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Friday, 2 October 2015

Television | Cancelled Too Soon

"In TV, you usually don't get a chance to fix anything. It's always easier to cancel something than fix it."
Nick Zano

In today's post I list five series we had to say goodbye to before we were ready. Beloved characters we would never see again and cliffs we'd forever hang over. It is said that time heals all wounds but I'm not sure that person had ever fallen in love with a series and it's characters only to have it ripped away with no closure. So here are five series that were cancelled too soon. They may be gone but they will never be forgotten.


At the top of many people's cancelled too soon lists, and thus I figured I would start off with it too, is Firefly. I have my best friend, Gary, to thank for introducing me to this show. I'll be honest and say I didn't think I would like it quite as much as I did. I guess the saving grace with Firefly for many people was that we at least got a film to round things off a little, however personally for me Serenity only served to rub salt in the wounds but I won't give any spoilers as to why. Even if the cast got together for another film for their many fans it wouldn't be the same for me. Even so, I would still give it a watch. When something is cancelled too soon you take what you can get. 

Freaks and Geeks

If Firefly isn't at the top of your list then perhaps Freaks and Geeks is. I was only introduced to this show a couple of years ago and even watching all these years later it holds up. It's hard to believe only 12 of a measly 18 episodes aired. What makes it more unbelievable is watching so many baby faced actors who went on to have great careers like James Franco and Seth Rogen. It wouldn't be the last time these actors collaborated with each other or Judd Apatow thankfully, but we'll always be left wondering what would have become of Nick, Sam, Kim and Daniel etc.

The Secret Circle

(Source no longer available)

This show is a little bit more of a recent one than the previous two mentioned. Britt Robertson hasn't exactly had the best luck when it comes to shows. Life Unexpected only survived two seasons and The Secret Circle survived just one. The Secret Circle was in no way a bad show and had a great young cast as well as some great older cast members too (two of my crushes, Joe Lando and Gale Harold) but it was yet another supernatural based show at a time when there where already well established and loved supernatural shows as well as other new additions such as Teen Wolf. Perhaps that gave this show the kiss of death. Still, I would have liked to have seen a little more from this show. Perhaps some day I'll read the book series instead.

In The Flesh

This one in particular broke my heart as I was eagerly waiting to hear of it's renewal. It's a little different for the fact it was only a mini series and it was British. The first series had just three episodes and the second series was extended for six episodes. It was a zombie plot with a twist. The zombies were treated as if they had an illness and took medication for it so they could co-exist with the living. It was a great twist on what could have been just another zombie invasion show. I loved it and I really felt like the plot was going places until BBC Three announced they would not be renewing it for a third season to make way for new shows. One more season. I would have settled for one more bloody season! Just a couple of episodes to tie up some loose ends so we weren't left wondering what became of the characters we'd grown to love. 

Life As We Know It

Does anybody remember this show? I couldn't even find any gif sets for it. But I loved it! Again it was a time when there was a few teen dramas trying to get a foot hold in the market and I guess they can't all survive. However I feel like Life As We Know It gave us something a little different. It had more of a comedic feel and I loved that they broke down the fourth wall. It gave it more of a sitcom feel than what we were getting from One Tree Hill and The OC at the time, despite some quite heavy subject matter.

So there you have five shows that were cancelled too soon. I actually thought of more but I thought I would save them for a later post. I didn't want to overwhelm my lovely readers! What shows do you feel were cancelled too soon? Perhaps they'll feature in part two.


  1. I remember hearing about the last 3! I've only watched some episodes of Freaks and Geeks. I don't want it to end :( Firefly I'm too scared to try. I NEED some kind of closure or it will bug me for so long! haha

    1. I think Freaks and Geeks was harder on me than Firefly because Firefly had Serenity after it but then it hurt for different reasons. Haha. But yeah, sometimes this whole thing puts me off starting new shows. It's such a risk to my health! Lol.

  2. Im awful, I don't know any of these! Though I know one that I thought was definitely axed too soon - Flashfoward!!


    1. Awh. Haha. Most of these are pretty old. If it makes you feel better I don't know Flashforward. Lol. xo

  3. In The Flesh and Firefly, yes! I adore In The Flesh and I was so hoping we'd get another series - it's so good! I hate it when they cancel amazing shows on a cliffhanger too - like V a few years ago - it ended on a total cliffhanger and I wish there would have been more! - Tasha

    1. I was so heartbroken when they released that they weren't renewing In The Flesh. There's such a following for it too. I'll never trust BBC Three again! V? I don't know it. :o

  4. It's pretty bad that I only recognise one of these - The Secret Circle. I loved that show and was gutted when they didn't renew it for another series. These others sound right up my street as well though!
    Sarah @ hereyoume

    1. Nah, most of these are pretty old. Still worth a watch though if you can handle the fact there isn't much to watch. Lol. :)


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