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Saturday, 4 July 2015

My Week In Words | #25 2015

"Rest until you feel like playing, then play until you feel like resting, period. Never do anything else."
Martha Beck

Howdy readers! Long time, no post. If you missed my announcement on Twitter, I decided to take a little blogging hiatus while my parents were in Greece and Eva was off work. It started a little while before they went as I felt like I was just too busy to get my posts out on time. I guess I was in a little bit of a rut and not making my posts a priority like I had been before. So I thought rather than forcing myself, I would take a step back. The last thing I want to do is make blogging feel like a chore because I love it a lot. Anyway! I'm back and to kick start my blogging again I am going to catch up My Week In Words. So the next three posts will be My Week In Words, starting with this one. It covers from Sunday 14th to Saturday 20th of March. Enjoy!

I woke up to the obligatory Sunday fry up on Sunday. Rather than getting to work on My Week In Words like I should have done, I ended up chilling and mooching around online. As I've mentioned, I've just been so tired lately I knew there was no way I would get my thoughts into order to write. Later in the day, when Eva had just gotten home, I got a text from my aunt Karen to ask if we wanted to go for Starbucks. I was bummed out as I needed a shower but suggested we got it to go instead. So while she and Eva went to get our Starbucks, I got a quick shower. There was a bit of chaos as my aunt had left her two dogs at my house. My mum attempted to get them to all sit at once for a photo but needless to say it was a fruitless endeavour. Eventually Eva and aunt Karen came back and we had a lovely catch up and showed off our loot from our shopping trip. After aunt Karen left I spent the rest of the evening procrastinating on POF. If you don't know POF it's a dating website. I like to window shop there sometimes. After sorting out the pets, I headed to bed.

Monday was another chill day. I basically didn't do anything other than work on My Week In Words throughout the day, which you can read here, and be lazy online. I sorted out the pets before bed as usual and that was pretty much my Monday.

I had another chill day on Tuesday. I woke up to a text from my sister in London asking if I would be interested in tickets to see Mamma Mia! in Belfast, courtesy of her friend. Who can say no to a free musical?! I don't write about it enough but I LOVE musical theatre. After I got up, had breakfast and whatnot Eva and I finally started season three of Orange Is The New Black. I think we watched about five episodes, tucked up in bed. Great way to spend a day. Later in the evening I put together a little rockery for my snail tank using stones from outside and aquarium sealant. I was pretty proud of it.

I couldn't put it in right then as it took 48 hours to cure. After I finished that it was time to sort out the pets before bed. I decided to weigh Violet and Duro. I'm going to keep track of their weight and length once a month. I was going to do it weekly but there wasn't really any noticeable difference that way.

After sorting out the critters I headed to bed. I feel like my life revolves around them now. As it should be! 

I spent earlier on Wednesday mooching about online, until Dad came home. I had an optician's appointment for my contact lenses as I've been getting really bad headaches when I wear them. I had my glass' prescription updated a while back and figured that naturally that meant I would need new contacts too. I always forget to make the appointments at the same time. They told me to wear my contacts to the appointment and so I did. However, I totally didn't think and didn't bring my glasses along. Smart. I know. Half way through the appointment the optician took my contacts out and I worried for a second but then brushed them under the carpet, thinking it would be okay once I get my new contacts because she'll probably have me try them out anyway. I had no such luck. As she finished up my appointment she concluded that I didn't need a stronger prescription and sent me out with some eye drops. Blind. I don't wear glasses for reading, I wear them to see things far away. So everything around me was a blur. I'm sure other glasses wearers can imagine how disorientating that would be. After my appointment we had some shopping to pick up. I basically couldn't see anything so it was hella difficult. Though it didn't exactly stop me from spending money or getting a Burger King. I also picked up some collars for my cats as someone had left a black bird in our kitchen. We picked Eva up on the way home. After that I sorted out the pets before bed. Even gave Duro a little shower. He loves it.

