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Saturday, 24 October 2015

Bloo's Reviews | A Lover's Lament

“That’s the great thing about love … it finds you. And when it’s true love, it doesn’t go away, and you just know. You don’t have to wonder or guess, because it just … is.” 
A Lover's Lament

I read a lot of books. I mean a lot of books. In quick succession. So many that they've all sort of merged into a big melting pot of dirty talk and hotness. Because obviously the only books I read are romance novels because I have no actual love life to speak of. But I digress. I get through them so fast and on to the next one that any critique I have for the previous book kind of gets a bit hazy before I have a chance to write a review. It's the reason I have only reviewed a couple of books to date. Perhaps I could take notes as I go along but who has the time? Eh, probably a more organised blogger than me. However, after reading A Lover's Lament I felt like I couldn't not review it. It stuck with me, so here I am.

A Lover's Lament was co-written by K.L. Grayson and B.T. Urruela. I wasn't familiar with Grayson's previous books and was introduced to this one after liking Urruela's Facebook page after seeing his modelling work with Michael Stokes, who is known for photographing wounded veterans. Hot, wounded veterans. One of which being Urruela himself, if you didn't get that. A Lover's Lament was Urruela's first foray into the romance novel world and boy did he hit the ground running with this book.

After growing up watching the likes of Saving Private Ryan, We Were Soldiers and The Longest Day with my dad, playing 'armies' in my combat trousers and having dreams of becoming a soldier myself  one day (eh... it probably took me longer than it should have to realise that wasn't going to happen with the whole muscle wasting disease thing) it's a little wonder that I was drawn to military hero books when I started reading romance novels. I can't help but feel that it's Urruela's own military experience that helps set this book apart from the rest. The reason it's stuck with me.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not belittling Grayson's contribution or their writing talents. It's one thing to have the experience but another to be able to put it into words. These co-writers have done a wonderful job of just that.

A Lover's Lament is the story of Katie Devora and Devin U. Clay. Childhood sweethearts turned strangers. After a tragedy they are reunited by a twist of fate that sets their love story in motion again. But we all know what it's like, once we're bitten by love we're twice as shy and Devin isn't exactly in a position to reassure Katie he isn't going anywhere while on deployment in Baghdad.

I make no bones about the fact that, more often than not, first person writing ruins a book for me. However I didn't have that problem with this book. I read someone else's review that said they felt the writing went into too much detail, which just seems ridiculous to me. That's what you need for first person or else it ends up sounding like bad roleplay. Again, I'm sure Urruela's experience helped a great deal. I've never read a book that involved a deployed character that quite captured military life in a believable way. Or at least in such fine detail. Their second hand knowledge paled in comparison and I feel like the books I read from here on out will be compared to A Lover's Lament and fall short for this reason.

You know me, I can't write a review without giving at least one negative because I like to have a balanced opinion like that but I think this negative is a testament to how much I enjoyed the book and the characters. I personally would have liked to have seen more interaction between Katie and Wyatt, Katie's fiancée. I would've liked to have read his reaction to Devin being back in Katie's life and perhaps even a scene with the three of them. Maybe a slight face off between Devin and Wyatt. However, I understand how the latter would have been difficult with Katie travelling to Devin.

Something else I liked about this book is the fact each chapter had a song to go along with it. I love music and I have my own playlists to capture the mood of my stories so that's something I appreciated. More so because they were songs I actually know.

In short, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I look forward to Grayson and Urruela's future writing endeavours, together and apart. A Lover's Lament has the ability to make you hot and move you to tears. It is truly heart wrenching in parts. It isn't just the story of the one that got away but also a glimpse of what many military men and women and their partners go through on a daily basis and a reminder why we must be grateful for their service and their sacrifice.


  1. I do enjoy romance novels, especially if there's a supernatural element to them as well, I always like an air of mystery and some kind of magic or monsters! This sounds interesting and I like your balanced review of it as well, I'll have to find it and read it for myself! - Tasha

  2. This is a great review and I would be tempted to read it based on your opinion!


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