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Friday, 4 September 2015

The Color Run 2015

"The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love colour the most."
John Ruskin

A few months ago my sister's friend, Jodie, suggested they do The Color Run in Belfast. Naturally they asked if I wanted to tag along and I jumped at the chance. I mean, doing a Color Run is on my bucket list so I didn't really have much of a choice in the matter. I signed up and a while later Eva finally signed up too. Jodie never ended up registering so as usual it was just Eva and I. Sisters doing it for themselves... or by themselves, as the case may be.

Around the end of July my Color Run pack arrived. I meant to take photos of what was included but I forgot. So apologies for that. I got a t-shirt, sweat band,plastic poncho, tattoos, a little tube of silver paint and my number. I also can't remember how much it cost to take part but I vaguely remember paying somewhere between £25 to £35. The charity the run was supporting was the NSPCC.

It wasn't too much of an early start as the run didn't begin until 2pm. Still, as my parents were away we had to get up a little earlier so Eva wouldn't be too rushed getting me and herself ready. We also had to get the train.

I decided to rock my blue brows for the day and some of the silver face paint I got. Eva got orange in her pack. I also wore my sweat band as a hair band instead as doing the walk in an electric wheelchair meant it wasn't likely I'd be sweating much. Once we were both ready Eva and I set off to catch the train. 

I thought my white leggings were pretty perfect for the day. I felt like one big canvas ready to be painted! The train was hectic. There were so many people heading to the run and the wheelchair area was packed... though not by wheelchair users.
A few stops after we got on some other people with disabilities got on with carers and were forced to stand because there wasn't enough space. What's more, the train conductor was stuck at the door holding the ramp because he couldn't passed the wheelchairs to put it back. Which meant everyone who got on from that stop until I got off didn't pay. It was silly of them not to have two conductors on such a busy day. There were three separate events on in Belfast. I wonder how much money they lost out on. Once we got off the train we made our way in droves to the Titanic Quarter where the race was being held. There was a stage with a guy getting the crowd warmed up and we made our way to a stand to buy something to remember the day by. We got stickers and a wrist band. It wasn't long after that it was time to queue up for the race to start!

Starting line selfies
It didn't really feel like it but there was 6000 or so people. They let us go in groups every 5 minutes so it wouldn't be a huge stampede. There were people running, jogging, walking and dancing along the route. I had been nervous I would be overwhelmed by the crowd but after the initial serge forward it was fine as everyone spread out at different speeds. There were so many children there which was awesome to see and incredibly cute as they jogged along beside their parents. I was surprised I didn't see as many wheelchair users as I thought I would. I seen one other person in a manual wheelchair being pushed. The run was 5k and every kilometre you ran through an blow up arch and there was a line of people on each side that threw powered colours at you. Each kilometre was a different colour. The first was yellow and I didn't go close enough to the people to get much powder on me. So I made sure I drove slower and right passed them the next time. Next was blue and the first two people didn't hit me with anything. The third put a tiny bit in her hand and threw it at my chair. Finally the last dude wasn't so shy about tossing powder at a disabled person and full on hit me with it. Just what I wanted! Thankfully nobody else at the other tunnels seemed to have the same reservations and I was adequately covered by the end. Here's some photos of Eva and I along the route.

The route wasn't exactly scenic but it was flat and easy to drive on, which I appreciated. Everyone was so happy and friendly along the way. I also got a lot of compliments on my hair! Which is always nice. When we got to the finish we were offered a bottle of water and given a packet of powered colour for the after party. I got blue and Eva got yellow. They played music and some songs they had everything throw up colour at certain parts. Here's some photos from that. 

The after party was fun and everyone was in great spirits. They had two tents for the sponsors, Ocean Spray and Original Source. Ocean Spray had people with these backpack machine things giving out drinks and big barrels of dried cranberries and Original Source had a place to take photos and they also gave out samples. I was a little bummed out I couldn't get in on those as they'd placed the queue at a big step. Oh well. We stayed at the after party for around 45 minutes but the powder really started to mess with my chest so we thought it was best to leave. There was a little bit of drama surrounding us leaving but I'll leave that tale for My Week In Words. Before we headed home we queued up for a free burger and then headed to catch the train. The Color Run pack had a plastic poncho to wear home so the colour wouldn't come off on your car or public transport. Eva didn't put hers on and there wasn't much point in putting mine on as my chair was covered. Absolutely covered. When I got on the train I could see the train conductor looking at my wheelchair, as if debating whether or not to say something. Instead he opted to just as Eva to sit on something and a woman kindly offered her poncho. I just tried not to move too much so I wouldn't knock the dust off on to the floor.

My wheelchair looked like one of them galaxy pictures. I wish it looked that awesome all the time! All in all I had an awesome day and I look forward to taking part next year again. Hopefully we can get a couple more people in on it with us as it would be fun to have a group of us doing it. One thing I will be sure to do is bring a mask next year as my lungs didn't feel too hot the rest of the night. I was a little worried there may be lasting damage as getting anything in my lungs is a little more dangerous for me than your average person. It literally felt like the inside of my lungs were coated in chalk. Which I guess they were. Thankfully by the morning I felt a lot better. I would also recommend wearing glasses and keeping your mouth closed when you're having the powdered chucked over you. I made the mistake once or twice of opening mine. Another highlight was being able to tick 'do a color run' off my bucket list! I wonder what I'll tick off next. 

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  1. Wow!! Sounds like you had an amazing time and it's so good to see that your disability doesn't hold you back from having fun.


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