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Monday, 18 May 2015

My Week In Words | #20 2015

"Even nice things don't make you happy when you're tired."
Jo Brand

Welcome to this belated instalment of My Week In Words. I have been super tired and not feeling great recently so blogging has been a little difficult. Thank you for bearing with me. Anyway, this post covers from Sunday 10th to Saturday 16th of May. Enjoy!

On Sunday I offered to take mum out for Mother's Day. She'd been in England when it was Mother's Day in the UK and had dropped a few jokes or hints about the fact we hadn't done anything for her for it. So I thought it might be a nice idea to celebrate the US day instead. She thought it was a nice gesture and all but she didn't really feel like going out so Eva and I ended up going out on our own. We needed to pick up some pet supplies anyway. So we headed over to Bloomfields, which naturally led to spending a fortune in Pets At Home. I had to buy cat food but the majority of the money was spent on Rue and Eva's hamster. We needed to get more substrate but we also bought them goodies too. I did mean to take a photo of my Pets At Home haul but everything kind of got scattered and used before I had a chance. I got her a new Cerea chew. She loved her toothbrush one and kept it in her bed. I got her a crocodile one this time and sure enough that disappeared into her nest too. I got her another ledge and I also got her a Woodlands Acorn Burrow Box. It's a little small for her to really burrow in but I filled it with straw and toilet roll and she's been taking the stuff out of it to use in her nest. I can also hide treats and such in it for her to find. Just give her a little something extra to do. I also got her a new little bowl. It's green and apple shaped. It's real cute. Eva and I also got treats to share. It's one of the good things about both having them. We get to split the cost of a lot of stuff.

After Pets At Home we headed to Tesco and did some food shopping. Eva also bought some clothes from H&M. I was trying to be good so I refrained from buying any toys. After spending a fortune in Pets At Home I figured that was for the best. We'd arranged to meet my aunt for dinner as she usually comes round for a catch up on a Sunday and we'd yet again declined to go to her house. She was busy at my granny's until around 5pm so that gave Eva and I a bit of time hanging around so we went into Costa for a coffee and a before dinner snack. We just chatted and such to pass the time. It was nice. It wasn't too long until we were due to meet my aunt Karen and I decided since she had treated us to pizza recently that I would treat her to McDonalds. Before we met her we went to get money out and the genius that Eva is she decided to put a coffee cup on the slope of the ATM and this happened...

Down the wall, over the floor and also over her new white shoes! I could barely breathe for laughing. Needless to say we got out of there ASAP and made our way to McDonalds. Eva just wanted to go home because she thought it looked like she had shit over her shoes but we couldn't stand my aunt Karen up. As we'd kind of already eaten in Costa Eva and I just had a happy meal each. 

After a lovely junk food meal and a catch up with our aunt, Dad picked us up and took us home. When I got home I decided to put Rue's burrow box in her cage. She came out to investigate it but it was a little early for her so she went back into bed. I'm a little bummed out I didn't get a photo of her having a nosy, but oh well. I know she has been using it in some way because all the toilet roll has been taken out. While I waited for Rue to want to come out to play I worked on last week's My Week In Words, which you can read here. Eventually the little woman decided it was time to rise and shine and held her and played with her a little bit before I put her in her ball. I feel so lucky to have found this little woman.

After Rue time I headed to bed.

I started out with good intentions on Monday. I had planned to do revision for my mock on Thursday but to be honest I haven't been feeling great recently. Which is also part of the reason this post is a day late. I ended up procrastinating but I did get a little bit done before my mum started making dinner and I couldn't concentrate. Later in the evening I was just too tired to focus. I ended up starting to watch Beauty & The Beast instead and basically got hooked from the first episode. Here I am a week later and I'm about to finish season two. I think Vincent Keller is the new love of my life. Later in the evening Eva also persuaded me to download Sims 3 as she's on a Sims kick at the moment and apparently we can't do anything without the other also doing it. It took forever to install so I had to leave it over night.

On Tuesday I wasn't feeling well again. So I didn't do much at all. I didn't even get my Tuesday post done. I spent all day watching BATB and played a little bit of Sims. I had a super bad headache though and ended up having an early night.

I had a better day on Wednesday but I still wasn't feeling great so I decided to let my tutor and assistant know I wouldn't be in for my mock on Thursday and that I'd pick it up to do at home like last time. Since I didn't post on Tuesday I decided to make up for that on Wednesday and wrote another post for my My Obsessions series. I wrote about my Wyrm and Wyrven collection. You can read that post here. 

Later a belated birthday present from my best friend arrived. Gary and I decided to get each other Pop Funkos. We'd both picked the one we wanted. I decided to go with Wash from Firefly as it was Gary that talked me into watching it. And I am so grateful he did!

Wash is so cute with his itty bitty dinosaur! I plan to get more from the Firefly series too. Maybe these will turn into a new obsession. Who knows?! 

On Wednesday I also made a Sim boy to go with my Sim girl. I couldn't think of a name so I ended up calling him Vincent Keller... I mean he doesn't look anything like him but still. I played Sims some of the day and later Eva and I watched the latest episode of RuPaul's Drag Race. I still don't think I've processed the fact Katya is gone. She was one of my top three for sure. I don't really remember what I did the rest of the day. I presume I played Sims and then I went to bed. I started taking my laptop to bed with me at night so I could watch Beauty & The Beast. It was just like old times.

