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Friday, 10 April 2015

Pets 'n' Stuff | Edwin's 1st Birthday

"A dog will teach you unconditional love. 
If you can have that in your life, things won't be too bad."
Robert Wagner

On this day a year ago a little bundle of fuzzy love was born somewhere near Newry, to a mother and father named Baby and Johnny. Yes, like the Dirty Dancing characters. It wasn't until two months later that I met him but I believe he was meant for me from day one. I'm a woman of science. I normally don't believe in a higher power, nor do I really believe in destiny. Life is what you make it. The one thing that makes me question that are my pets. How each one has felt as though they were born to be mine. 

Initially when my parents finally agreed to let us get chihuahuas it was because my sister had become across Berty and his brother on Gumtree. He was everything she'd ever wanted. Truth be told I wanted one that looked like Minnie, my cousin's yorkie/chihuahua cross who happens to look full bred chihuahua, but Berty's brother was adorable. So naturally I fell for him as I probably would any other puppy. However, that's when 'fate' played it's hand. My sister had already rung to say we wanted the puppies but when she rung the second time just before we left the house they informed us there had been miscommunication and one had already been sold. They hadn't realised we planned to take both. As luck would have it it was the brother that was meant for me. Eva's boy was still there. At first Eva was going to back out and wait to get two together but I said no. He was meant for her. That's how we ended up with Berty, who celebrated his first birthday yesterday! 

The day we brought him home.

Moving on. The next few days were spent trolling Gumtree, waiting for my perfect puppy to pop up. A few new adverts came up but none that stole my heart the way Berty had stolen Eva's. Then these adorable little faces popped up. 

Edwin is the little brown one on the end.
The others are his two sisters.

I felt a little bad when I went to meet him because his little white sister came running straight up to me all happy and I was like "I'm here for the boy." I mean, I wouldn't change anything. I just wish I could have taken her too I guess! Edwin couldn't have been any more different than Berty. Berty was still when they handed me him and didn't make a sound. He just didn't seem to care he was leaving his mother and sister. Edwin was a whole other kettle of fish. From the moment they handed him to me he was squirming and licking my face. Then when they put his sisters in with their mother in a crate he started screaming because they were getting to eat and he wasn't. I felt so bad taking him away from his mother and even worse when he was terrified of being inside a moving car and cried the whole way home. I guess maybe because the last time he'd been in a car it was to go to the vet and get stuck with a needle! 

Anyway, I guess the rest is history! Today my little man is one year old and I can't quite believe how much he's grown. I'm hoping to get him a birthday treat today and tonight we're staying at my aunts house. So he'll have fun playing with his canine cousins! To finish off the post here are a few photos of Edwin from the day I got him until today. 

Finally a photo of the big boy on his birthday.

What a handsome boy he's grown into, am I right? Oh I know I am. I've had an amazing year being his mummy and I hope there is many more to come! 


  1. This is so cute! I have a chorkie like your cousin and she's the sweetest little thing! I had to choose between four of them and it was the hardest decision EVER! I have three dogs all together and I love them so so much, I don't think anyone can understand how happy they make you feel until they've had one! Yours is so cute! Happy Birthday Edwin! :) xx


    1. Oh gosh, it really is so hard. I think the fact I knew I wanted a boy helped a lot but I knew if I looked at the others too much I would want to take them all. I have two dogs but three in our house with my sister's chihuahua. I couldn't imagine not having them. Thank you! :) xo

  2. Awww, Edwin is so beautiful. Happy birthday, little man! I loved the story of how you came to be his mummy - I think it was meant to be!


    1. Thank you! I think he had a good one. And yeah, I think so too! :) xo

  3. Happy belated birthday Edwin! Pooches are just the best, they make everything a little brighter.
    Hope you guys had a great weekend celebrating.
    M x Life Outside London

    1. Thank you! They really are. Feel sorry for those who don't realise how awesome they are! Their lives must be so boring. :D xo


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