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Friday, 9 October 2015

Bloo's Reviews | Kawaii Box

"Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive."
Elbert Hubbard

I had wanted to try Kawaii Box for a long time and finally got around subscribing for their July box. I feel like the build up to finally subscribing, coupled with buying from Blippo and then the wait for the box to actually arrive contributed to a slight anticlimax. Don't get me wrong, I got some cute things. Things that I love. But I wasn't overwhelmed like I thought I would be. I had hoped to have this post up quite a while ago and have since gotten my second Kawaii Box but I figured I would just review the first since I've had the photos taken for a while. I probably won't bother reviewing the August box. I forgot it was a recurring one month plan and didn't cancel it in time or I probably wouldn't have gone for a second.  Anyway, on with the box!

My box was slightly damaged but other than that I thought the way it was packaged was real cute and nothing inside was damaged. Inside the box, on to of the items and tissue paper there was a thank you card and on the back it had the items listed.

Kracie DIY Chain Candy Set

I'm not really sure how I felt about these. I mean they tasted okay but I don't really get how they were DIY candies. I think you were supposed to be able to make a chain out of them? Which I did give a go for the sake of this review and the links didn't really hold together. All in all they were nothing really to write home about. I ate a few and binned the rest. 

Squishy Doughnut Mirror 

This is one of my favourite items from the set. Okay, I'm not likely to actually use it and the mirror isn't great but I love it for the cuteness factor alone and my love of squishies. I was also pleasantly surprised at how soft and squishy this actually was considering there's hard plastic and a mirror in the middle. 

Cute Korean Pencil Set & Dessert Eraser

The pencil set is also one of my favourites from the box. I love stationery and these are just real cute. I didn't hold out much hope for them for actual usage as I wasn't sure what quality they would be and I find many pencils don't sharpen well. I figured I'd just use them as colourful decoration on my desk as I have a glass with pens etc in. However, I was wrong. I sharpened one and I've found it really good. The led hasn't broken once and rubs out well. I haven't tried using the eraser yet. I'm not a big fan of coloured erasers as a lot of them stain the paper. Perhaps that won't be the case for this one. 

Pastel Pearl Bracelet

Anybody that knows me knows I LOVE bracelets and I have a vast collection. Any addition to that collection is a plus but obviously some I like more than others. I just thought this particular bracelet was adorable and it fits me well. Which isn't always the case with bracelets with a set size. Curse my tiny MD wrists! I love the pastel shades and it's a great way to add a little bit of colour to a wardrobe that has more than it's fair share of black and white. 

Korean Glitter Glue Set

As much as I love stationery and arts and craft supplies this isn't something I would get too excited about. I've always found glitter glue to be a bit meh. I'm not really sure what I would use it for. Perhaps decorating some snail mail or something? If you have any suggestions I'd love to hear them! ...I probably sound so uncreative. 

Mushroom Mini Plush

This is probably the item I liked least out of the box. I'm pretty sure it's a bootleg of another item and not a very good one at that. It was over stuffed and misshapen. I just didn't find it cute at all. I'm also not a fan of that shade of yellow, so perhaps that's why I disliked it as much as I did. I feel a little guilty about it but I may have binned it.

Flake Seal Stickers

I recently amassed a sticker collection. I've always loved stickers and had a small collection from Paperchase that I couldn't bring myself to use. However, I took part in a sticker swap a little while ago and now I have an abundance of cute stickers. I love using them to decorate snail mail. These are a welcome addition to my collection. They are so kawaii!

Alpaca Keychain

Can't go wrong with an adorable keyring. Especially when they are adorable alpacas. Well, apart from the fact I don't have keys. I really need to rectify that. 

Kawaii Toast Coaster

This is definitely one of my favourite items. I've been wanting a cute coaster for my desk for a while now as the one I had been using didn't really go with the theme of my desk. To me honest, I would love a whole set of these ones. The only down side is that it isn't covered in any kind of varnish etc so I'm not sure how well it will last if there's any dribbles on it or tea rings. I guess we'll see! For now it's good. 

Rilakkuma Sticky Notes

Fou may remember back in my Blippo Kawaii Haul post I actually already purchased these but in blue. So it's obvious I was going to like these. I mean I guess I could have saved my money or wish that I had gotten a different item in the box but I'm a firm believer in better the devil you know. Plus, you can never have too many sticky notes or stationery in general. I'm also glad I got the pink rather than the yellow.

Lastly we have the various leaflets you get in the bottom of the box.

All in all it was a fun thing to get and at $18.90 (£12.34) it  didn't exactly break the bank. That being said it wouldn't be something I would want to get every month. That's not to say I wouldn't get another one off box in the future.


  1. I must admit that I do LOVE the alpaca keyring! I suppose the problem with boxes is that things are a bit hit and miss and what one persons loves, another won't.

    1. Me too. I can't wait until I get keys! Haha. Yeah there's that but mostly I think it was just the build up and stuff. Lol.

  2. Eee I saw that chain candy in a YouTube video recently!
    How cute are those little alpacas too?!


    1. I know, I'm loving anything alpaca related at the moment. Haha. xo

  3. These are all such cute items! Lovely review, thanks for sharing your thoughts

    Lust for Beauty Blog

  4. This is pretty cute! I like your honesty about it. I subscribed to the Glitterati (Crown and Glory) for 6 months and apart from the first Christmas box and the last one, I often felt a little bit of an anticlimax over it too so I understand! You love the items but the real thing is less than the anticipation!x


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