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Monday, 19 October 2015

My Week In Words | #42 2015

"Find a place inside where there's joy, and the joy will burn out the pain."
Joseph Campbell

Welcome to this week's My Week In Words. This week's post covers from Sunday 11th to Saturday 17th of October. Not long until Halloween now! This week was full of Halloween and ice hockey fun. Enjoy! 

I got up when my breakfast was ready on Sunday and chilled for a little before I started working on My Week In Words. I took a break and watched some EastSiders and then had dinner. Aunt Karen let me know she wasn't visiting so after tea I finished off My Week On Words and had a bit of a rest before I set about performing an egg check and cleaning up the snail tank. After that I fed Rue before feeding myself and heading to bed.

I got up late on Monday. Eva was off work so we had breakfast together and watched some Good Mythical Morning. I got a shower and while I was sitting there contemplating life, as one often does in the shower, a line of dialogue popped into my head for a story. I decided to use it for two characters I had written introductions to but had no idea what I was doing with them. Once I got out of the shower I set about writing the scene and worked on it for most of day while also browsing online. In the evening I let Rue out in her ball and had some tea for supper while I watched some NHL highlights before heading to bed. I also posted last week's My Week In Words, which you can check out here if you missed it.

When I got up on Tuesday my mum was busy minding little Luca. He was wearing a cute little teddy bear suit. I wish I had gotten a photograph of him wearing it. Perhaps another time. I ate breakfast and finished watching EastSiders. I really wish they make a third season because I will be all over it. I wasn't sure what to do for Wednesday's blog post but after reading some Halloween posts by other's to get me in the Halloween spirit, I decided to make a collection of posts to help other people to get in the mood too. I worked on the post during the day and then relaxed for a while before putting my new Halloween motivation to use and decorating my room a bit before bed.

On Wednesday I got showered after breakfast and then got ready to go into town with my mum. Eva wanted me to pick up some hair dye for her and I wanted to get the last of my Halloween decorations. I also took the opportunity to get a couple more watercolour postcard pads as I've ran out. I ended up buying a bunch of food in Asda. I should really remember to eat before I go shopping. I mean I had breakfast but I really need to eat little and often so it doesn't take me long getting hungry again. When I got home I had a pre-dinner snack.

My new favourite thing is buying from the hot food counter in Asda. Like... I love having something warm and ready to eat when I get home. It gives me something to look forward to. Is that sad? Anyway! I relaxed for a while after I got home and took part in whatever Twitter chat was on that day. I suck at remembering which is when. I then finished off the evening by finishing off my Halloween decorating. There will be a post on that later in the week. After that I had supper and headed to bed. You can check out Wednesday's blog post here.

Eva took the day off on Thursday as she wasn't well. In my family we basically become useless during our period or at least for two or three days during it. We get hit hard. I mean hard. I'm sure some of you know what it's like. We had breakfast together and then later, when her cramps had eased a bit, we did some Halloween activities. It was a lot of fun!

Once we finished up with our activities I had a bite to eat. Eva's cramps had started to come back so we decided to get into bed and watch the series Scream. Eva had already watched it but wanted me to check it out. I was hooked right away! We got up again for dinner and after I ate I cleaned out my snails and checked the tank for eggs. I then got to work on my blog post for Friday, which I was super surprised I got finished and scheduled before bed. You can check out Friday's post, about the Halloween fun we got up to on Thursday, here.

My snails enjoying some of the pumpkin innards

Dad was off on Friday as he had to take my mum to a hospital appointment. Meaning he got me up and made my breakfast. After breakfast I worked a little on My Week In Words and then had some lunch. In the afternoon I cleaned out Rue's litter tray, life ain't all shopping and ice hockey games, and then set about getting ready for the Belfast Giants game. I was all ready to go and my dad got called into work. I was hoping we'd get there early and perhaps catch warm up, because I've been single a long time and I like leering while the players stretch, but alas we just made it in time to see the game start. It was a close match which is always exciting.

The game went into overtime and we snatched it with an awesome goal from James Desmarais, who obviously got man of the match. When we eventually got home I had supper before heading to bed.

I got up late on Saturday and I thought it might be a bit of a rush to be in Belfast in time to get dim sum in Lee Garden but after a small breakfast, rather than my usual fry up, Eva and I actually left the house at a respectable time. We got off the train at Botanic and made the short distance to the restaurant. Being a Saturday it was more full than the times we'd been before. The staff were as friendly as ever and after ordering the same as last time, our food didn't take long to come. Unlike last time, I actually tried the bread buns this time and I'm glad I did. I think I may order these, rather than steal Eva's, next time we go.

Once we finished our food we made our way to the SSE Arena. It's quite a walk and by the time we got there we didn't actually have that much time to kill. We headed into Rockies Sports Bar for pre-drinks. We had a lovely warm welcome from Jim Graves. He was asking about my blog and such. He also introduced us to Wayne, who is also lovely. One of my favourite things is going into a bar and feeling welcomed. I think it also makes me feel a little less anxious as I used to get really nervous being around drunk people. I don't know if that makes sense... but anyway! After a nice wee chat Eva and I enjoyed our drinks until we headed to the game. Being a slow drinker meant Eva had to finish mine off for me. We started off the night drinking alcohol and had planned to stay after the game for a bit but apparently I can't handle being out two days in a row and I was pretty shattered by the first break. So we both switched to warm drinks. I got a hot chocolate and Eva got a vanilla latte. We're so hardcore, I know. We also decided to head home after the game rather than stick around.

Obligatory sister selfie

There's a little bit of a funny story behind the the photo above. Earlier in the week Eva dyed her hair pine green but ended up hating it. Throughout the week she tried to get it out and ended up with hair the same colour as mine. Which she hated. It also happens that the colour is very similar to the Giants' teal. We looked like super dedicated Giants fans together. The photo above is the only one I have of us with our hair the same as she's now stripped most of the colour out. Anyway, back to Saturday. It was a super tough game and the ref was woeful. I mean I know people say that a lot when they lose. It seems easy to blame the ref and I'm not trying to take away from the Devil's victory but the frustration on the ice and around the arena due to the ref was palpable. It was like we were being Punk'd. Needless to say, we ended up losing by one goal. Dad picked us up after the game and when we got home we had a bite to eat before we got into bed to watch this week's episode of American Horror Story; Hotel before I went to sleep. 

Post Of The Week

After I read this post earlier I decided it alone would be mentioned as it touched me in a way that no other post has touched me in a while. It is not often I'm moved to tears. After reading it, it felt almost ridiculous talking about what I got up to during the week. All the trivial things I did just seemed pointless to recount. I've had the privilege to chat to Nicola a number of times on Twitter and she's even given me advice. In this post she talks about something so heartbreaking and personal in such an eloquent way and from such a place of positivity. She is beyond inspiring to me. If you usually skip over the links I post in this section, please take the time to click this one.

Lilybear by Pretty Pug


  1. This quote "Find a place inside where there's joy, and the joy will burn out the pain."
    Joseph Campbell, and the shot of your snails enjoying their pumpkin feast are two of my favourite things this week! - Tasha

  2. Thank you for sharing Lilybear's story! This just made me well up, I'm so glad I can inspire wonderful friends such as yourself. I love that blogging has let me communicate with so many amazing inspiring people like you, to be honest, I don't think I'd be coping half as well otherwise without the influence of others I've met through blogging. That quote is beautiful! ^_^ x

    1. Thank you for sharing Lily's story with us. I can't imagine the strength it took and I'm glad you've found some sort of support through the blogging community. xo


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