Thursday was a big day. Eva and I headed into Belfast again to take a couple of things back to Urban Outfitters and also to pick up a few things we hadn't managed to pick up the week before. When we arrived in Belfast we were walking towards Victoria Square and were crossing a road when I heard a little girl say to her mum behind me, "That girls chair is really cool!" And then continued to talk about it but I couldn't make it out. I dunno, it just really made me smile. I'm used to kids just staring or even being a little scared of my chair. Though I do think in recent years children have been less weirded out by it. Anyway, that was a great start to our shopping trip. We started off in Cafe Nero, took our bras back to Urban Outfitters then headed to Primark again. We both bought even more clothes. After that we headed to Forbidden Planet and I bought another Funko. I bought Zoë from Firefly to go with Wash. I'm in love with her hair.

I had planned to do a full haul post on what I bought but the clothes disappeared into the black hole of my drawers and now I cannot even remotely remember what I bought that day, other than Zoë. Once we finished our shopping we once again hit Alley Cat for dinner before heading home. One we got home it was once again PET TIME. The highlight of that was adding the rockery to my snail tank.

As seen in the corner... sort of.

I woke up to pancakes and bacon on Friday. Which means Eva had a day off! My woodlice arrived, which you may or may not remembered I had impulse bought the Thursday before. At first I had regretted buying them but I was also excited. As a kid I used to collect them so I felt somewhat nostalgic when I opened the package and seen the little critters running around.

Once they arrived I set about making their tank. Using my trusty knitting needle and candle to make air holes and I followed a tutorial on what to put in, then tipped the woodlice and the substrate they were sent in into the tank. I misted it to make it nice and damp and then left them to settle in.

By the time I had the tank set up it was time to get ready for Mamma Mia! I had a shower and put my face on. Before we left Dad brought us in KFC and then we headed to get the train. Looking pretty fine, if I do say so myself.

We arrived a little early and decided rather than going straight in we would head to Rockies instead to get a drink first. We'd loved Rockies last time we'd gone, at the end of the hockey season and I was sad we hadn't been back since. You might remember I wrote about Rockies back then. I wrote about Jim Graves (the owner) and how nice he'd been and how he'd chatted to us when we were leaving, asking about my chair and what not. Well he recognised me and mentioned my blog and how he'd read about what I'd wrote about Rockies. He also introduced me to someone else who was working behind the bar and told them about my blog too.  I know I've said it before but I really forget people read this thing. I really need to remember that when I'm writing, especially when writing about people. I mean, I don't think I really write bad things about people, but sometimes the nice things can be just as embarrassing. If you know what I mean. They had a little bit of banter with us before they left us to our drinks. We finished up our drinks in Rockies and headed to where the show was. It was probably the rudest crowd I've encountered at the Oddyssey. On the whole I would say the crowds at the Giants' games are nice and friendly. I mean sometimes people push passed or don't know where they are going, but I've never encountered the level of rudeness I did at Mamma Mia! Middle aged women cutting in front of us in line, pushing passed us, almost knocking other peopled people off their feet etc. It was like every person for themselves. I guess because at the Giants there's a certain community feel and you see a lot of the same people week in and week out, people tend to treat each other a little better. That's my theory anyway. As for the show itself, I wrote a review of it on the Saturday after so if you haven't read that you can read it here. It sums up how the rest of the evening went.

I was shattered on Saturday and a tiny bit hungover. Dad was at golf, Eva was at work and mum went to Belfast for lunch. So I was by myself for part of the day. I relaxed and also worked on my Mamma Mia! review a little bit. Dad came home and we went to aunt Karen's house to see her, my uncle and my grand parents as usual. When we came home I finally added some woodlice to my snail tank. A total of seven, which I now realise was being a bit stingy.

Spot the woodlouse.

Dad headed out with Baby, my labrador, for a walk and Eva and I took the opportunity to make him part of his Father's Day present. He really wanted us to make him a lavender candle to have beside his bed.

Once we had that finished up I finished off my Mamma Mia! review and posted it up before I headed to bed.

Next instalment coming tomorrow. 

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