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Sunday, 26 April 2015

My Week In Words | #17 2015

"Get busy living, or get busy dying."
Stephen King

Howdy and welcome to this week's edition of My Week In Words! This week was my birthday week and my parents were also away for a few days which left Eva and I to play house! This post covers from the Sunday 19th to the Saturday 25th of April. Much fun was had and I hope you enjoy reading about it!

On Sunday my aunt Karen invited Eva and I round to her new house for pizza. I guess it was to celebrate my birthday which was the next day. Eva was working until 4pm so I worked on last week's My Week In Words until Eva got home. You can read that here. We went to her house about tea time and we brought our chihuahua boys with us. It's fun being able to take them to someone else's house and they love seeing their canine cousins. We didn't watch a movie or anything. We just ordered Dominos and chilled until it arrived. It'd been ages since we had gotten Dominos so I was looking forward to it. We also brought my cake which we were FINALLY going to cut. It didn't take long for the pizza to arrive.

After we finished our pizza we had tea and some cake. The cake was so good. My aunt then started washing up and I played some music. I think mine and Eva's loud singing slightly made my aunt regret inviting us. I'm pretty sure she was glad to get rid of us not too long after. The rest of the evening we just chilled. 

Monday was my birthday! Hard to believe it's almost a week ago now. I had a lovely low key family day, just like I wanted. I guess now that I'm a quarter of a century I can't party like them young whipper snappers anymore. Kidding. I never did. Instead of waiting to include what I got up to and what I got for my birthday in this week's My Week In Words I decided to write about it for Tuesday's post. So if you happen to miss that you can check it out here.

My parents were leaving on Tuesday for a few days to stay in my grand parent's caravan. I was really looking forward to it being just Eva and I for a few days. I worked on Tuesday's post and then just chilled the rest of the day with Eva after my parents left around two or three. It was a nice relaxing day.

On Wednesday we went into town as we had to post a letter to stay on the housing list. Naturally we looked for Zelfs and Shopkins and ended up coming home with both. I also bought some stuff from Superdrug that featured in a post later that week. To finish our little trip off we stopped off for a coffee. I'm loving Cafe Nero's mochas right now.

Random little anecdote: I was once out with Eva and ordered a coffee and the woman asked did I want it in a to go cup, despite the fact she knew we were sitting in. I don't know why she thought to ask. I figured perhaps another disabled person that was perhaps a regular or something always got there's in a to go cup. I've always struggled to lift the kind of cups they usually have in coffee shops etc. I'd never thought to ask for it in a to go cup though. Anyway, I opted to go for it and I've been opting for a to go cup ever since. It's so much easier. If you struggle with cafe cups then perhaps think about it.

Anyway! We had a little bit of a rest when we got home before we cleared the table and I set about ticking something off my bucket list. Courtesy of Sykes Cottages I finally made my own candles. It was a great experience and incredibly easy. I look forward to making more in the future. If you want to check out my first attempt, look out for this Thursday's Arts 'n' Crafts post.

Later in the evening Eva and I decided to watch a movie and use a face mask each. I was saving the face masks I got in Danielle's give away she held on her blog, Underland To Wonderland. So thank you to Danielle for those! We put them on and then watched Divergent. We had hoped to watch The Fault In Our Stars but they didn't have it on Sky to rent. We'd wanted to watch Divergent for ages too and had two of the same actors so that seemed close enough. Aha. I loved it! More than I even thought I would. Four is bae. I would totally recommend checking it out and I can't wait to watch Insurgent. But yeah, it was a fun and relaxing night.

Thursday was the first day since I implemented my new posting schedule that I didn't manage to post. I was a bit bummed out about the blemish on the perfect record I had so far, but I didn't beat myself up too much. Thursday was a busy day. Well, in truth it wasn't that busy until tea time but I like to take my time to get ready and such. I can't believe I wore my new dress and I never managed to get any photographic evidence! Oh well. We were going to Belfast with our friend Hannah to try Yo! Sushi for the first time. A bit of a belated birthday dinner. We met Hannah to get the 4:40pm train to Belfast. While we waited for the train she gave me my birthday present. Not going to lie, I'm a little in love with it. She has good card and present game!

I am in love with the necklace she got me. It came in a lovely box and there was a card in the box that had a little code breaker on it. It had the alphabet on it and beside each letter there was a different stone. My necklace spells out Bloo. I love little custom things like this. She got it on notonthehighstreet.com. Once we reached Belfast we headed straight to Yo! Sushi. It was a little bit of a risk choosing this particular restaurant as I don't like fish but I guess I just wanted to try something different. Well, while I didn't particularly like most of the food... I really did enjoy the experience.

Hannah wasn't fussed on the food either. I guess the moral of the story is don't take two people who don't like fish to a sushi restaurant. Eva enjoyed it enough for both of us! Hannah ended up choosing things for Eva to eat instead. We ordered a chicken curry to share. It was really nice. But yeah, I think I would go back but I would just be more aware of what I liked and didn't like. After we finished up at Yo! Sushi we made a bit of a trek to a bar called Cuckoo for some alcoholic Slushies! Totally worth it.

We got the 8:35pm train home and by that time we were shattered, despite only being in Belfast a few hours. We were supposed to head to The Goat's Toe for drinks when we got back to Bangor and meet our other friend Jodie. However we ended up deciding to stay in, order a pizza and watch a movie instead.

It was nice taking advantage of the free house for once as my mum doesn't really like us having people round often. Especially if it means her having to give up the living room. We watched The Maze Runner. I really decide if I liked or not. I felt a bit bored throughout it but perhaps it was because I was tired. Part of me feels like it may have been because there was no romantic sub plot. What can I say? I've been single a long time. Anyway, it was pretty late by the time Hannah and Jodie left. I was glad to get into bed that night.

Friday was another chill day. I wrote and posted a Cruelty Free and Topshop haul and review post since I missed out posting on Thursday. Most of the items I had bought on Wednesday while in town. If you haven't read it you can check it out here. Eva and I also finally watched The Fault In Our Stars online. I loved it way more than I even thought I would. However I did manage not to cry. There was a lot more humour in it than I thought there would be and I didn't find it cringe as others had told me they found it. I'd quite like to read the book now too. Later on my parents came home from Portrush after their few days away. They brought me this little darling to add to my Zelf collection.

I love how even though my mum thinks I'm a bit of a weirdo for collecting toys she still indulges me in it. In the evening Eva and I decided to introduce dad to Divergent as we thought he'd like it since he liked The Hunger Games. We also wanted an excuse to watch it again. It was just as good the second time round.

For most of Saturday I just relaxed and watched some of The 100. I also worked on this post. In the evening when Rue woke up I decided to clean her out. Kind of hard to believe it's only the second time I've cleaned her out since she moved into her Alaska cage. To be honest I probably could have held off longer. The great thing about having such a big cage is they need cleaned out far less often. Still, I just felt like doing it and I also changed things around a bit. This is her having a little bit of an explore when I put her back in.

Doesn't she have such an adorable little face? The rest of the evening I watched another episode of The 100 and chatted online before I went to bed.

And that's what I got up to over the course of my birthday week. I really enjoyed the whole week. It was busy, fun and also relaxing. The only thing that didn't enjoy it was my bank account, but YOLO. Do people still say YOLO? Anyway, I hope everyone else had an awesome week too!


  1. Happy belated birthday! Sounds like you had a really lovely and relaxed week, with lots of good food.

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

    1. Thank you! It was an awesome week. Exactly what I wanted. :)



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