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Monday, 2 November 2015

My Week In Words | #44 2015

"Thoughts are the shadows of our feelings - always darker, emptier and simpler."
Friedrich Nietzsche

Welcome to the latest edition of My Week In Words. It's hard to believe this post documents the last week in October and that we're now into November. I've almost kept up these weekly posts for a year! Crazy. I was feeling a little off this week but had a good one none-the-less. Nothing like a little bit of retail therapy to pick you up. This post covers from Sunday 25th to Saturday 31st of October. Enjoy!

Dad was working on Sunday but thankfully my mum stepped up and made my Sunday fry up for me. Eva was working too so I ate my fry by myself while I watched Sunday Brunch. I didn't feel great most of the day but I did manage to be a little productive later in the day and worked on My Week In Words while I followed a Belfast Giants game on Twitter. I got My Week In Words finished up and just chilled until supper time then headed to bed.

On Monday I posted My Week In Words, which you can check out here if you missed it. After breakfast I chilled online for a while before I decided to doodle BT Urruela.

Yes... I absentmindedly doodled hearts around his head. This is just a little bit of the picture. It's actually a full body piece. The face isn't quite right and the hair is a little long looking but I'm still tweaking it. Hopefully it will look more like him by the time I'm finished. I still wasn't feeling great on Monday and there must have been something in the air because neither did Eva. We were both feeling super low. I've been feeling a bit off since coming off my antidepressants and birth control, which was also used to control my moods. I assume it's because the antidepressants are fully out of my system now and my periods are starting to regulate after coming off birth control so I'm basically on emotion/hormone overload. I'm hoping it's something that will level out in a little while. Eva and I ended up having a long talk and I told her all about one of the adult romance stories I'm working on, something I hadn't properly opened up about to anybody. Especially family. She was really encouraging. We are the worst for getting in our own way. Over thinking things and putting them off because we don't want to deal with them. That's something I'm going to keep trying to work on. After our chat I had supper and then headed to bed.

My mum wasn't minding Luca on Tuesday, which was a little bit of a bummer. Eva was off work so we had breakfast together and watched some Good Mythical Morning. Eva then helped me bake some Halloween themed buns for my Wednesday blog post.

I chilled and browsed online while I waited for the buns to cool down. I always end up attempting to decorate too soon and the icing ends up a melty mess. I was determined not to let that happen this time. Later in the evening I decorated the buns and then cleaned out my snails and checked the tank for eggs. I'd figured it was a good idea to decorate the buns before that or else I may have ended up with muddy buns. After cleaning out he snails I took photos of the buns and quickly wrote the blog post for the next day, finishing it off just in time for bed.

I posted up my Halloween bun baking attempt post on Wednesday and you can check it out here if you missed it.  Eva and I had plans to go to IKEA with my aunt Karen on Wednesday so I had a quick breakfast and an even quicker shower before getting ready for my aunt Karen to pick us up around 1:30pm. I ran a little late and she ended to waiting around for me to finish getting ready. As usual when we got to IKEA we had lunch first. As I suspected because it was half term the place was full of kids. I like kids and all but you can have too much of a good thing. Anyway, I decided to opt for something a little different this time. Rather than getting the good old Swedish meatballs, instead I went for vegeballs.

I've been trying to try new things lately and thought why not? I mean I do love vegies. They were nice enough. I enjoyed them about as much as the meatballs, it are more of a tradition than real enjoyment to be honest. The thing I really love is the mash potatoes and the gravy. Also the lingonberry jam but sadly they'd run out of that. Along with that I got a tea and we had a lovely catch up chat while we ate. It's always my favourite part of going to IKEA, which we could probably just do at a regular restaurant or cafe and save ourselves a lot of money. After we ate we started the walk around. Eva and I seen this couch and have decided this is the one we'll get when we have our own place. It's so pretty and blue. I'm so glad Eva agreed on it. I took a photo to remember it by.

How pretty is it? Light blue might not be the smartest idea with pets but oh well. My aunt Karen is notorious for being super slow making her way around IKEA so Eva and I always end up waiting at the duvet set section for her. No idea why it always seems to be that section. Eva decided to have a rest while we waited this time.

One of my favourite sections was the Christmas decorations. I'd sworn off looking at anything Christmas related until after Halloween but I couldn't help myself. They have some beautiful decorations and Eva and I decided on the colour scheme our house will be when we decorate for Christmas. A little less traditional than my mum would like but I can't wait. This year will probably be the last year in our house with our parents so we won't be decorating our own place this year but I think Eva and I are going to stock up anyway because we really like IKEA's decorations and don't want to miss out. I kind of wish I'd taken some photos of them. I guess I was too excited to think like a blogger just then. Something else I seen that I totally got excited over was this little IKEA house set.

How cute is that?! I was so tempted to buy it. It even has the little display case I'm planning to get in pink in it. I hope they make a variety of sets for it in the future. After we paid for our stuff we headed to the food counter on the way out. I was pretty happy with myself as I'd only spent around £10 this time, which is pretty good for me. I didn't even buy anything worth photographing to show you guys. Usually on he way out I get a tea and a donut but I opted for an ice cream this time. Shockingly they'd ran out of tea (...wut?) so I had to settle for coffee. I was not happy but the ice cream was good so it wasn't all bad.

I was shattered, stuffed and a little nauseous by the time we made the drive home. Much the same as my aunt Karen and Eva. When I got home I decided since I didn't spend much money while I was in IKEA I'd treat myself to something on Ebay. Eh... who am I kidding? I would have either way. I'd seen someone post a photo of their Marimo on Instagram and was instantly intrigued. They're essentially a ball of algae that some people keep like pets because they look cute and have simple needs. You can get them in the aquarium section of pet stores or online. Mine won't arrive for a little while but I look forward to sharing photos of it when it does and telling you a little more about them. Perhaps I'll give it a post of it's own. After making my impromptu purchase I took part in the Lifestyle Blogger's chat and then chilled looking ball jointed dolls online until bed.

