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Thursday, 2 April 2015

Arts 'n' Crafts | Easter Egg Fun

"An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail."
Edwin Land

Okay, this blog post was originally going to be a fun how to but it ended up a how not to. My first mistake was basing how I went about things on a foggy memory from when I was a kid at the Ulster Transport And Folk Museum. I vaguely remembered something involving crayons, food colouring and/or paint and boiling an egg. And out of that vague memory this how not to decorate eggs for Easter was born! 

Like with any crafting fun time you need an abundance of supplies. Most of which you won't actually get around to using but you'll include them in the photo for your blog nonetheless because it looks good.

Next you shouldn't use the crayons from the pound store and think they're going to leave any pigment on your egg shell. Because they won't. 

After that you shouldn't switch to your Crayola crayons and think that things are going well because they seem to be working. You also shouldn't colour in the whole egg. 

Eva's is on the left and mine is on the right. 

Next you definitely shouldn't boil them. Especially if you think this is somehow magically going to make the crayon stay on them. It doesn't. It melts the crayon off. We also added blue food dye into the water but that didn't do much either.

This is what a crayon covered egg looks like after it's boiled. You shouldn't think it's going to look pretty. 

Lastly you shouldn't think that throwing some glitter on to the egg will make it look any prettier. Okay, maybe it looks a little more pretty. The glitter distracts you from the rest of it... somewhat. 

So yeah, that's pretty much it. If you're going to be decorating Easter eggs this Easter... avoid taking a leaf out of my book. I realised too late that back in the day you drew designs on the egg with crayons so the paint or whatever it was we used didn't go on those bis and the wax comes off when you boil it. Leaving the design. I guess I should have Googled an actual how to instead of trying to work out the fuzzy memory. But people enjoy reading about things that don't turn out well... right? 

Anyway! I'll leave you with this picture of Eva blowing an egg and wish you all a good Easter and hope you get plenty of nummy chocolate eggs to eat. 


  1. Ahaha, this was brilliant. Makes a change from your usually awesome craft creations!


    1. LOL. Yeah. I'm not as perfect as I pretend to be when it comes to crafts. ;D xo

  2. Oh my god! It's actually not that bad, kind of adorable! I've never heard of coloring the egg first and THEN boiling it! By the way, why is Eva blowing an egg? Lol

    1. I'm not going to lie, I did have a soft spot for it. :D Oh, you blow the insides out of the egg and then you can keep it. :) xo

  3. Oh bless you haha. At least now you know!

    Amanda || amandabootes.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Yep! And there's always next year. :D xo


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