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Sunday, 12 July 2015

My Week In Words | #28 2015

"It takes an endless amount of history to make even a little tradition."
Henry James

Welcome to this week's edition of My Week In Words. Finally back on track! It feels good. I hope everyone is enjoying their summer so far. I feel bad that I haven't had more summer fun yet. I was kind of lazy this week if I'm honest. Still, hopefully it's not too much of a boring read. This post covers from Monday 6th to Saturday 11th of July. Enjoy!

Sunday was a pretty standard Sunday. I woke up to my usual fry up and then worked on My Week In Words. It was the second instalment of my three week catch up. Eva was working, so naturally I was complaining about Eva working. The house always feels so boring and empty without her here. Though, admittedly, sometimes I'm a lot more productive when she's not here. Eva came home around 4pm and then my aunt Karen visited as usual. After her visit I finished off My Week In Words, which you can read here. I then sorted out the pets before heading to bed.

I was supposed to post another My Week In Word on Monday but I ended up procrastinating because I didn't keep a note of what I'd gotten up to and needed Eva's help to jog my memory. While Eva was at work I mooched about online and decided to start using my Tumblr again. Before I started my blog on Blogger I was addicted to that site. Anyway, I figured I'd freshen my Tumblr blog up a little and changed the theme and such. If you'd like to follow me on Tumblr please check it out here! As much as I'd blamed Eva being at work and needing her help for me not finishing My Week In Words, I continued to procrastinate when she got home too. I ended up not posting it on Monday and just relaxed. I sorted out the pets as usual before I went to bed.

On Tuesday I got up late and watched My Little Pony at breakfast with Eva. Tuesday was another lazy day. Eva and I sorted out our Pokémon decks and then played until Eva had to take Baby (my Labrador) to the vet for her vaccinations and annual check up. We found out she's doing well with her weight loss and is down to about 32kg from 35kg. She's got a couple of lumps they think are fatty lumps. She needs her teeth cleaned so they're going to do a needle biopsy of a lump under her front leg when she's getting that done. All in all the vet was happy with her. I worked more on My Week In Words but I didn't get it finished. I was supposed to clean out Rue too but I ended up going to Tesco with Eva and my parents so I didn't have time. At Tesco we bought more  Pokémon cards and we also got My Little Pony blind bags. A type we hadn't gotten before.

How cute are these little glitter ones?! I got Fluttershy and Ribbon Wishes. I was so jealous that Eva got the glittery Noteworthy. I want more boys. Oh well. After sorting the pets and some supper I went to bed.

I had my breakfast watching Supernatural on Wednesday. I'm still making my way through season one. I'm a little more into it now but I still don't feel like I'm so into it that I could binge watch it. At the moment I'm just watching one episode at a time while I'm eating or something. I mean, I'm enjoying it, it's just not binge worthy. After breakfast I did a little research for a trip to Amsterdam that hopefully isn't too far in the future. I wanted to check out travel insurance as for someone like me it can be expensive. The cheapest was £135 or so, which isn't so bad. It went right up to £800 though. I find it all a bit overwhelming. We're hoping to go to a travel agents soon and speak to them about the trip. I think for our first trip that would be the smart thing to do. Later on I worked on My Week In Words and finally got the third instalment of my three week catch up posted. If you missed it please check it out here. I also got around to finally replying to blog comments. I apologise I'm not more prompt with it. I'll try to be in the future because I really do appreciate them and the fact people take time to comment makes me really happy. I love conversing with my readers. Later in the evening I carried out a snail egg check. I found the tank like this, with Duro and Violet down one end and Agron down the other. It's pretty typical of how I find it these days. Before I put Violet in this tank Duro was all over Agron but it was obvious the feelings weren't reciprocated. It seems as though since I put Violet in, Duro has taken the hint and has moved on to Violet instead. She doesn't seem to mind though.

As happy as I am for Violet and Duro, I feel a little bad that Agron is third wheeling. He doesn't seem to mind though. I mean, I'm happy living the single life. Why shouldn't Agron? As you can see there is quite a size difference between Violet and Duro and she's only three months old. So I think she's a little young to be sexually mature yet. Anyway, there were no eggs to report this time. I also removed their basil plant. They thoroughly enjoyed it but they call GALS bulldozers for a reason. After feeding the snails, Rue and some supper for myself I headed to bed.

