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Monday, 17 August 2015

My Week In Words | #33 2015

"Life is about family and technology."
Mark Goddard

Welcome to this week's My Week In Words. Another family filled week of saying goodbye to a couple and meeting a new member for the first time. This post covers from Sunday 9th to Saturday 15th of August. Enjoy! 

We woke up to our usual Sunday fry up and ate before heading to my grandparent's house early so Jann could say goodbye. It was hard to believe it was time for her to leave already. It felt as though she'd only just arrived. She won't be back until Christmas so we took the opportunity to take some photos of her with our grandparents as you never know the minute.

We weren't long home from Granny's before Jann had to leave for the airport. I opted out of going so Eva could go with her and sit in the front. My car has three seats in the front and two in the back if you count my wheelchair. So I stayed at home with my mum. I wasn't feeling too well anyway. I spent the rest of the day and evening hiding in my bedroom. Withdrawal from my antidepressants hit me really hard and I'm not used to irrational anger and feeling like I want to rip someone's head off. It was a horrible feeling. I've never even had that special time of the month. Sadness and paranoia I can deal with but anger is a whole other kettle of fish. To cheer myself up I gave in and purchased the duck egg blue, pocket Filofax I'd been eyeing up for a long time. That lifted my spirits a good bit.

I started Monday watching Heartland while I ate breakfast. My mum had breakfast ready for me waking up and she'd made me bacon and tinned tomatoes so needless to say it wasn't a meat free Monday. I worked on My Week In Words before I got distracted looking up some Filofax videos on YouTube. They're more addictive than you would think. They led me to place another order with Blippo for some kawaii stationery. Yeah... I may have a problem for impulse buys. I also bought a preloved Disney animator doll from someone I follow on Instagram. Eva and I had wanted to get our hands on one each after watching The Hollycopter's video about hers. I already have some but they are still boxed. I would feel bad buying a new one to unbox and play with while my other's remain in their boxes. I know, I'm weird. So getting a preloved one felt like the right way to go. Tina sold me two for £25 + £5 postage. Originally she'd offered four for £50 but we'd only planned on one each and I've been spending a lot lately. I got Aurora and Eva got Pocahontas. I also decided to start using my neglected Pinterest again. It has so many great Filofax and organisation tips and ideas, as well as being a great place to keep ideas for Aurora's outfits and to pin things I like from Etsy. If you'd like to check out or follow me on Pinterest you can find me here.

I eventually got My Week In Words posted up and you can check that out here if you missed it. Then headed to bed.

I had a successful meat free day on Tuesday. I seem to be having better luck with Tuesdays. I watched Heartland while I ate breakfast then worked on my post for Wednesday. I enjoyed writing it as it was about one thing I'm most passionate about. Toys! I had to clear my desk and take photos, which I think turned out well. I decided to shower Violet, Agron and Duro earlier than I usually do. I usually end up leaving it really late and I'm shattered. I'm glad I did decide to do it early as I noticed, what I assume to be, nematodes in the tank. They're tiny clear worms. I'd found them before but there was an abundance this time. Mostly in the snail poop. From my research I gather most are harmless, I still didn't want them in the tank. Over the last couple of weeks my woodlice tank had also become over run with little white bugs. There numbers had been growing at a vast rate and while I hadn't seen any in the snail tank (leading me to believe they may have come from the substrate included with the woodlice) and from what I gathered they were also harmless, I decided I didn't want to take any chances. So I made the difficult decision to say goodbye to my woodlice. I had a deep clean of the snail tank to make sure I got rid of all the nematodes and put the soil from the snail tank and woodlice tank in the garden so all the woodlice would just be set free. As well as the nematodes and little white bugs I guess. Later on I went to my aunt Karen's house to say goodbye to my aunt Eileen, who was leaving to head back to Australia. When I got home I did a bit of work on my toy post before  headed to bed.

I woke up early on Wednesday as my aunt Karen was coming for breakfast. My aunt Eileen had been staying with her and she was a bit upset after saying goodbye. Eva told her she would make her pancakes and bacon to cheer her up. We also planned to go see Inside Out at the cinema later that day. After breakfast she headed home to shower and check on my grandparents and such. I decided to head back to bed as since coming off my antidepressants I've been feeling super lethargic. I napped until it was almost time to go to the cinema so when I got up I had to set about getting ready.

Feeling my oats with this lip stain Jann gave me.

I was so excited to see Inside Out. I'd heard such great things but I was prepared for it to be a tear jerker. My unstable emotional state didn't help. Well, I was not disappointed. I LOVED it. It has such an amazing cast. I mean, seriously, Amy Poehler and Mindy Kaling are always a win. Though, my favourite character had to be Sadness. So naturally I can't wait to get ALL the Sadness toys in the not to distant future. I also really loved Riley and I hope I can get a Riley doll. All in all I think it was just a really clever movie and I came away wondering what islands I would have and a visual representation of my warring emotions right now. On Wednesday I posted the first in my new Toys 'n' Stuff series, which you can read here if you missed it. I'm really looking forward to future posts of this series. The new boots I'd ordered from Monki also arrived and I am in love. I can't believe they were such a bargain at £12.99

Later in the evening I sorted out my pets before heading to bed.

