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Tuesday, 26 May 2015

My Recurring Dreams

"A dream isn't always a wish your heart makes."

Howdy and welcome to today's blog post! Today's post is about my recurring dreams. I have five dreams that recur pretty often. Well I mean, they're not the exact same dream every time but the theme is the same. Most of the time there is an element of worry or stress in them too. Figures I couldn't have recurring happy dreams! Anyway, I thought I would share a little about these dreams with you. Maybe someone can have a go at telling me what they might mean.

For The Love Of Rodents

This dream has evolved over the last couple of years. It started out with rats as I've had a few pet rats over the years. Basically in my dream what would happen would be either a wild rat or some kind of rodent would get into my house or my rats would escape. I would basically spend the whole dream being worried my rats would get impregnated by or catch some nasty disease from the wild rats and/or escape my house. In a few dreams the wild rats found their way into my rat's cage or they met up while my rats escaped and did in fact impregnate them. I haven't had rats for a couple of years now, but that didn't stop me having this dream. However when I got Rue, instead of dreaming of rats, the dream evolved to involve hamsters instead.

Yeti Legs

I've been having this dream for years. You've probably heard of naked dreams. People dreaming that they're naked in public. Well I don't, I have hairy leg dreams! Basically in the dream I have extremely hairy legs and no trousers on. Weirdly a lot of the time nobody mentions it in my dream but I spend the whole dream worried someone is going to notice and feeling gross. Sometimes I have a love interest in the dream, which makes it even worse!

Black & Other Fishes

This is a bit of an odd one because I LOVE animals. All animals. However I have a weird irrational phobia of certain sea creatures. Especially orcas. They're actually one of my favourite animals too. However even watching them on television makes me nervous. I know it's weird. It's usually orcas that feature in this dream, but on occasion there has been dolphins and sharks too. Basically the gist of the dream is there is a tank or pool and there's an orca in it and usually it involves me having to walk by the side of the tank or pool. There has been occasions when it's been a swimming pool and someone has suddenly let a whale, dolpin or shark into it. Weirdly none of them have ever tried to attack me or anything in the dream. The fear is just knowing they're there. Even thinking and writing about this dream right now is making me nervous so lets move on to the next dream!


So I used to attend a Muscular Dystrophy conference weekend with my family when I was younger. We would go to a place called Share Centre in Lisnaskea. Basically it was a fun family weekend with a conference thrown in. It was a chance for families to bond and get to know each other but also hear about the latest research and developments in Muscular Dystrophy. It stopped when I was around 15. Since then I've been to a different kind of convention, a furry convention. Basically this dream is usually a mixture of these two. My family and I go away to a convention type thing and chill with other families and such. Usually there's a 'dealer's den' with art and stuff. Sometimes I end up missing the chance to buy stuff and I get really bummed out. Or I somehow miss all the fun and it's over before I really got to enjoy myself. I get a feeling of PCB (post con blues) without ever actually being. The latest dream I had like this I was at a drag convention. So there were loads of drag queens and so many colourful characters. I remember watching this particular drag queen perform. I'd love to go to a drag con in real life!

Me and Noodles at ConFuzzled in 2012

Saved By The Morning Alarm

Finally we have my school dreams! These too make me feel nostalgic or at least wish I could go back and do things differently. Try harder. Sometimes they're in my primary school and other times they're in my high school, sometimes it's a mixture of the two. However even in my primary school I'm usually older. I was in the choir in primary school and sometimes the dream is about us preparing to do a bit performance, other times it's about revising for and doing our exams before we leave school. Usually in the dream I know that I've done it before and done rubbish and this time I'm trying to do better but I feel like I'm failing. However, I normal end up waking up before I have the chance to actually do the exam but one dream recently I did in fact do the exam but I woke up before I got my results.

And those are my five recurring dreams! To be honest, I hate them. I don't like dreaming. With my dreams they're usually really stressful or so good I don't want to wake up. I often don't feel rested after them because they're so intense and vivid. Do you have any recurring dreams? Tell me about them in the comments below!

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