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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

My Week In Words | #27 2015

"The greatest gifts you can give your children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence."
Denis Waitley

Welcome to the final edition for my three week catch up of My Week In Words before it goes back to it's usual schedule. This post covers from Sunday 28th of June to Saturday 4th of July. I can't believe we're in July already! Over half way through the year. It's crazy. Anyway, enjoy!

My friend, Gary, was supposed to visit on Sunday to meet my pets and watch a movie. It's kind of hard to believe that we've been friends for couple (at least) years now, yet we've never met anywhere other than Caffè Nero a couple of times a year. He's never met any of my pets! But I digress, He'd had a big night out and ended up sleeping in and felt a bit worse for wear so we agreed we'd reschedule. It wasn't a complete waste of time that I'd gotten dressed and put my face on as Eva and I had left starter decks over in Argos and had to pick them up anyway. So we went on into town and got our starter decks, plus a couple of booster packs and also some shopping (yes, more sweets). We were pretty chuffed with our Pokémon haul, especially since it meant we could finally play a real life game.

The starter deck and the top row of boosters were a part of a bundle in Argos and I bought the boosters at the bottom in another store. When we got home we had something to eat and set about opening all our Pokémon cards and checking them out before we finally set up for our first game.

I was so excited to play. Despite having quite a collection of cards as a kid, I never actually knew how to play the game. I just traded. So here I was, around 15 years or more later, playing my first ever Pokémon card game. As far as I remember I won it too. We played a couple more games, during one of which Eva got a text from Jodie asking if she could come round and chill. She came a while later and we decided to watch a movie. She recommended The Purge: Anarchy. It was such a good pick. I loved it. I hadn't seen the first but it didn't matter at all. After the film we then watched a couple of episodes of Don't Tell The Bride before Jodie left and we went to bed.

On Monday we had a chill day in after being busy and out the few days before. It might not seem like much to most people but getting dressed and even being around people drains me a lot. I'm sure some of my spoonie or introvert friends understand. We watched Pokémon and My Little Pony while we eat breakfast. Later we played Pokémon until the evening when we had dinner and then I did an egg check in the snail tank. There were no eggs to report. After that I watered my cactuses and realised another had succumbed to rot. I have no idea what I'm doing wrong! When all the pets and plans were sorted I headed to bed.

Tuesday morning was spent watching more Pokémon and My Little Pony while we ate breakfast. Then Eva and I decided to have an impromptu trip into town to, you guessed it, buy more Pokémon cards. We wanted to get another starter deck each so we could put more of the cards we'd gotten in the boosters to use and make our own decks. I had already ordered us another deck each online but we were impatient. And they do say you can't have too much of a good thing... right? 

My haul from Tuesday.

I loved the box art on this deck. The rest of the evening we just relaxed, played Pokémon and ate our abundance of sweets. It was our last evening without our parents so we spent it like a young adult should. Like a big child with free run of the house.t

Breakfast on Wednesday was spent watching more Pokémon. Thank goodness for Netflix. I don't know where we'd be without it at breakfast. My speech and language therapist recommended I watch things while I eat to take my mind off swallowing and choking and I have to say it works since it's all in my head. But I digress, once we finished breakfast it was time to get to work getting the house ready for my parent's homecoming. Eva cleaned and tidied everywhere and I did my room. I really wish I could have helped her more but when I say I did my room, that amounts to me clearing my desk and my bedside table. The things I can reach. I then decided to do a little organisation and finally put my two calenders to use. I made my calender from Danielle at Underland To Wonderland my pet schedule and decided to use my Belfast Giants calender for everything else.

Once that was done we chilled until my parents got in around 7pm. We'd expected them sooner and we'd gotten a little worried after what had happened in Tunisia and such. We hadn't heard from them all day but it turned out my dad had in fact sent texts but they hadn't come through. When they got home it was present time!

Along with the presents above they got me a pair of fuchsia Converse baseball boots. The little house is a tea light holder. I love it. We looked through a bunch of my parent's holiday photos. It's safe to say they had an amazing time in a beautiful place. They also came back quite a few shades darker than when they left so we didn't need the photos to tell us they'd had good weather. It was nice seeing them with that holiday glow. It's been a long time since they've had it. Dad wanted to take my grand parents and aunt their presents and Eva and I decided to go with him. By the time we got back it was a little late. I quickly sorted the pets and then headed to bed. 

