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Monday, 3 August 2015

My Week In Words | #31 2015

"Never, ever underestimate the importance of having fun."
Randy Pausch

Welcome to My Week In Words! I had a great week but spent too much as usual! Oh well, you can't take it with you... right? This post covers from Sunday 26th of July to Saturday 1st of August. Enjoy!

I woke up to my usual Ulster fry up on Sunday and watched Sunday Brunch with my dad while I ate. I have a love/hate relationship with Sunday Brunch. The hosts really piss me off. Particularly... Tim? I think that's what his name is anyway. He just infuriates me but I digress. I chilled and worked on last week's My Week In Words. I tried, unsuccessfully, to persuade my dad to take me to IKEA to get new display shelves as I don't like the one I have right now. It's bright yellow and a bit too garish to display things nicely, as well as take photographs of them. I'm hoping to get a nice pastel or white set to display my toys on instead. It wasn't so bad that he wouldn't take me as the Sainsbury's Anniversary Games were on and we all know how much I love my sport. I also realised it was probably best I leave it until I've saved up a little. My bank account hasn't been too healthy lately and I knew it was going to be a big week with a couple of outings. Later in the evening I ordered some treats for myself from Tofu Cute and then sorted the snails before bed. While in bed I made another purchase, this time an impulse by of some blue Directions hair dye. Gotta love the ability to shop online from your phone, eh? 

I got up rather late on Monday. And right off the bat I failed my Meatless Monday. I've decided I want to eat less meat and hopefully almost remove it from my diet completely. However, I found it's going to be more difficult than I thought. I ate sausages without even realising! My mum made Eva and I breakfast and it wasn't until after chowing down we realised what we'd done! We'd had our first Meatless Monday fail. While we were eating we watched an episode of Criminal Minds, when Effy came in and we realised she had another lump on her face. You might remember in my last My Week In Words she had been to the vet to have an abscess lanced. The whole side of her face had swollen up but this time it looked more like a bump to the head but squidgy. I phoned the vet and the said to bring her straight round. So with my breakfast half eaten and my first cuppa of the day barely sipped, we made our way to the vet with Effy. The vet was a little bit confused as to what caused it as there's no obvious fight wounds but either way it needed lanced again. So for the second time in a couple of weeks I had to leave my precious princess at the vets. Thankfully it was just until later that evening and not overnight. When I got home I had a quick shower and it wasn't long until Effy was ready to be picked up again. You may recall I wrote last week about cancelling my pet insurance and this whole thing was a little bit of a kick in the teeth but I knew that was the risk I was taking and thankfully I was quite able to pay by myself. When we got Effy home she seemed a lot more zonked out than the time before. She set at her food bowl for ages just staring at it. The poor little lady.

Rather than give her an antibiotic shot, like they did last time, they gave her a proper course of antibiotics so I'm hoping they will do a better job and this won't be an issue again. I belatedly got My Week In Words finished and posted up. If you missed it you can check it out here. 

I woke up to Eva on Tuesday. She was supposed to go to work but she'd had a doctor's appointment before hand and if you follow me on Twitter you may remember my rant about her experience. The short story is... the doctor had no compassion or understanding about her mental health. He didn't offer her any long term options or support and only put more pressure on her where work is concerned. He suggested she take a self serve sick line and that if she didn't feel better in a week that he could perhaps up her dose of antidepressants. At this point she's considering changing practices as all the doctors at our local surgery are pretty rubbish. When I got up we watched Criminal Minds and chilled. Later I worked on my post for Wednesday and took some photos for it. I also finally updated my pet page on my blog. If you haven't checked it out please do! You can find it here. In the evening I watched some videos on YouTube with Eva about toys and squishies. We'd been good all day but once again we had another meatless day fail when Dad put ham in my supper!

My Tofu Cute haul arrived on Wednesday. I was so excited to try and write about all my goodies. I tried each of the yummies and took photos for the inevitable haul post that I'd post later in the week. I definitely think Japanese sweets have some of the most adorable packaging! Uh.. from my vast experience of sweets from the UK, Northern Ireland, US and Japan. Anyway, the rest of Wednesday was a bit of a chill day. I knew the next few days would be busy so I didn't want to do much. I had a bit of a tinker with my Twitter. Unfollowing some people and making lists of those I follow. I want to make it easier to keep up with people so I can interact more! Especially with my readers and other bloggers. I also posted my Midweek Misc post, My Anxiety Tells. It was the first in my new mental health series and I really enjoyed writing it. If you missed it you can check it out here. In the evening I sorted out my pets before heading to bed.