It was my dad's factory's 50th anniversary for making masking tape so he had a day off on Thursday. Naturally that meant I woke up to a fry up. After breakfast I ordered tickets for the NCAA ice hockey weekend in November. Basically four US collage teams are coming to play. 12k of the tickets are being given away to youth clubs and alike. On Thursday they had a presale for season ticket holders to have first pick, with regular sale starting on Friday. I'm really looking forward to it. It should be an interesting weekend. I then started working on a blog post. It felt good writing something different after posting three instalments of My Week In Words. I didn't plan on posting it on Thursday as I wanted to spread my posts out a little so I was in no rush to finish it.

Later on I cleaned out Rue. It had been a month since I'd cleaned her out and I decided to change up her set up a little bit as I'd kept it the same last time. I added a new ledge, added the long bridge again and put her original hoard back in. She seemed happy to see it. Though she wasn't so happy with the fact the inside or the doorway of her nest had collapsed a bit so she couldn't get in at first. She kept looking at me as if to say, "So.. what am I supposed to do now?"  She was forced to empty cheeks full of tissue into a hoard rather than her bed.

I then fed the snails and by then my parents were back from a trip to Tesco with more My Little Pony blind bags and Pokémon cards. This time I got glittery Rarity and Princess Twilight Sparkle. I didn't get a photograph of them and my room is a bit of a tip right now. So you'll just have to imagine how adorable they are! 

On Friday I watched Criminal Minds with Eva while we ate breakfast. After that I had a shower and then let Eva do my make up for a blog post she was writing. She didn't actually end up using me in her blog post though. So this is the look she did on me. Once we were finished having some make up fun, I finished off and post my latest Pets 'n' Stuff blog post, Rue Recommends. If you haven't checked that out yet you can find it here. It's a good post for hamster owners or prospective hamster owners. Eva and I ordered Indian for dinner and watched Criminal Minds while we ate. Before bed I fed the GALS and I also measured them. It's been a month since I measured Violet and Duro. I only have an approximate size of Agron from what the seller gave me. Violet has grown approximately 1.5cm in a month but Duro's only grown 0.5cm. I'm not sure if I just failed at measuring him though because to me he seems so much bigger. On the 23rd of June the seller told me Agron was approximately 6cm and he's now 9cm. They do all have different growth rates. It's just that Duro seems so much bigger but then again I would say he's about the same size as Agron was when he arrived. Anyway! Looking forward to measuring them next month.

I had a pretty standard Saturday. I woke up to a fry up and worked on some My Week In Words notes before getting ready to go to my aunt Karen's house to see Granny and Granda. On the way there we stopped off to pick up some cuttlefish. Our local Pets At Home we usually shop at doesn't carry it. I usually buy it online but my GALS are getting through it pretty fast. We stopped off at Jollyes and found they have a big bin of it. It was 99p for three large pieces. It'll take them quite a while to get through it but I know where I'm going to get more when they do! We had a fun time as usual at my aunt Karen's. Granny was in a good mood. She's been a lot better since she came off her Alzheimer's medication.
On the way home we drove around to see the bonfires. For those of you that aren't from Northern Ireland, the 11th of July is our bonfire night. We call it the Eleventh Night. I haven't actually been to a bonfire properly since I was a kid and my mum tripped over a piece of wood while pushing my chair, ending up with my chair tipped on it's side with me in it. However, over the last few years we've driven round them to check them out. Dad wanted to have a drink earlier this year so we weren't able to drive around them while they were lit (at almost midnight) so we checked them out before they were lit. I swear they get taller and taller every year and more professional looking. Here's a few I photographed.

Not long after we got home Eva went out and I worked a little more on this week's My Week In Words. When Dad came home and could help me move the snail tank I did an egg check. Once again there were no eggs to report. I added a big piece of the cuttlefish I got and the baes took to it right away.

Later, when the bonfires were in full swing, the sky was lit up orange over the tops of the houses and you could hear the partying. I was thoroughly jealous. I wished I was there. Though I'm also a little bit chicken. Although plenty of people take their children there is a lot of drinking involved. Still, maybe some day.

After playing some Pokémon while I ate supper I then headed to bed and that concludes My Week In Words.

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