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Thursday, 21 May 2015

Introduction To Evara Ploo

Today I decided not to post a review and instead I thought I would introduce you to a new person in my life, Evara Ploo. No, I didn't get a new pet. If you read My Week In Words recently you'll know I installed Sims 3 a week or two ago. I first made Beau Regard, then I made Vincent Keller and now they're married and have a little girl called Rue.

Anyway! I was having fun with my little family but then family life started to get a little hum drum. Taking care of the kid, going to work, paying bills etc. Then I watched Dan and Phil play Sims 4 and it gave me an idea. Like they made Dil Howlter and play with him together for their videos, it might be fun if Eva and I made a Sim to play with together. And thus Evara Ploo was born. If you don't get the name, it's a combination of Eva Paige and Sara Bloo. GET IT?!

First we set about downloading a bunch of clothes, hair, accessories and make up from The Sims Resource. I swear that site is the best thing since sliced bread. As we started this last night we ended up only getting the stuff downloaded before we had to go to bed. So we woke up this morning and were ready to bring Evara Ploo to life.

Everyday Wear

Outer Wear

I think she looks hella cool, if I do say so myself. It was funny playing with Eva. Obviously only one of us could work the laptop at once and Eva's a lot more controlling when it comes to Sims than she is with anything else. We even videoed ourselves playing a bit and it was a bit of a hoot how intense it was at times. Not bad intense. Just hilarious. 

We decided to make Evara a mixture of our own traits with an extra trait that would just make her life easier. We made her artistic like me and clumsy like Eva. Good sense of humour and childish like us both. Last but not least we made her neat. Not like either of us but it helps keep her house tidy. We made her favourite food Dim sum, her favourite music Indie and lastly her favourite colour is white. Her star sign is Aries and her life time wish is to be a heart breaker. She sounds like an awesome, well rounded, human being.. am I right?

Once we had her made it was time for her to start living her life! Well, once we got her a little apartment to live in. We decided as a bit of a challenge we wouldn't use any cheats. That was something new for Eva and I as usually we use cheats for everything. Anyway! Here's some screen shots from our first time playing with Evara Ploo. 

We got her a job in the music industry. I mean someone as cool and hip looking as Evara needs a cool and hip job. After she got her job we bumped into a celebrity and tried to befriend her. Well, that didn't exactly go to plan. The woman hated us. 

Needless to say we left that convo with a slightly bruised ego. We made our way home and by that time we were peckish so we set about making our first meal!

It was all going well until we attempted to cook it and it turned out like this

It wasn't only our mac and cheese that turned out... black, our waffles didn't fare much better either.

Though practise makes perfect and eventually we cracked it!

Though not before starting a fire when we attempted to make pancakes for the first time.

Which led to us flirting with the fireman that came to rescue us. Still in our underwear no less.

Which led to us being rejected by the fireman. However he wasn't the only person to reject us. We were also rejected by four other men. 

Eh. Not going to lie, it was a little bit of a bruise to the old ego. This being a heart breaker malarkey is a lot harder than I thought it would be. To make matters worse, while we were out all that time trying to get the D we forgot to pay our bills so we ended up having a visit from the repo man. 

To cheer ourselves up after that we decided to go fishing and try to catch a fish for our fish bowl, but being the clumsy person we are we ended up falling in the water. However, we did end up catching an anchovy which we named Stacy.

Although our new pet brightened our day for a while, it didn't last long. Our toilet got clogged. So Evara set about unclogging it... in her underwear. I don't know why she seems to spend half her time in her underwear. 

Apparently it wasn't only Evara Ploo that was having an unlucky day though, as while she unclogged her toilet Sims crashed. Luckily I had saved the progress we'd made not too long before it happened, but we undoubtedly lost some game play. Possibly even Stacy. 

Still, I feel like we made a good start to her life. I mean she won't be breaking any hearts any time soon but at least she ain't burning her waffles anymore or setting her pancakes on fire. We have to be thankful for the little achievements. 

Hope you enjoyed this introduction to the life of Evara Ploo. I hope to keep you up to date with how she's going. Maybe one day we'll even make a video of Eva and I playing. I think that would be fun! 


  1. I love the Sims. They seem to develop their own life in a way and I love their random WTF moments (in underwear meeting a fireman). Thanks so much for sharing, I had a good laugh and keep playing, I'd like to know how the story continues.

    Caz | Style Lingua

    1. My sister got me on to it and I'm glad she did! It's also funny how sometimes they can reflect your life so much. LOL. I actually made another new Sim today (because my sis was annoyed I was playing with Evara without her) and she's based on me. Maybe post about her too in the future. Thanks for your comment! xo

  2. I love the sims! But sometimes I spend all day just playing this and don't get anything else done lol I love the hairstyle you chose and I just checked out that website, the sims resource - totally cool! I want to play again and download some of the hairstyles, they are so much prettier than the ones the original games comes with!


    1. Yeah. I've literally lost days playing it. It's crazy. LOL. Yeah, I got the hair from there. It's got awesome stuff. Even full on houses to download. Not sure I would have had as much fun with Sims without the custom clothes people have made. They're so much cooler than the stuff you get in game. Lol.


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