I know I'm saying it a lot but Thursday was another relaxing day. My dad was back to work, my mum was settling back in to being at home and Eva was off work. So we spent it together, as usual. Though she did break her relaxation to shower me. In the evening our parents went out and we took the opportunity to ask them to pick us up more Pokémon cards. We had meant boosters but when my mum rang and asked did we want the tins we jumped at the chance. I know, we have problems. In the tins you got four boosters, if I remember correctly. I didn't take the time to take a photo. When sorting the pets that evening I decided despite the size difference that I would add little Violet to the big tank. Eva wanted to add Pearl into her big tank and the temporary tank was getting a little small for them. Pearl has grown quite well but Violet is a bit smaller. I'm trying to make sure she gets plenty of calcium and her shell is looking better quality already. She seems to enjoy being in with the big boys and I've been keeping an eye to make sure they aren't rough with her. I also added a basil plant into their tank and removed the rockery as I noticed a bit of damage to Duro's shell that may have been caused by scratching up against the stones or falling.

I'm also having a lot of fun with these guys in the tank. They're not exactly doing their jobs yet but they keep things interesting. So far I've watched one shed it's skin, found a pregnant one and watched one (the biggest woodlouse at the top of the photo below) eat cuttlefish alongside Agron. I know a couple of them to see but others just look the same.

Friday was completely unremarkable. It was Eva's last day off work and we spent it like we spend most days, relaxing and chilling. I did however do a little bit of writing. It was weird finally blogging again after taking time off. It didn't come as easy as I had hoped it would. 

Saturday was a really great day. Eva was back to work, my dad was off to golf as usual and my mum got me up before she had to head out to an all day tea party she was throwing with her friend to raise funds for her Cancer Research run she's doing in September. There was two sittings, 1pm until 3pm and 3pm until 5pm. My dad, my aunt Karen and I were planning to go to the second sitting when my dad got in from golf. When my dad came home I got a shower and got ready. I'm really been feeling my oats lately. I feel like watching RuPaul's Drag Race and generally getting into drag culture has really boosted my confidence. So I decided to wear something that I would never have dreamed off before I started watching RPDR.

Being the teeny tiny person that I am the arm holes of the I'm A Muggle top were right down to my waste. It's probably the most revealing top I've worn in years as in my teens I got self conscious about certain things. Until recently I wouldn't even wear vests as I didn't like my arms and shoulders. So this was a big deal and the fact I felt good and wasn't even a little worried I looked bad felt great. However my dad and aunt aren't so happy with it. They kept asking if I was sure I didn't want to put a vest on under my vest. Make it less revealing. My dad was just being a dad and my aunt was just being a Christian. It was such a lovely day and the tea party was outside so it was great to keep me cool too. Anyway! When I got to the tea party I was greeted by this.

I thought the whole place setting was so cute. The little tea cup and saucer are actually ours. They were going to rent some for £100 or so and it would be an additional £15 for any broken, cracked or chipped items. My mum decided it would be cheaper and use the abundance of tea cups and crockery she has, whatever her friend had and whatever she could find in charity shops. It all gave a real vintage feel to the event. They had an amazing turn out and more arrived while we were there. The setting was just perfect as my mum's friends live looking out on to the sea. The'd put up a deck with a canopy for the tea party and the weather just topped everything off lovely. Here's some more photos.

A pastry friend of my mum's friends had donated beautiful little pastries. They were so tasty. I even had my first macaroon! My mum made the scones and some of the sandwiches too. Everything tasted great. We got plenty to eat all for £10 donation. My parent's friend (seen sitting at my table in the photos above) said she'd had afternoon tea in a hotel recently for £28 each and you didn't get any more than what is seen on the cake stand above. Since we went to the second sitting they were happy to give everyone as much as they wanted too to make sure nothing was wasted and nothing was. I don't know what I was expecting but it was an amazing day. I even said I wouldn't mind my mum planning something like that for my wedding if I'm ever so lucky. Afterwards my dad and I headed to my aunt Karen's to see my grand parents and uncle, as usual. My grand parents had sent £10 donation to my mum, but because of my granny's Alzheimer's they didn't come along. So I made sure we brought some of the party to them and my granny sure did enjoy the buns and such. I also brought some home for Eva too, who was also donating. When we finally got home I finished the blog post I started the day before and FINALLY posted again. Even though I hadn't enjoyed writing as much as I'd hoped it felt really good to post. Then I sorted the pets and headed to bed.

And that's me up to date with My Week In Words from when I took my little hiatus. My Week In Words will resume it's normal schedule from now on. 

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