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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Toys 'n' Stuff | Misc Haul #1

"To this day, I have the most fond memories of some of my old toys."
Michael Keaton

Welcome to the first edition of my new Toys 'n' Stuff series. If you follow my blog you'll know I'm an avid toy collector. I buy new toys basically every week. Usually I would post photos of my hauls in My Week In Words but after some thought I decided to start this series so I could go a little more in depth into my passion and share more photos and such. I'm always wary about posting too many in My Week In Words as those posts are always super long at the best of times. So here we are. 

Today's post is about the toys I got during my day out in Portrush, which I wrote about in this week's My Week In Words. I bought more than I'd planned and I figured that was a great excuse to write this very post. When I got home from Portrush I was excited to open my new toys but I was too tired to take decent photos of their packaging. In the future I'll have better photos but for now excuse the quality of some of the photos included in this post. 

First we have this Disney Princess blind bag and a surprise egg from a machine. I hadn't seen these blind bags before in local stores. I opened both of these at the caravan, hence the quick photo of them together. 

In the ball I got a super cute little necklace. I think I might remove the Frozen pendent and wear the beaded part. I can totally grunge it up, right?

As for the Disney Princess blind bag, I'd been hoping to get Rapunzel. She's my favourite out of the ones you can get. However, I ended up getting Belle. As did Eva. They come in pieces, as seen below. Which I guess means they're interchangeable. I wish I had gotten two so I could have some fun with that.

They are great quality and once assembled the stay together well. I particularly liked the hair. Here she is fully assembled.

She comes with a little sheet so you can tick off which ones you have and it also has a little diagram to show how you put them together. And lastly you get a little sheet to colour in. I thought that might mean she's a pencil topper but then I realised there's nowhere for the pencil to go.

Next we have another blind pod toy. I'm not completely sure how much I like Fash'ems. If they'd had My Little Pony blind bags or something else more interesting, I probably would have opted for that instead. I mean, Fash'ems are cute and all but their texture just makes them a magnet for fluff and living in a house with as many animals as I do makes that a problem. I had gotten two Fash'ems in the past. Fluttershy and Olaf, however Fluttershy is Eva's favourite pony and she'd gotten Kristoff, who happens to be one of my favourite Disney males. So we swapped Olaf for Kristoff and my Fluttershy for Eva's Princess Twilight. Well, this time I got Olaf again and Eva got Sven. Despite it being a duplicate, Eva was gracious and swapped me Olaf again! I LOVE Sven.

Our new Sven and Olaf are significantly more squishy and soft than my Kristoff and Princess Twilight. Apparently it can just depend on the lot, but you'd think they were a different toy almost. 

Next we have a Shopkin's blind basket. I have to say, I'm still not very keen on season 3 so far. I just don't find what I've had so far is cute as previous seasons. Some I just don't find cute at all and others I feel like could be cute if executed slightly different. Is anyone else feeling like that? 

I didn't actually get a Littlest Pet Shop blind bag but Eva ended up with a duplicate so she gave it to me. It's a super cute little armadillo. I LOVE armadillos and when she got this one a few weeks back I hoped I'd have my own some day. I'm glad it was sooner rather than later. 

This Adventure Time Lumpy Space Princess figure was a little more than I probably wanted to pay for it, but I have wanted something Lumpy Space Princess related in my bed room for a long time so I couldn't resist! It was £9.99. 

I seriously love this and I cannot wait until I have somewhere to display her. I do wish she could hold her bindle better. It's too heavy and it's a little hard to display. I love the little can full of beans and her face is everything!

The next item is definitely the bargain of the whole post. This little Hello Kitty set was marked down from £5.99 to a tiny £1.99! Less than what the Shopkins cost! If that isn't a bargain then I don't know what is. I almost missed out on getting this because Eva didn't realise I wanted it. She got a different one and luckily she mentioned the fact she hadn't got me one and we were able to right that horrible wrong! I recently started to love Hello Kitty even more and I've been looking out for Hello Kitty related things, so I'd have been really quite bummed out if I'd missed out on this adorable little set.

I just think this is all round one of the cutest things! I also love that you assemble it. You got a leaflet with it that shows all the different sets you can get. I would love to get more of this collection but I haven't seen it in local stores either. Perhaps I can get it online.

Lastly, from Portrush, I got two new Tsum Tsums to add to my little collection! I was well chuffed they had these as, again, none of my local toy stores have them and I don't get to the Disney Store in Belfast very often. Sadly there was no Kristoff. It was hard to choose who to get but in the end I bought Lady and Stitch. 

They are just too adorable! I don't know how anybody cannot like Tsum Tsums. They're so affordable too. I can't wait to build my collection more. I just wish they had a Tramp to go with Lady. It seems wrong that they don't. Also, a question for my fellow Tsum Tsum collectors. Tags on or tags off?

I decided to add something extra into this post that I didn't get from Portrush. Last week or the week before, time escapes me sometimes, Eva got me my first squishy! Well.... technically the wrist rest from Tofu Cute was my first Squishy but it's more like stress ball material and to me that isn't a proper squishy. Anyway, it isn't a licensed one but as I'm not a proper collector that doesn't really bother me. All I care about is how cute and squishy it is and this one ticks both of those boxes.

I love it and I really can't wait to collect more. I can't fully do the squishyness of this one justice as my weakness means it doesn't look as easily squished as it actually is but is super soft and squishy. 

So there you have it. The first of my new Toys 'n' Stuff series. I can tell already how much I'm going to enjoy writing this series. I have a bunch of packages I'm waiting for right now so something to look forward to in future posts.

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