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Monday, 28 September 2015

My Week In Words | #39 2015

Vampire Bill

Welcome to the latest instalment of My Week In Words. Finally a little bit back on track with posts. Lets hope it continues. This post covers from Sunday 20th to Saturday 26th of September. Almost another month over! I hope you enjoy reading what I got up to this week.

I woke up to my usual fry up on Sunday and chilled for a bit while my food went down. I decided to end my impromptu blog break and set about working the fist of my Belfast posts. I eventually got it posted up. You can check out Eva's Belfast Birthday! Pt 1 here. The rest of the day was pretty relaxing. I took part in the #lbloggers Twitter chat and half watched 2012. After the film I watched Nashville and ate supper. I ended up finishing the 3rd series. Can't quite believe how fast I made my way through it. I was glad to find out that season 4 was starting in a few days.

I got up late on Monday. Eva was supposed to be working but she was off sick. I got a shower and then ate breakfast while I watched YouTube videos with Eva. In the afternoon I worked on part two of the Belfast posts and eventually got it posted too. You can read it here. In the evening I cleaned out Rue.

She's such an adorable little lady. I still can't get over how lucky I got with her. I felt bad ruining her nest again. Last time I cleaned her out I didn't have a box for her house so she'd just made a standalone nest. I couldn't salvage it like I usually do, only changing her nest every other cleaning. So she had to start from scratch. When I lifted the top of the bedding away I found the little spot she slept in. It was still warm and everything. It looked so cosy! This time I decided not to give her a sand bath as she tends to use it to pee in and gave her a litter tray instead. It's easier to clean and wastes less sand. You can see her checking it out in the second photo. After I cleaned Rue out I had a late dinner and then started watching How To Get Away With Murder for the first time since I'd finished Nashville. I'm not quite sure how I feel about it yet. Then I headed to bed.

It was another late rise on Tuesday as Mum's been getting me up later for some reason recently. My dad came home not long after I'd ate breakfast as he was taking my mum to a hospital appointment. I spent a lot of the day working on My Week In Words and later on I watched How To Get Away With Murder. A mixture of both pretty much makes up how I spent my evening.

I woke up to a couple of parcels on Wednesday. I was super excited for one in particular. I had ordered some clothes for a doll I got a while back from someone on Instagram. She's Aurora but I'm making her into her own character. Etsy has some beautiful handmade doll clothes and I finally got around to buying some. I plan to buy so many more in the future. I'm going a post on then but here's a little sneak peek of one item!

Aren't they just the cutest?! And so well made too. When I got up I ate breakfast with Eva while we watched a Louis Theroux documentary my older sister had recommended about transgender children. It wasn't exactly what my sister had said it was but it was interesting, if not anything I hadn't seen before. I then got a shower and set about dressing my doll and taking photos for the future blog post. When my dad came home we went out to do a bit of shopping. I needed to pick up some pet stuff for a swap and I also went a little crazy buying some Halloween decorations. I want to decorate my room this year or at least around my desk. Perhaps I'll do a Halloween themed 'What's On My Desk' post. The Yankee store had this awesome display.

I treated myself to a candle and a little black cat ornament. The rest of the Halloween items I bought were from Poundland. Their Halloween stuff is on point this year. When I got home I had to sort the snails before bed. I performed an egg check and found nothing. I then showered Agron, Duro and Violet before weighing each of them. Both Agron and Duro's growth has slowed down a lot but Violet still has a bit to go before hers does. Agron actually lost a couple of grams but I guess perhaps he had mud or something on him last time. I'm a little surprised at how small Duro is and how little he's growing. At this rate I doubt any of them will reach the size that Gary was but I don't care so long as they're healthy. It's just weird seeing Violet catch up to Duro. Though Violet herself is smaller than her clutch mate Pearl.

Thursday started off with breakfast while I watched Good Mythical Morning with Eva. I then started work on My Week In Words and finally got it finished and posted. You can check it out here if you missed it. I spent the rest of the day and evening watching True Blood with Eva. She'd started it the night before or so and I decided I wanted to give it a go too. I was hooked by the first episode. I'm completely loving it. We eventually got into bed to watch it as I had a headache and then we got up around midnight to have something to eat before proceeding to continue watching it until 3am.

Friday wasn't as productive as I had hoped it would be. Eva and I had planned to do shop stuff but she got invited to Streamvale Farm with her friend and her nephew. I was well jealous! I couldn't go because there was no way for me to get there with my wheelchair etc. Mum got me up for a shower and breakfast before she left to head to London for the Shine marathon she was taking part in. While by myself I worked on blog photos but Eva came home not too long after mum left. She was pretty shattered and I had awful stomach cramps so rather than being productive we ended up watching True Blood the rest of the evening. The last time I tried to work on store stuff when I had cramps I wanted to rage quit life, so it was probably for the best.

Rocking my new collar I got during the week
I created a little bit of a fiasco on Saturday morning. My mum was in England, Dad was at golf and Eva left for work at 10am. My parents are usually against letting me stay in bed when nobody is home but I'd talked them into it because I didn't want to get up early. My dad goes to golf around 8am and I knew it would be along day since it was a game day. At around 11am I woke up because the dogs were barking. It was a bit early for my dad to be home and then I heard the back door open and a woman's voice talking to the dogs. It took me a second to place the voice. It was my aunt Karen. Turned out I had missed calls from Dad, Mum and Eva and my phone had been on silent so my dad had asked aunt Karen to call in to check I was okay. Apparently the whole thing put my dad off his golf, so he wasn't too happy. Safe in the knowledge I hadn't popped my clogs or anything my aunt Karen went on her way and eventually Dad came home and made breakfast. After my fry up I had a shower. My dad was taking me to the game and I had offered not to go as he had a bad cold but he said he'd be fine. I was in a lot of pain with tummy cramps too but that couldn't put me off. We headed to my grandparent's house first to give my granda his birthday present. Eva and I had put together to get him a top from Marks & Spencer. He seemed to like it. My granny didn't seem to mind my hair just as much this week, which was good. After a cup of tea and some birthday cake my dad and I were on our way to the SSE arena for the game. The game was okay. I got a little bored (which from what others have said of the game may have been to do with my mood rather than the game?) and frustrated at points, but we came out good in the end with a 4 - 1 win. The last ten or so mins were pretty exciting and made up for the points I'd wished I'd stayed curled up in bed with a hot water bottle. When I got home I watched an episode of True Blood with Eva and then headed to bed.

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