them into the little carry cases we got them. It was not too long after that I took this photo of her. 

The lighting kind of sucked but oh well. I'm looking forward to taking many more photos of her. Soon after we got home we set about setting up their cages. We got the very basic stuff and plan to upgrade asap and have actually already ordered bigger cages and bigger wheels. We're also going to go shopping and get them a lot more toys to make their homes more interesting. Aside from that we've started looking into the best diets and food for them too as I don't really trust relying solely on store bought mixes. I'd raw feed my dogs and cats if I could.

The girl in the store was really lovely and everything but it was a huge reminder how little pet shops know about the animals they're selling. I mentioned we'd be upgrading eventually and she said that the cages we were buying were big enough for their whole lives.

As you can somewhat see from the photos above that once we put the very basic stuff in, the bottle, food, house, a ladder, level, wheel and one toilet tube, there really isn't much room to add more fun stuff for her. Not to mention she is already too big for the tiny wheel, which she LOVES and spent all night on, and there is very little room to upgrade to a bigger size. Another thing I'm not happy with is the substrate so we're going to change that too. I just wish our local store had more variety. 

After I put her in her cage I left her in my room by herself for a couple of hours to settle in. She's very inquisitive with me and even the dogs. She doesn't seem nervous at all. And you know when she is because just like her big brother Edwin she's a squealer! Just before I went into bed I went in to see her and to give her a couple of treats. She's very good at taking treats from my hands already so I'm hoping once we start the bonding sessions she'll tame pretty fast. I gave her some blue berries and a Bonio dog biscuit. I'm really looking forward to making some home made treats! Before I said goodnight to hear I snapped this photo of her on her water bottle.

She's so adoreble! Eva says her markings remind her of a snickers bar. So I have two nicknames for her already, Snicker Rue and Ruzi Q (like Joslyn Fox called RuPaul). At first I almost called her Freddie and even told people that was her name, but not too long later I remembered the name Rue and Eva preferred it. She didn't really like the name Freddie at all. Rue does suit her so much better. 

So far I've kept my bedroom door firmly shut so the cats can't get near her. Edwin and Berty are highly intrigued by them and just want to stare into the cage all the time. They've also become slightly possessive over their little sisters and try and keep each other away from the cages. Hopefully they'll lose interest in a few days and the cats won't be interested too much. They never went out of their way to try to get the rats but we won't take any chances. The cages are on the floor as I've had bad experience keeping hamster cages at any kind of height. 

So yeah! The moral of the story is persistence pays! ...I must seem like such a spoilt child to you all. I am so grateful to my parents for letting us get them in the end. My little furry family is now complete and I won't be getting any more pets for a long time. On a small side note, I now have something to tick off my bucket list!


  1. I LOVE these blogs also Rue and Ernie (I love your sisters blogs too) Are such Cuties!!💗


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