Thursday started off with a shower chair trial. I had been measured up for one before but my Occupational Therapist's boss wanted me to try one they have on contract as it was cheaper than the made to order one I was supposed to get. As usual the one size fits all model wasn't suitable for me. So the whole thing was a waste of everybody's time and to make matters worse my mum kept my OT talking for what felt like forever. I hadn't had breakfast so it may have felt longer than it actually was. I eventually got breakfast and after eating I was hit with a big dose of the fatigue I've been having since I stopped taking my antidepressants. I also felt a little breathless so I ended up sitting with my BiPAP on while I worked on some prototypes for an Arts 'n' Crafts post I had planned for Friday.

Around tea time my dad took Findlay to the vet for his annual boosters and check up. I decided not to go as my dad prefers just nipping round to the vets by himself rather than having to get me sorted to go. The vet said Findlay was healthy but 'well underweight'. I wished I had been there so I could assure them he eats plenty but at least they had on record that he's routinely wormed. They gathered he must just be a very active cat. I don't know what's up with my cats. They both eat a lot but are both underweight but healthy. Effy's even had blood tests to make sure there's nothing wrong. Weird. Later on my dad took me to pick Eva up from work and we headed to Bloomfield to do some shopping.
I wasn't feeling great, nor was I in a great mood, which seems to be a common thing these days. I did some research and found that antidepressant withdrawal symptoms can last from one to four weeks usually, so I'm hoping since I was on such a low dosage it will be towards the lesser end of the spectrum. My bad mood just got worse when none of the stores had what I was looking for. I ended up just buying hamster substrate. I didn't even feel like buying toys! That's how you know I wasn't in my right frame of mind. I did, however, get a Subway for dinner which made the whole trip worthwhile. Eva and I always share a foot long and we decided to go for something other than our usual. We got the chicken and bacon melt and it was SO good. I think that might be our new usual for a while. A package had arrived earlier in the day but I wanted to wait for Eva to get home to open it as I was pretty sure it was our dolls. We opened it when we got home and sure enough it was! I've decided to hold off posting photos of Aurora until the next Toys 'n' Stuff post. So look out for that. I was pretty drained but I still managed to sort the cuties before bed. I can't get over how big Violet is getting!

My new Filofax arrived on Friday morning. I literally can't even with it. It's so adorable and pretty. The only problem is I think it's too adorable and pretty. The fact it's patent and such a light colour means it's so easily marked and I'm really quite anxious about it. It's the same reason I don't get much use out of my blue Cambridge Satchel. I've decided to crochet myself a little cover for it so it will be protected. Hopefully that will work and keep it safe. I want to be practical taking it places with me etc but I also want to keep it pretty. After eating breakfast while watching Heartland I set about working on my Arts 'n' Crafts post. I'd planned to post it on Friday but my cousin came to visit with her childre, including her 8 day old new son! I hadn't seen Tasha in quite a while so it felt like she was pregnant for five minutes! Little Luca was just tiny and adorable. He was a bit of a surprise with his abundance of jet black hair as Tasha's older two, Sol and Maxi, were white blonde. He also looks a tiny bit Chinese! I really hope he keeps his dark hair.

He's so tiny and perfect but he looks super big compared to miniature me. Which settles it, there's no way I can fit a baby inside my teeny excuse for a body! As much as I enjoyed holding Luca and meeting him for the first time I really enjoyed catching up with Sol and Maxi. We minded them both when they were babies. I can't believe they're 8 and 5 now. Sol just recently started a YouTube channel. He asked me to do a video with him next time he visits. Not sure my ego can handle being out shone by an 8 year old. Fatigue hit me again and I retreated to my laptop but Sol followed me and we chatted about our favourite emojis and such. Maxi turned up a little while later. I took photos of them for my Snapchat with their favourite emojis.

Eh, what can I say? Typical boys. Tasha was here for hours and I was slightly surprised how well the boys behaved the whole time. Though I suspect it might not have been the case had they not had their iPads. Gotta love technology, right? By the time they left it was pretty late and I was tired, so I decided to postpone Friday's Arts 'n' Crafts post and have an early night. 

My hair dye and bleach arrived on Saturday. Yes, I've decided to bleach all my hair and go fully this teal colour. I'm excited and nervous. It's going to be a while yet though as I have to wait until I can get as much of the existing teal out of it as possible. So watch this space. I got my Arts 'n' Crafts post up early on Saturday and if you missed it you can read it here. I then set about sorting out my new Filofax. I had another bad case of lethargy and ended up on my BiPAP again. I wasn't going to go see my grandparents as I thought I might be best resting but decided at the last minute that it might help me shake it off. I'm glad I went. Granny really improved my mood with her singing! She even made up her own songs this time. On the way home we picked Eva up from work. When I got home my mum had gotten me a ball of yarn so I started the cover for my Filofax. I spent the evening crocheting while I watched How To Train A Dragon 2 with Eva. I somehow managed to do an egg check after and then chilled, crocheting, until bed.

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