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Sunday, 24 May 2015

My Week In Words | #21 2015

"I'm not materialistic. I believe in presents from the heart, like a drawing that a child does."
Victoria Beckham

Welcome to this week's instalment of My Week In Words! It wasn't a very eventful week but it was good nonetheless. I got some beautiful presents and also treated myself. Also a whole lot of Sims was played! This post covers from Sunday 17th to Saturday 23rd of May. I hope you enjoy!

I wasn't very productive on Sunday. I watched A LOT of Beauty & The Beast and played some Sims. My aunt Karen visited and we had our usual catch up, during which I learned of and off are pronounced different. Apparently. I guess you really do learn something new every day. I was still pretty shattered from my long day at the Muscular Dystrophy Research Day the day before so I ended up chilling the rest of the day and decided not to post My Week In Words that day. Bad, I know.

I was still feeling lazy on Monday morning and wanted to have a lie in so my mum called off my OT who was supposed to be coming out at 10am to discuss shower chairs. I was just too tired to be ready in time for her. When I eventually did get up my day was only slightly more productive than the day before. I played more Sims and watched more Beauty & The Beast. In the evening I eventually did get My Week In Words up, which you can read here. And before bed I had some Rue time.

On Tuesday I finished season two of Beauty & The Beast. I was really bummed out when I finished it. However the silver lining was I could go and watch an abundance of fan videos without worrying about spoilers. I found some awesome fan videos to add to my collection. Maybe it's time for another fan video post soon! I also got a beautiful belated birthday surprise from my friend Pedro on Tuesday. I obviously knew he was sending me a present but I had no idea what it was. We haven't known each other very long but we've become such good friends. I hope my present to him for his up coming birthday is as wonderful as what he got me!

A beautiful Luna soft toy! I can't get over her at all. He said he picked it because for my birthday I had gotten a card that said 'Sorry I couldn't find a real unicorn to give you'. Along with her there was also a My Little Pony keyring, but I forgot to take a photo of it. I loved both of them though and I will cherish them for a long time. Anyway! Later on Tuesday I posted up my Miscellaneous Tuesday post, Relationships: Things I've Learned. I really enjoyed writing it and found it quite cathartic. In the evening I had a shower and went to bed. 

On Wednesday I didn't feel too well. I decided to tell Jenni I wouldn't be in class on Thursday. I didn't see the point in going because we were just revising for our exam the following week and I could do that at home. So I didn't see the point putting myself through the stress. The day was a bit of a blur since I wasn't feeling good. I watched a movie called The Lucky Ones about three soldiers, two on leave and one retired, that arrived back on US soil and ended up becoming friends as they made their journeys home. There's a bit more to it but it's not important. It was a good enough film. I particularly liked Rachel McAdams' character, Colee. Later, around 6pm, I got into bed with Edwin for a lie down because my headache was just too much. I got up around 10pm for supper and then headed back to bed. 

Deciding not to go to class had lifted a weight off my shoulders on Thursday. So I was feeling better. I think my headaches and fatigue is related to my anxiety levels which is largely related to class. As I was feeling better Thursday ended up being a good day. I was even a bit productive. Eva was off so we watched the latest RuPaul's Drag Race episode then sat side by side on our laptops and played Sims. A bit later I tidied my room and took photos for this post. Earlier another present had arrived from Pedro and also some Zelfs that I bought from a girl in America arrived.

I couldn't get over the beautiful necklace, sent all the way from where Pedro lives in Portugal. It's hard to tell from the photo but it's filled with liquid with like gold leaf in it. It's so pretty. I'm in awe! Then below you can see Float and Chi. This girl is selling off her collection. So I couldn't resist. I anticipate buying more too! Later on, around tea time, Eva and I decided to order a bunch of Dominos' and watched Kevin Hart on Netflix. He is so funny.  In the morning Eva and I had made a Sim together and gave her our traits, naming her Evara Ploo. A mixture of our names. I'd played with her some of the day and rather than doing a Bloo's Review post on Thursday I wrote a post about her. You can read it here. Once I had it written up and posted I had supper and went to bed. 

Eva was off on Friday too, so I woke up to homemade pancakes and bacon. We watched WOWPresents videos on YouTube while we ate. After we'd finished it was back to Sims! We basically played all day. I made myself another Sim. Sim Sara! My looks(ish) and my traits(ish). I had a lot of fun playing with her. Eva made herself too. I got a little carried away and had someone turn me into a vampire, but I regretted it almost right away. So I quit the game without saving and was happy to have regular, old, human Sara back. I also made Edwin so Sim Sara would have a pet but I was a little overwhelmed looking after them both and edited up neglecting Edwin and social services took him away. It was a bad time...

Sim Sara writing away much like IRL Sara

Later on I had supper and decided to start watching Supernatural. I've heard such good things about it and I know I'm a little late to the party but better late than never, right? 

Saturday was spent playing Sims. Basically all day. I guess I'm almost as addicted as Eva is now. I literally did nothing else apart from eat. It's a little scary how time can pass so fast. I also got my mum to pick me up two more Shopkins blind baskets but I ended up with duplicates so there's no point taking photos.

So yes. That was my week. It was pretty uneventful. I've just been so tired so I haven't really been making an effort to do stuff. I'm hoping I will rectify that situation once class finishes. I know it's just a part time course one night a week but it's amazing how much my anxiety about that has taken over everything. It's all completely irrational obviously. Anyway, I hope you still enjoyed reading about my Sims filled week. Hope you're all well.


  1. love the victoria beckham quote!! Love your blog would be fab if you could check out my latest post too xxx

    1. Thank you. :) I'll give it a look see.


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