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Sunday, 10 May 2015

My Week In Words | #19 2015

"Treat yo self."

Welcome to My Week In Words! I had another shopping and toy filled week. It may be becoming a problem but I can't say I ain't enjoying it. This post covers from Sunday 3rd to Saturday 9th of May. I hope you enjoy!

I woke up to the obligatory Sunday fry up. I think I enjoy it even more than Saturday's. After eating I chilled and worked on last week's My Week In Words, which you can check out here. Eva was working until 4:30pm and my parents were going over to Sainsbury's around the time my dad was picking her up, so I decided to tag along, meaning Eva also tagged along. She wasn't too happy about it as she had a headache. We were both pretty hungry so that didn't bode well for our bank accounts. We always seem to end up shopping when we're hungry and buying an abundance of food. Eva also found me this beauty!

I had picked up a medium Zelf and then Eva found this large one and I just knew I HAD to have her. I can't resist things with blue on them. She's just adorable. Plus she's a bunny. My aunt Karen had invited us around to her house in the evening but since Eva was rocking a mega headache we declined so we didn't end up seeing aunt Karen for our usual Sunday catch up. Mum ended up taking forever in Sainsbury's and I was shattered by the time I got home. I relaxed the rest of the evening and had a little Rue time before going to bed.

Monday was a bank holiday so my dad had a day off, meaning he got me up and made me breakfast. We also ate breakfast and watched television together for a bit. There was a show on about the world's dumbest criminals. It was pretty funny. Later I worked on my post for Tuesday and had a shower. My parents decided to go to IKEA and I had thought about going with them but I've been really worn out lately so I decided to just stay behind. Eva came in at 4:30pm again, so I wasn't alone too long. I was chatting online while I worked on Tuesday's post but I got a bad headache and ended up having to go lie down around 9:20pm. Luckily that helped the headache shift a bit and about an hour later I got up for supper before going back to bed.

On Tuesday I made an appoint for Findlay with the vet to have him groomed. Findlay HATES being brushed. As in he doesn't let us do it. So he ends up getting matted as he's got long fur. The vets have to sedate him brush him out or shave him. I booked him in for Friday as it was Eva's next day off and he'd have to be at the vet's for 9am. I had breakfast and watched television with mum. Later on I tidied my desk so I could work in my room as mum had food from the cupboards all over the kitchen table, having a clear out. I feel like I'm constantly tidying my desk. After I finished off and posted Tuesday's post. I finally got around to writing about the Belfast Giants' mini cruise. You can read about it here. After I set about watering my cactus and succulent army. It seemed like such a good idea to buy so many until I had to water them all the time. I sadly decided to give up on and say goodbye to my venus flytrap. RIP. But my other plants are doing well. Right now they're surrounded by Zelfs.

My parents were out shopping and my mum brought me and Eva back a little blind bag surprise. She says we're weirdos for still collecting toys at our age but she indulges us anyway. They had no Zelfs, Shopkins or My Little Ponies but I was chuffed with this little kitty, called Amber, I got. The rest of the evening I just relaxed until it was time for Ruzi Q to come out for a play before bed. Right now she's getting up around 8:30pm. Which isn't too bad. A lot better than Ernie, my sister's hamster. After Rue time I had supper and headed to bed.

On Wednesday I got some post from the US. I don't know if I mentioned it last week but someone on one of the Zelf groups I'm on on Facebook messaged to ask if I was interested in this particular Zelf, Petal. I hadn't seen her locally, and I thought she was super cute. Also different to the ones I already have. So I snapped her up. I can't remember how much I paid for her, but it wasn't too bad with the exchange rate. Although she'd been boxed, the seller unboxed her so postage would be cheaper but she sent everything along with her.

