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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

My Birthday Haul!

"Let us never know what old age is. Let us know the happiness time brings, not count the years."

Yesterday was my 25th birthday. Yes! I turned a quarter of a century. I can't quite believe it either. My parents were told when I was twelve that I had eighteen months to live, longest eighteen months ever, so I am thankful to make it to this grand old age. However, at the same time twenty five feels too old. If someone was to guess what age I am from what I ended up getting for my birthday, the number would be a lot lower. Nothing wrong with that though, right? 

I had to get up earlier than I would have liked as  was having an OT visit to assess me for my care package. My dad was off work as he and mum are going away this week to Portrush. So I had a lovely birthday fry up courtesy of him! Before I tucked into it I opened all my cards and part of my present from Eva.

I got some lovely cards with lovely things written in them. I don't like to pick favourites obviously but if I HAD to, Eva would have won hands down. She made hers Drag Race themed! You know how much I love me some Drag Race. 

Eva got me a medium Zelf, you can see beside my fry up, and she gave me £30! My grand parents and aunt Karen gave me £40. My parents gave me £50 to cover my Adore Delano gig ticket and my sister Jann also gave me £20. So yeah, I was super spoiled! 

After the OT visit, which went well by the way, we decided what we were going to do for the day. I had thought about going to the farm as I usually do, but I just wasn't feeling it. I decided I just wanted to go shopping and to grab a bit of lunch in Burger King. I have been out a lot lately and I didn't want anything too fancy. Especially since we're supposed to be going to Yo! Sushi later in the week. So we set about getting ready to go. I decided to rock my Belfast Giants t-shirt that I got on the cruise. I had wanted this t-shirt forever.

Once we were all ready Mum, Dad, Eva and I all headed over to Bloomfield. I was a little bummed out that my mum headed on in without us and opted out of staying with us for Burger King. Still, it was lovely spending time with Dad and Eva. 

After that Eva and I headed to Smyths to spend some of my birthday money! We hit some other shops too and loaded up on Zelfs and different kinds of blind bags. I decided that I wouldn't be completely childish and also spent some of the money on an outfit from H&M. When we had finished in Bloomfield we had some pretzels and coffee from Auntie Annie's and then my dad took us to Asda to get some Shopkins as none of the shops in Bloomfield had them. Now on to the fun part.. all the wonderful things I bought!

Eva bought me all the Zelfs and she also bought me the Lego and My Little Pony blind bags. I hadn't thought about getting any of the large Zelfs but I just fell in love with Bella Blossom. I used the money I got from my aunt and grand parents to buy the three Shopkins baskets.

Now the more grown up purchases. I figured now that I'm an old lady I should buy a dress. Pretend I'm all grown up like. Really Eva has wanted me to buy a dress like this for ages and when I saw it I thought why not. I'm going to wear it with black tights and boots.

I'm not usually into flowery things but I just liked this. I don't feel like this photo does it justice but you get the idea. It was £7 in H&M and the bag was £4. I haven't carried a bag in forever and usually get Eva to put my stuff in hers, but I thought this was a nice small bag for just my phone and purse etc.

When we got home Eva cleared the table so we could set about opening all our toys! It didn't take long for the table to become a mess again. I swear I enjoy this more now than I ever did. 

The rest of my birthday evening was spent chilling. Eva set about doing some online shopping for our parents going away. We had that delivered this morning. We're looking forward to playing house for a few days. So yeah, that was pretty much my birthday. I really enjoyed it. A nice, relaxing, family day. I was even pretty tired after it even though we hadn't done a lot. I have been quite busy lately. Anyway, to finish off this post here are some more pics I took of the toys I got.

Posing with Bella Blossom 
Aren't we cute? ;D

All the Zelfs I got from Eva



My Little Pony

Those are all the wonderful things I got yesterday. I was also overwhelmed by all the lovely birthday messages I got. So thank you to those that wished me happy birthday. It really made my day too. I am loving 2015 so far. I have made so many wonderful friends this year so far. I am looking forward to the rest of it. Definitely takes the sting off becoming an old fogie! 


  1. Happy 25th Birthday hunni! :D
    Sounds like you had a fab day!! xx

    1. Thank you! (Sorry my replies a bit late. D:)
      I had an awesome day! Exactly what I wanted. :) x

  2. Happy belated birthday, Sara! If it makes you feel any better, I turned 26 on Sunday! How did that happen?! Getting older is tough (I wanted to be a kid forever) but it's easier when we're surrounded by lovely people.


    p.s. how have I not heard of Zelfs?! They're so cute!

    1. Thank you! Happy belated birthday to you too! The years really do just fly by once you're older. It's scary. But you're definitely right about that! :)

      Yeah, I am pretty addicted. Love cute things! :D x

  3. I had left a comment but it mustn't of worked with my poo internet haha.
    This is the best 25th birthday ever, my kind of style! lol
    Oh and obviously Happy Belated Birthday!!


    1. Aha. This is why we're friends. :D
      Thank you! xo


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