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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

My Pet Peeves #1

"I don't have pet peeves; I have whole kennels of irritation."
Whoopi Goldberg

Pet peeves are something everybody has. Whether we like to admit it or not, there is always something that gets under our skin. Getting annoyed isn't a bad thing. It's human even. I would say I'm a happy and positive person but that doesn't mean when I see people do certain things I don't shake my head or give an eye roll. Sometimes I even get down right mad! So for this week's Midweek Misc post I decided to share five of my own pet peeves. Enjoy!

1. "My pet peeve is people with a lot of pet peeves."
I used to be part of a fun little forum and they had a thread for people to share their pet peeves and after I'd shared a couple (okay.. like five?) a stranger posted this. I was like...

Ain't nothing wrong with having pet peeves. It doesn't mean you're a grumpy person or that you can't be civil even when one of them crops up. So don't let people make you feel bad for getting annoyed or needing to vent.

2. People who can't take advice and critique and those that can't give it.

Being an animal lover/pet owner and also a blogger, this is something I see a lot. I know myself that I have had trouble taking criticism in the past but as I got older I began to realise I wasn't hurt by advice and critique, I was hurt by the way in which it was given. At times it feels like some people are trying to hurt your feelings but feel like they're entitled to because they're giving you a 'critique'. With pets it feels like they think they're entitled to be as blunt and sometimes mean about their advice because it's 'for the good of the animal'. On the flip side of this I've seen perfectly nice, tactful people try and give someone help and advice and the receiver has all but bitten their head off. I believe as a blogger you have to be open to criticism or even just a clash of opinions. And that's all critique is too, someone's opinion. Something to weigh up and decide whether you agree or not. Also as a pet owner you have to be open to advice so you can learn and be sure you have the very best for your furry baby. Something to think about next time you're giving or taking advice or critique!

3. "I don't like it therefore it's bad."

As a teen I was very anti-everything. Smoking, drinking, drugs, casual sex... basically all the fun things, am I right? I believe it was being brought up so close to Christian relatives. It wasn't until I hit around twenty that I stopped caring about the things other people did and opened my mind. I realised everyone has choice and everyone should be able to lead their lives the way they want to so long as they're not intentionally hurting or forcing others into it. I decided I would stop judging people by my own tastes and what I like. You want to go out partying, drink and take drugs until you're off your face and can't remember your name? Whatever floats your dingy! You want to have sex until you've whittled your bed post down to a tooth pick? Have fun! You want to pretend you're a baby at the weekend? Can I share your toys...? Just because I or anybody else doesn't like something doesn't mean it's bad. That goes for sport, music, fashion style and bedroom habits etc. So basically, my pet peeve is close minded people that make others feel shit because they don't reach their standards of what is good and okay.

4. The look people give you when you say you have 'blog work' to do.

I'm sure my fellow bloggers are probably familiar with this? My blog has been the one thing I've been most consistently committed to out of my hobbies. I love my blog and I'm passionate about it. I may not be as organised as others and I may procrastinate a lot but it's still very important to me. So it really gets under my skin when people don't try to understand that or when they act as if it isn't really 'work'. Because it's a lot of work and effort! At least, it is for me because I want to continue to grow and get better. I want to be a serious blogger, one that is taken seriously. Sometimes it feels like if you can't say you get money or free stuff from it people think it can't be serious or important. So when I get asked to do something and I reply with 'I have blog work to do' I end up getting a face something like this. 

5. People who openly say they don't like a certain animal or breed even though they're aware you own it.

I've had this a lot over the years with my mice and rats and now my Chihuahua and snails. If I had a pound for every time someone said that Edwin wasn't a 'real dog' I'd be able to buy myself... well I don't know, but something! I even had someone at a till in the Spar have a conversation with the person in front of me in the queue about how much they dislike Chihuahuas while Eva and I held Berty and Edwin. How rude is that? To me it's the same as if I were to pick fault in someone's appearance or child right in front of them. My pets are personal to me and I love them. They're my babies. It's fine to think they're just not for you, that'd you'd never own them or to be afraid but to out right say you find them gross to their owner, well there's just no need.

This isn't relevant, I just love this GIF

There you have it! Five of my pet peeves. Do you agree with any of them? Tell me some of yours in the comments! 


  1. I also hate when people don't think that blogging is hard work. A lot of people think that work has to equal money, so if you aren't making any money you aren't working. I think that's a load of BS, but other people ...well, that's just what they think. which is sad (and frustrating!) . :(

    Jessica | Pyreflies.org

    1. It's so frustrating. To me it's no difference to the work I put into looking after my pets. My blog is my nonbreathing baby. Lol. xo

  2. I can't believe that someone criticised Chihuahuas right in front of you and your babies - that's so disrespectful and down right rude! I don't understand people who seem to think they need to share every single opinion: as Thumper said, if you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all!

    I think bad manners is definitely one of my top pet peeves - I can't stand people who are rude to sales assistants or other customer advisors, or, for example, you go out of your way to do something helpful for a stranger and they don't even say thank you! Good manners don't cost a thing.


    1. I know! I wish I was someone that could have said something but I just attempted a dirty look but I'm not sure I pulled it off. Haha. I'm not good at confrontation. Exactly! That's one of my favourite quotes. :)

      Ah yes. That is one of mine too. I kind of wonder what kind of person you have to be to not have any manners. Like, what happened to make you that way. It's not like they're an effort. To me they're just second nature. :/ xo

  3. First of all, all of these GIFs are perfection! I definitely agree with the animal one, and people saying/mentioning things in front of you when they know you love it/have it/like it, and it always seems like it's done to deliberately get a rise, so I always just ignore it and try to change the conversation. The one about people not liking something so therefore it being bad is something I've always encountered too, especially with music and films - it's so annoying, especially as if I like it, and someone else doesn't, why does it matter so much to them? People are strange indeed Sara! Loved this post and all of the GIFs - brilliant! - Tasha

    1. Haha. Thank you! I'm the same. The store was a bit of an odd situation as it was like they were ignoring us. If someone says it to me or in a convo I'm included in I just say each to their own. I do understand everyone has different likes but there's still no need to be rude. I guess that one ties in with the one about people thinking something is bad if they don't like it. You do see it all the time with music and films. It's so frustrating. Why can't everyone be lovely like us, huh? :P Anyway, glad you enjoyed it!


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