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Sunday, 19 April 2015

My Week In Words | #16 2015

"Cure for an obsession: get another one."
Mason Cooley

Welcome to My Week In Words! I had another fun filled week this week. Now the hockey season is over, I guess I had to fill the void with something else and boy did I! This post covers from Sunday 12th to Saturday 18th of April.. kind of. I hope you enjoy!

I started Sunday with a good old procrastination session. It's becoming a bit of a habit leaving My Week In Words to the last minute. I just couldn't focus. I got a little done while I waited for Eva to finish work, but I didn't get it posted before we went to pick her up. We decided on Sunday we would pick her up from work and head over to Bloomfield to do a bit of shopping. This was the day our Zelf obsession officially started! We got two blind mushroom pods each and a big Zelf each. These are mine.

After some shopping we decided instead of waiting until Monday which was my dad's actual birthday, we would have his birthday dinner then. He wanted to go to Makhulu 5 anyway, which is over beside Bloomfield. Eva and I bought dad his dinner and my mum insisted on paying for her own. It was a lovely little family meal. I got nachos as a starter and chicken goujons for my main. It's an African themed place and do all different kinds of steaks and burgers etc. I kind of regretted not getting a steak, but we live and learn. After eating such a big portion of nachos, I ended up bringing most of my main home.

The birthday boy got chicken wings he shared with Eva for a starter and a steak sandwich for his main. I think he enjoyed it.

The rest of the evening we all were basically in a food coma. I did manage to finally get My Week In Words posted up, even if it was super late. You can read that here.

On Tuesday Eva and I decided to head into town in search of more Zelfs and another toy Eva had found on YouTube called Shopkins. When it comes to obsessions it's go hard or go home, in my book. We'd had an argument with our mum in the morning. She basically called us 'weirdos' for collecting toys, but we had invited her into town for coffee with us. I'm glad we did. We don't do things with her often and it was nice spending time just us girls. We ended up discussing how we would have our hypothetical weddings.

After Nero's we went home and opened our blind bags. We managed to find the Zelf mushroom pods and first series Shopkins. I was excited for the Shopkins has I'd never gotten them before. These are mine and Eva's spoils for the day... so far.

While we opened our toys my mum set about making my dad a birthday burger for him coming in front work. Instead of a birthday cake, he had a burger with two candles in.

Later my parents were going over to Sainsbury's and Eva and I decided to go with them because, yes you guessed it, we wanted to see if they had Zelfs or Shopkins. Sadly they didn't have any Shopkins but we bought some more Zelfs! By this time I was sure I had enough of an obsession to warrant Tuesday's My Obsession's post. After that we went to my grand parent's house to visit them. A nice way to finish off a busy Monday.

Tuesday was a bit of a blur. I don't really remember what I got up to other than working on Tuesday's My Obsession's post. Which you can read here. One thing I do remember happening on Tuesday was my collection got added to again! My mum went into town and we took the opportunity to get more Shopkins and a lil Zelf. My Zelf was even rare and I got an ultra rare Shopkins!

Wednesday wasn't very eventful either. Kim, a physio, visited around 2pm so I could try a banana board for transfers for the first time. She wanted to see if it was an option for my care package instead of hoisting. It went well, so she's ordering me one so my parents can start getting used to it too. I really hope it's something the carers are prepared to use instead of a hoist. The rest of the day I had a migraine. I ended up having a nap in Eva's bed with the chihuahua boys and then an early night after some supper.

After breakfast on Thursday I worked on an Arts 'n' Crafts post. I had hoped to have something new to write about but since I was out of commission on Wednesday, I never got around to it. I ended up showing some of my past arts and crafts instead. You can check them out here. After that I watched The 100 until I had to get ready for class. Totally addicted to that show right now. I'm glad it's getting a third series. I'm currently on the second still. Class went well. I managed to get through it without a panic attack. We were doing revision for our exams and have a mock next week. I came home to a surprise from Eva.

She knew that I was anxious going to tech, so she thought if it was a bad night it would be nice for me to have something good to come home to. I have the best sister!

Friday was a pretty relaxing day. I watched The 100 most of the day and chatted online. I was by myself until after tea time as everyone was working. When my mum came home she had a surprise for me. A custom birthday cake!

It was such a lovely surprise and a perfect cake for me! I was blown away. She got it before my birthday as my parents are going away on Tuesday so she figured there was more chance of it not going to waste if she got it before then. I haven't cut the cake yet but I've made my way through some of the cupcakes. They are SO good. After that I watched more of The 100 and worked a little bit on My Week In Words. When Rue got up I played with her some and then had a shower before bed.

Saturday was a BIG day. It was the Belfast Giants cruise day! I think I'm going to give this a post of it's own, so look out for that in the next couple of days!

I hope everyone else had a good week! We've had some lovely weather here in Northern Ireland. I'm hoping it continues for my birthday week and my parents have it when they're away for their break in Portrush!

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