I woke up to eggless pancakes, courtesy of Eva, on Thursday. They tasted better than I thought they would to be honest. Thursday was another slow day. I did get Thursday's post done which was an Arts 'n' Crafts post. I did the spiral earrings I was sent from Sykes Cottages.  I wasn't feeling well again and I was glad I took class off. I'm thinking of seeing my GP about my fatigue and headaches. I've just been so tired I've been putting it off. You can check out that post here. The highlight of Thursday was my business cards arrived! So I could tick something off my bucket list.

I'm really happy with them. No idea what I'm going to do with them but it made me feel really professional for a bit. In the evening I once again went to bed early and watched Beauty & The Beast.

Eva was off on Friday and I was feeling a bit better again. We sat at the kitchen all day with our laptops and played Sims side by side. It was a fun, relaxing day. To be honest, any day I don't have a headache is a good day. I felt like I'd hit my Sims stride too and finally felt like I knew what I was doing. My Sims, Vincent and Beau even started to hit it off.

They shared their first kiss, got engaged, had their first child and got married all on Friday. Now that's what I call productive. I wish my love life could move that fast. They even still had time to clean their massive bungalow and go to the spring fair. Beau even had time to keep up with her writing. Not to mention making snow angels.

To finish up the day I watched Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes with Dad and Eva. I really enjoyed it, even if certain parts were hard to watch. I can watch people die fine but I can't watch animals die. Even CGI ones. Another down side was there was no James Franco and there was nobody hot to make up for that... Anyway, after the film we went to bed as Eva and I had an early start in the morning.

On Saturday I went to the All Ireland Muscular Conference with Eva. It was a cross boarder conference with Muscular Dystrophy UK and Muscular Dystrophy Ireland. It was the first MD related thing I'd been to in a long time but I still recognised some familiar faces. One of my friends was even doing one of the workshops and I met another I'd only known online for the first time. I've decided I want to get more involved and keep up to date with what's going on in the MD world. Research and fundraisers etc. It was a very early start but I was glad we made it on time. From 9:30am to 10am was registration and tea and coffee. At 10am the first speaker started. To be honest although it was all very interesting I found a lot of it hard to understand. It just kind of went over my head.

Still, I did take away some knowledge that I didn't know before. One of the speakers talked about fertility and I found that very interesting. We were in the conference until 1pm and then we had lunch. I had stew. It was nice enough. Lunch was good because it gave us a chance to talk to people. I sat at a table with Grace, her mum and her husband. She was chatting to a woman, Francis, about fertility and pregnancy. I chatted to Francis' husband and another girl I didn't get the name of and Francis' daughter too. She's eleven or twelve and has the same MD as her mother. They have a son too but they used a fertility treatment to make sure he wouldn't have MD. He's just a baby and is so adorable! Another highlight of lunch was dessert. It was hella good.

After lunch we headed to the workshops. I'd signed up for the independent living workshop and it turned out my friend Suzanne was one of he speakers. She was talking with another dude. We were a little early so Eva and I had an impromptu photo session. Meaning I took a photo of Eva and then she took multiple photos of me telling me to convey certain emotions.

Eventually the workshop did start. Suzanne did awesome. She talked all about her experience living independently at university. It was really interesting. Kind of makes me wish I had her drive. The guy after her kind of just waffled on and lost me. I don't think I was the only one though. After this workshop Eva and I went to check out the disability sport workshop. We just had a look in but ended up going back to the foyer and hanging around there. They had another tea and coffee break and I got to talk to someone I knew from years ago. She was telling us all about what her daughter has been up to and such. She was also asking about my parents. After our chat we purchased some raffle tickets and it wasn't long until they called the winners. Grace, her mum and husband left before then as they had to make their way back down south and it had already been a long day by then. Eva and I had thought about going home early too but I decided I wanted to stay until the end. I was glad we did because we ended up winning two prizes! A big candle and a box of chocolates. A few people won multiple times since there wasn't that many of us and it was £1 for a per strip of tickets. After they called the raffle the final speaker talked for about an hour I think. After that they had a charity Lego walk. It is what it sounds like. People walk bare foot over a pit of Lego for money. I sponsored Suzanne's mum Margaret to do it.

After the Lego walk it was time to go. We said goodbye to a couple of people and left to walk to the train stop. We only had to wait ten minutes or so for the train and then we were on our way home. We got home just before 7pm. Needless to say we were shattered after such a long day. I basically had something to eat and then headed to bed a little while later. And that was my very long Saturday. It was a good'n all and all and I'm looking for the next MD event. There's also talk that the next All Ireland Conference will be held next year in Dublin so that'll be fun! Maybe get a stay over. Something to look forward to.


  1. The photos of Rue are just the cutest thing. I love those Wyrms too - they're so cool, I've never seen anything like them before! - Tasha

    1. She's such a little darling! I love her to bits. I'm so lucky. <3 And yeah, I just loved the idea behind them. So original. :) xo


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