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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Blippo Kawaii Haul!

"Kawaii /kəˈwʌɪ/: the quality of being cute, or items that are cute."

Gosh, this haul has been in the works for a while. It feels like forever ago now that I made my first order with Blippo and followed it up with a second order a couple of days later. I had already subscribed to the Kawaii Box for the first time but I was a little impatient and wanted something to tide me over. Which turned out being a little pointless as it took the orders as long to arrive as the Kawaii Box. Still, I pretty much loved everything I got anyway. So there were no regrets. Now on with the haul!

Squishy Neko Ribbon Doughnut Charm

I bought the one with sprinkles for myself and the pink one for Eva. While these are very cute, I could tell straight away they were bootlegs. I had a pretty good idea they would be so I wasn't disappointed but I had wished they were a little more squishy, like the bootleg eclair Eva had gotten me. I was also disappointed to find quite noticeable defects, particularly on mine.

So while these items are pretty cute from afar I probably wouldn't recommend them, especially to a squishy lover. Not because they are bootlegs but because they aren't very good bootlegs.

Rilakkuma Pancake Squishy Charm

This is the other mini squishy I got. As you can see it is Rilakkuma. I'm a little obsessed with Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma at the moment. The quality of this squishy was a lot better than the others but I'm pretty sure this is also a bootleg. I;m going to go ahead and assume basically all items of known brands on Blippo are bootlegs. This particular item didn't have any tags or any kind of QR code on the packaging to suggest it was a genuine item. Even so there were no obvious defects apart from an untidy finish around the edges.

This squishy felt nice to touch and it was also pretty squishy for something of it's size. My sister has bought licensed squishies of this size and they haven't been as soft as this one. Over all I am pretty happy with this item. I may tidy it up around the edges though.

Chinese Dim Sum Charm

I got this little dim sum charm for my sister as she's obsessed with dim sum. It's quite a cute, well made, little charm and I was happy with it. And so was she! A good little buy for any dim sum lovers.

In one of my orders I purchased a lot of stationery to make my planners pretty. I now am the proud owner of an abundance of sticky notes. They're all adorable and they're probably something I would definitely use Blippo for in the future. Whether they're the genuine item or not, you can't really go wrong with stationery. 

Aloha Rilakkuma Sticky Notes

Rilakkuma Mini Letter Set

I love these mini letter sets. I've been using them for the notes with my Etsy orders. 

Animal Note Sticker Set

PonyBrown Mini Note Sticker Set

Rilakkuma Note Sticker Set - Blue

Pegasus Ball Pen

I bought myself the one with the blur unicorn and the other one for Eva. These are adorable and after seeing them featured in some of Dorkface's photos I was more than happy when I came across them on Blippo! They are just adorable, even if I don't use ball pens very often. I love how they look with my planners. It's a pen that I'll keep around long after it's stopped working, just because it looks pretty.

Alpacasso Good Night Plush - Small

I was so looking forward to this item. Alpacasso are something I've wanted since I got into this whole kawaii thing. I may even like them more than Rilakkuma. However, I was aware that the likelihood that Alpacasso from Blippo were going to be fakes. Still, I ordered the blue one for myself and Eva the purple one anyway. Figuring that either way they'd be cute.

Although I knew right away these Alpacasso are indeed bootlegs, I was not disappointed. They are incredibly cute! And they're also very good quality considering they're bootlegs. I decided to purchase a genuine Alpacasso from Tofu Cute for a comparison post, so please look out for that later on. It's a good example of how close to the genuine item a bootleg can be. 

And there you have it. My double haul from Blippo. All in all I am happy with what I bought, especially the stationery. I think I may stick to buying stationery in the future. Not because the squishies and plushies are bootlegs but because there seems to be quite a discrepancy in the quality of the bootlegs. Some are passable while others are not and I don't really want to take the chance. 

Have you bought from Blippo?
What was your experience?


  1. Super cute stuff! I love the Alpaca plushes and the note pad- but that may just be my note pad/book obsession talking! lol

  2. I really want to eat your squishies. That sounds weird out of context lol.

  3. It's such a shame about the defects on some of the items. The stationary is so sweet though (love the animal note sticker set) and those fluffy bootleg Alpacasso friends are really cute too!

  4. Oh my gosh you bought so much, this is a kawaii lovers dreaaammmm <3 It's such a shame about the defects, but I'm glad you like your Rilakkuma squishy! I have one too and it smells sooooo good (does yours smell?)

    And OMG how cute are your Alpacasso! I like that they're all ready for bed haha I seriously love hauls like this Bloo, everything's too cute and I find myself imploding inside! :) Great post sugar <3

    Claire xo


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