I think it was a really nice touch that she cut out the info part of the box and sent it along with her. Though it kind of made me wish I'd kept it for my other Zelfs, but oh well. I was supposed to do some revision on Wednesday for class on Thursday, however I got a call to say my classroom assistant was off sick this week. I had the option to bring someone else with me but I felt like with how my anxiety is right now, I just couldn't do that. I feel like Jenni, my assistant, reads me really well and she just makes me feel slightly less anxious. Eva was also working from 8am to 4:30pm so I felt bad asking her since she'd already be having a long day and she wasn't feeling too good this week. So since I wasn't going, I decided to work on stuff for Thursday's blog post instead of revising. I watched Love, Rosie to review. The rest of the evening I chatted online and relaxed before bed.

After breakfast I worked on Thursday's blog post, the latest of Bloo's Reviews. I really enjoyed reviewing such a lovely little film. If you want to read my review, check it out here. After that I chatted online and watched another episode of Looking. I realised I'd some how messed up the viewing order and missed a bunch of episodes. Dad and Eva came in later and I got ready to go out to do another spot of shopping. Yes, MORE shopping. I really need to cut back. Mum was working so that was part of the reason we went to Bloomfields. We planned to pick her up when she was finished and then head to vote as a family. Not that any of us were voting for the same party. By the time I got home I had yet another headache so I went to bed early. These headaches are becoming all too frequent.

On Friday morning Eva took Findlay to the vet. Every time he goes I get a little more nervous of them sedating him. Since it was Eva's day off we chilled together most of the day. Once again I decided to relax on my sofa throne aka my duvet and pillows. We watched some RuPaul's Drag Race and Adventure time while we both sat with our laptops on little tables in front of us.

My hair looks ratchet but you get what I mean about my sofa throne. It's so comfortable. It's kind of nice being out of my wheelchair and not in bed. However I did end up like this...

I started out cuddling Edwin, until he moved away from me. I was comfortable though so it wasn't all bad. In the evening I relaxed as usual but got a headache again and ended up having an early night... again.

I woke up to homemade pancakes and bacon on Saturday, courtesy of Eva. They were so good. While we ate our breakfast we finally got around to watching the latest episode of RuPaul's Drag Race. I was super bummed out to see Trixie go again. Though I understand why she did. I had gotten a lovely comment on my Love, Rosie review about my writing style and asking whether I had ever written a short story. This prompted me to post an extra blog post this week and the first short story I've posted on my blog. It was kind of exciting sharing my fiction as I haven't shared it with a lot of people before. It was a piece I had already written but I cleaned it up a little and made it presentable, including some gifs and stuff. When I finally posted it, it felt kind of liberating. You can read it here. After that I chilled before having some Rue time. I was supposed to give her a new house as next week she's being cleaned out and I don't usually give her a new house and clean her out on the same day as it's too stressful, but she was being a little odd. I went in and found her like this.

She's also put a lot of effort and work into her nest this time, filling it with an abundance of carefresh, toilet roll and straw. It's the most extravagant nest she's made so far. I wish I could get a photo of it but it wouldn't do it justice. She stopped acting weird after a while and I had regular Rue time with her. She's gotten so good at being held and I feel confident enough to carry her around the house with me and even have her at my laptop for a little while without worrying she's going to escape. She posted her first tweet last night!

Another highlight of yesterday was my mum got Eva and I another little treat each! I don't know why she's been treating us so much but I'm hella grateful. She got us both a box of fudge and a My Little Pony each. I'd been trying to find blind back My Little Ponies but I hadn't been able to and I'd been resisting buying myself a bigger one, so it was a great surprise!

So yeah, that was my week. Another shopping and toy filled week. I really need to stop leaving the house, but then even then I end up spending money online. I don't know, I need better restraint. Tell me about something you bought this week and make me feel better!


  1. I love your Zelf collection! I'm 28 and seriously considering collecting Shopkins because I can't handle the cuteness. I'm also now trying to convince my boyfriend that we should get a hamster because of Rue.

    See ya!
    Amanda | teatimetails.com

    1. Thank you! I know, and because they're so small they're easy to keep. Which is ALWAYS a plus. I have mine in a jar on my desk. I put away the baskets. Aha. I am so glad I got Rue. What I would say though is make sure you do your homework because they take up a lot more space than a pet store would have you believe! :D xo


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