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Thursday, 16 April 2015

Arts 'n' Crafts | Past Arts & Crafts

"Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it."
George Santayana

I was hoping to have a new craft done for today's post, one of the ones Sykes Cottages sent me, however I had a bit of a busy start to the week and then yesterday I wasn't well for a lot of the day so I couldn't get it prepared. I think I might skip Bloo's Reviews next week and opt for an Arts 'n' Crafts post then too. As I'm really excited to give the crafts they sent me a go. I just want to wait until I have enough time set aside and fell well enough to really enjoy them. Anyway!

I decided since I didn't have the time to start something new today I would show you some of the arts and crafts I've done in the past. Some are better than others, especially where drawing is concerned. I got the idea for this after my friend put together a picture of all the drawings I'd done of one of his characters I'd done since I met him. He realised I draw him about once a year, and no two look the same style. So yeah, here are some of my past attempts at arts and crafts and the date I did them!

First up is one of my characters. I will explain more about them in a later post but for now just laugh at how awful this drawing is. It literally looks like a 7 year old drew it, but alas I drew this on July 22nd 2010! I was 20... She's supposed to be a cat by the way.

This one is a mixed media piece I did of a snail. I used watercolours and pencil. I think this piece was done before the one above. Perhaps 2009 or so. My art is incredibly flukey. I never really know how bad or good it will turn out. 

These are a couple of little heads I made out of modelling clay. I was pretty proud of them since I'd never done anything like them before. I did these on the 27th of August 2010.

The next piece is a digital drawing of my character again from October 6th 2010. I got my first Wacom tablet in July of that year and I still haven't mastered digital drawing. Also, you can see her markings have changed since the first drawing I did of her.

The next pieces were to advertise and illustrate posts on an old Tumblr blog I had. I did the doodles on top of screen shots. The first is from May 9th 2011 and the second is from May 11th 2011. I totally forgot I had done these.

The next craft is something a little different that some of you may never have seen before. It's called a yarn tail. They are incredibly easy to make but so time consuming. I used to make these then sell them on Ebay to raise money for charity. This particular one was finished on June 8th 2011.

I made a few of these in different sizes. Here is the first tester one I made being sported by my little cousin Maxi when he was a baby. 

The next drawing was part of a My Confessions series. This confession was the things I wanted to be growing up. It was drawn on the 14th of June 2011

The next craft was a little bit of an experiment I made out of an old pillow case or bed sheet. I can't remember. I was quite proud of them and I would like to make more in the future because they were fun and simple to make but really adorable. These ones were made on August 3rd 2011

This drawing was one on June 6th 2012. It was inspired by a song featured in Glee. I'm still pretty happy with this doodle. It's one of my favourites.

Another of my favourites is this piece of another of my characters, my newer character. I did it on the 26th of June 2013. It's probably one of the best pieces I've ever done and I really love the shading, something I'md not very good at. I wish I had a fluke like this more often.

The next drawing was a birthday present for a friend. I have to say it's also another of my favourites. I thought my character looked adorable, probably the most like how I see her in my mind's eye that I've ever been able to capture her myself. And I really thought I did quite well on the shading again. I drew this on July 8th 2013

Here is one for you Disney lovers from August 11th 2013. This is another piece I worked very hard on and I feel like it really paid off. I wish I still had the patience to knock out something like this. 

Lastly we have a piece from last year. It was drawn on June 28th 2014. The art style was inspired by one of my favourite artists and the person who has captured my character better than anyone else. The piece was inspired by the song Pretty Hurts. I really loved the dress. 

So there you have it. Some of my arts and crafts from over the last few years. I haven't done much drawing or crafts since I started blogging but that is something I thought this series would rectify and it has. I look forward to bettering my arts and crafts in the future, but it doesn't hurt to look back at how I started and how I've improved once in a while.


  1. You are super talented! <3 xx

    1. Aha. I wish! I do think I've improved though. :D xo

    2. Haha you are hun..I love art but I'm not any good haha xx


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