Eva was still off on Thursday so she got me up since my mum was working. We had breakfast together watching Good Mythical Morning. We both did our own things after breakfast. The night before I had pretty much decided I wanted to buy a ball jointed doll. I mentioned in a post earlier in the week that I had an interest in them but I always felt a bit overwhelmed with actually getting into the hobby as there is a lot to know and it's not exactly cheap. Well I finally bit the bullet and ordered my first doll. It was full of mixed emotions because I was still nervous that I didn't really know fully what I was getting into but also really excited. I got a Resin Soul Li, which won't mean much to most of you but I included a link if you want to check her out. She just comes as a naked body with a random set of eyes. She won't have the wig she's pictured with.  I got her in white and I also paid extra for her to have a default face up (her face painted rather than blank). I plan to practice my own doll painting skills before attempting to give her one more suited to the look I plan to go with for her. Her name is going to be Bracket (should I make it Brackett with a double T?) which is an old character of mine and her look will mostly be based on that character too. It's going to probably be a while before she arrives so in the mean time I'm just going to soak up all the knowledge on the hobby that I can. on Thursday I also put in an order with Hobbycraft for an up and coming craft project I'm going to be doing. By the time I had gotten that out of the way and went to take photos for my Friday blog post I had lost the good night. I'm still getting used to these darker days. I did take some photos but I ended up also using some old photos for the blog post. I worked on it in the evening and got it finished up before having an early night. You can read that post here.

On Friday I got up a little earlier than usual as everyone was working. I hate my breakfast and then caught up on some Nashville. My friend Amber was up as she was having some trouble with ventilator and couldn't sleep, so we had a good catch up. We don't get to talk much because of the time difference, which sucks! By around 1pm I started to feel a bit unwell. I was really tired and had started to get a headache so I decided to make myself something to eat to see if that would help. After that I watched some YouTube videos while I ate and then decided to put a film on Netflix. I found a Swiss docudrama called The Circle (Der Kreis) that I found intriguing and put it on. I think I'm going to review it this week so I'm not going to say anymore than that. Look out for that review on Friday. I still didn't feel great and spent some time on my BiPAP until later in the day. When my dad came in around 5pm I decided to get into bed to see if it would ease my headache. Thankfully it did. I got up in time to have dinner and then spent the rest of the evening relaxing online.

I got up and had a shower on Saturday while Dad made my fry. I ate and watched television with him and then after breakfast looked at BJD related things online. There's tones of videos and such related to it on YouTube. I particularly love watching the customising videos. There are so many talented people and I hope one day I can be half as good as them. I was still pretty tired and overall just didn't feel great. I think perhaps it's because I ran out of decaf tea during the week and spent a few days drinking regular tea so when I switched to decaf again it took my system a little bit of time to adjust again. Sounds legit, right? Eva and I had intended to go out for Halloween as I'd never been out before but Eva was working until seven so I knew it was a long shot that we'd actually go out. Eva text me and asked if I still wanted to go but I new she was tired and I wasn't feeling great anyway. The only reason I would have made the effort would have been because it was Halloween and I was pretty sure that meant we end up having a sucky time. By late afternoon I couldn't even be bothered doing my make up like I usually do for Halloween so we decided to stay in, order take out and watch movies. On Saturday I also got some mail. I got the craft stuff I'd been waiting for from Hobbycraft, minus one thing that I had to reorder because they'd been out of stock. I was bummed I had to repay for shipping. Couldn't that let me know before dispatch and give me the option to substitute the item for something else? Grrr. Anyway! This below is what I got.

I cannot wait to get started on this festive craft and share it with you guys. I hope it goes as well as I hope it will. I also got my first letter from my new pen pal. It was packaged too pretty not to share. 

The writing paper was so pretty too, it put mine to shame! I love getting snail mail. If anyone is interested in getting a pen pal of their own check out International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club. By the time Eva came home I was really looking forward to getting our food ordered and picking a film to watch. We decided to opt for a new Mexican take away that we hadn't tried before. I was looking forward to getting something a little bit different from the norm. I tried my first burrito! I tried to take a photo but it was too dark. It was really good and I can totally see the appeal now. We decided to watch The Purge as we'd seen the second but not the first. I didn't think it was as good as the second one but it was okay. We spent a lot of the film making fun of it and the actors. Even though I wouldn't say it's traditionally scary it still left us feeling like every time a group of people passed out house that they were coming to murder us. Does anybody else think Halloween feels like the Purge? After that we watched the first Scream film. I'm not sure I'd ever seen the whole thing properly. It was interesting watching it after watching some of the series. I love comparing television shows and movies and books etc. I really enjoyed it, even if I did find it more like a comedy than anything scary. It was pretty late by the time the films ended and Eva had work in the morning so we both headed to bed.


  1. I didn't know Ikea did vegeballs! I can't believe I missed out on this! Next time I go, I will definitely get some!
    And I love your little doodle there, it looks great! I've never been drawing anything on my computer, is it difficult? I always imagined it to be so, but maybe only because I'm so used to pencil and paper!

    1. To be honest, neither did I. Haha. I only noticed them on this visit. They were pretty tasty.
      I use a Wacom tablet and a program called Paint Tool SAI, which is way easier to draw on than Photoshop or anything else I've tried to draw on. It's different to pencil and paper but both have pros and cons. It can be less forgiving but also easier to fix mistakes.

  2. Your hair is amazing! Such a nice colour. I love your penpal's writing and envelope- what a nice thing to come home to! Was that sofa comfy? I really like it!!x


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