Thursday was a hella busy day as I visited Steamvale Open Farm with Eva and my aunts, Karen and Eileen. We had such an awesome day, so much so that I plan to write a review dedicated to it. If you live in Northern Ireland or are just visiting, I cannot recommend it enough. You'll see why on Wednesday when I post the review with an abundance of photos! In the mean time we'll skip to after the farm. We headed to Bloomfield as my aunts wanted to pick some things up and Eva and I wanted to take the opportunity to do the usual, buy toys! We headed to Smyths Toy Store first and found out they now have the My Little Pony Funkos! Eva finally got her hands on Fluttershy and I was bummed out that they didn't seem to have Pinkie Pie. I almost got Derpy but then I spotted one lone Pinke Pie and snapped her up! We then headed to Claire's, where I picked up a cool new iPhone cover as I'd seen some cool ones on Instagram recently and being incredibly impressionable I wanted a cool one too! I've decided to start a bit of a collection. Finally we hit Tesco and bought an abundance of blind bags. As usual. I took a photo of my haul when we got home.

I've decided to start a toy series so I'm not filling My Week In Words with toy photos all the time, so you'll have to wait for that to see what I got and more photos of adorable Pinkie Pie. I was very tired by the end of the day and so was Eva, but she still agreed to die my hair. I was a little impatient because I wanted to know how it would turn out! I've been pretty let down by Directions in the past. No fault of theirs though. So Eva dyed my hair at almost 10pm at night! I wasn't sure what colour I expected. The colour I bought was Lagoon Blue but I knew the probability of it turning out that colour was slim and that there would be more of a green hue to it as my hair is not white. I only dyed the bottom of my hair, where it used to be bright blonde. Anyway, I was not disappointed. It turned out a shade of teal that the photo to the right does no justice and I was happy with the result! I plan to keep it this colour for the foreseeable future... well, until Eva gets annoyed having to dye it for me to keep the colour up. 

On Friday I posted my Tofu Cute haul/review. If you missed it you can check it out here. Eva and I nipped into town to pick up something that was being held at the post office for me. It took me a while to work out what it might be but I soon realised it was none other than my Selp Helf Book by Miranda Sings! I'd preordered it so long ago that I almost forgot it was coming. I cannot wait to read it and review it for you guys! I took a quick peek and I can tell it's going to be hilarious.

Once we picked up the package from the post office we headed into town to pick up some other things we needed. I got another brand of dye, a beauty blender and make up brush, nail varnish that I'll probably review at some stage and a bunch of blind bags and Pokémon cards. While we were in town we went into War On Want, a charity shop, and found some of my old toys that we'd donated recently. It was weird seeing them for sale. When we got home we decided to record ourselves opening the blind bags we got as we've been watching a lot of toy videos on YouTube recently and wanted to try our hands. We didn't plan on uploading this video but it turned out better than expected so right now I'm editing it! The quality isn't great but there's a lot of banter. So hopefully some will enjoy it. Since some of you might like to watch the video I'm not going to show you what I got!

I started editing the vid after we recorded it. It's pretty long so I may have to make it two parts. I didn't get it finished as I had to get stuff ready for the morning. I also wanted Eva to dye my hair again so my hair would still be vibrant for our big day at Belfast Pride. Which was totally worth it considering how many compliments I got! Another thing that happened on Friday was that I spoke to my care manager, Kevin. I basically told him I want to postpone my care package until I'm closer to moving out. I just feel it would keep the piece in the house. My anxiety and Eva's depression is bad enough right now without adding any potential tension in the house.

Saturday was such an awesome day that I decided to give it a whole post of it's own! If you frequent my blog very often then you may have already read it. If you haven't, you can read how my first ever Belfast Pride went here! I can't thank Eva enough for taking me and I can't wait for next year.

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