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Monday, 14 September 2015

My Week In Words | #37 2015

"Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life."
Omar Khayyam

Welcome to this week's My Week In Words. I decided since I had a bit of a big weekend this week that I would keep Friday and Saturday for a separate post but there's still plenty to read from Sunday 6th to Thursday 10th of September. Please enjoy! 

I woke up to the inevitable Sunday fry up. I chilled for a little while I let my food go down then got productive. I took photos of some bits and bobs before updating our Etsy store. I worked on more store stuff and chilled until aunt Karen visited. We had our usual catch up. When she left I watched some Nashville and sorted the snails a little earlier than usual. I let Rue out in her ball and spent the evening working on My Week In Words until bed.

My Occupational Therapist arrived on Monday morning for a shower chair appointment I had no clue I was having. I was still in bed. Oops. My mum ended up having to reschedule. I was glad because I could not be bothered dealing with that. Seriously, it was the forth time they'd been out about one piece of equipment. I posted My Week In Words, which you can check out here if you missed it. Mum suggested... okay, insisted I make a Facebook Page for our Etsy store so I set about doing that. I figured I would kill two birds and also set up a Twitter account. Please head over and show us your support by giving us a like or a follow. You can also see everything we're working on and the newest editions to our store. After I made the FB page my mum shared it on her Facebook and in the first day we had 76 likes! I was pretty overwhelmed as I've had my blog FB page for months now and I'm still on 71 likes! In a couple of days we'd broken 100. On Monday we also got news about my quest for independent living. I'm not going to go too into it as I want to write a post dedicated to it when we have some things confirmed. I'm excited and nervous about the latest developments and I can't wait to share them with you guys! My dad did not take the news so well. If you've been with me for a while you may remember my posts, Guilt Of Independence and Family Matters. I wrote a bit in those posts about how my dad took my initial request to move out. He took this latest development much the same. He stopped talking to everyone and avoided us. I guess he'd convinced himself that it was never going to happen. Though, thankfully he only didn't speak to us for just over a day this time rather than four days but it was still hard to deal with. Especially for my mum. I guess for me it was less of a shock this time.
Later in the evening I took part in the LBloggers chat before sorting out the snails before bed. When I opened the tank I was shocked to find a single egg sitting on the soil. I called Eva to show her and while I looked around to see if there were others I noticed one... stuck to the lid of the tank! I decided to put them in a separate tank to see if they would hatch. I wanted to keep one and my aunt had also expressed interest. She was the first in our family to own snails when she got one for her primary 2 class and she gave Eva her first snail. I didn't hold out too much hope for these eggs as there were only two of them but we thought we'd wait and see nonetheless. A little later I headed to bed.

I woke up to cuddles from little Luca on Tuesday. My mum has agreed to mind him on Tuesdays and this was our first one. We also looked after his two older brothers when they were little but they were a few months old when we first had them but Luca is only five weeks. He's the only new born I've been around for any length of time.

He's such a good little baby. Barely fussed at all. He was a tiny bit restless at times but considering he'd only been in our house and met us once before he did very well. I'm looking forward until he's a little older and he can properly interact with me. Because I'm needy like that! I chilled most of the day editing photos and working on Wednesday's post while Mum looked after Luca. His mum and brothers came to pick him up around tea time and my dad came home from work a little while after. He talked to me a little when he came in but he wasn't completely back to normal. I felt awkward at first but he soon was back to normal, thankfully. Eva checked on the eggs when she got home from work and to our horror I had misjudged things and the coir had completely dried out and so had the eggs. I felt terrible! I was pretty sure there was no chance they'd survived but we kept them a few more days to be sure. I read that the first time around it can be tricky to get conditions right as people either have it not moist enough and they dry out or they have it too wet and they rot. I'm not used to managing a tank so small. Then I started working on a custom macrame bracelet for an order while I watched Nashville before headed to bed.

On Wednesday I posted my long awaited Blippo Kawaii Haul post. My first swap from geekgirlpenpals.com arrived! You may remember me posting about the sticker swap I was taking part in. I was so overwhelmed by all of what the lovely Amanda sent me! I just loved how the package was decorated too.

I've decided not to show you what I got as it's all going to feature in a post pretty soon. So please look out for that! Especially if, like me, you're partial to a sticker or too! The day got off to a productive start as I finished off the bracelet for the order and got it packaged up then set about writing a list of things I needed for my stay in Belfast at the weekend. That's about as far as my productivity got for much of the day. My mum took the package to be delivered.

Later in the day I finally did a little work on Friday's post before I took part in the LBloggers's chat. Eva finished work around 10pm so at 9pm my dad took me to Tesco to pick up some things for Eva's birthday and also stuff for Belfast. We picked Eva up when we were finished and not long after I got home I had supper and headed to bed.

Eva and Mum had work on Thursday so I was on my lonesome again. I watched Nashville and worked on Friday's post. I decided to add another post to my Short Stories series. It was a little different as it wasn't a complete short story but the introduction to one. Once I had the post finished I set about adding to the story as some inspiration hit me out of nowhere. After the inspiration had ebbed away I chilled and watched Nashville until the Crazy Bloggers chat started. My mum then put some more dye on my hair to freshen it up for my weekend away. I put peacock blue by Crazy Colours on this time rather than lagoon blue by Directions. I really love the colour it turned out. Before Eva got home from work I sorted out her birthday present and wrote her card. She wanted money but I also got her some blind bags and a Littlest Pet Shop figure just to give her something to open as everyone was giving her money. When Eva came home we decided she'd open her presents on Thursday night so she wouldn't have to get up before Dad went to work to open them as we'd have left for Belfast by the time he got home.

When I finally got to bed I couldn't sleep. I guess I was so excited for the weekend ahead! I look forward to sharing how that went later on in the week.

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  1. Awww, the photo of you and Luca is adorable! And I'm so excited for your new Etsy store too, as soon as I can I will be buying something to support you guys, there's already so much cute stuff on there I was looking through the other day and favourited a few for future purchasing! - Tasha

    1. He is too cute I can't wait to see him growing up like I did with his brothers. Thanks, I'm glad we have it up and running but I really need to put more effort into advertising and adding more to it. It's a work in progress! Haha. x


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