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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

My Week In Words | #46 2015

"Hope is important because it can make the present moment less difficult to bear. If we believe that tomorrow will be better, we can bear a hardship today."
Thich Nhat Hanh

Welcome to this instalment of My Week In Words. This week's post is another I almost feel silly posting because of the trivial nature of everything I've done this week with current events fresh and weighing heavy on everyone's mind. Still, here we are. This week's post covers from Sunday 8th to Saturday 14th of November. Enjoy.
I got up for my Sunday fry and spent a good part of the day doing nothing. I watched some of the stuff on for Remembrance Sunday. A little later on in the evening I worked on a letter to my pen pal and packaged the bracelets for for a give away I held, while I followed a Belfast Giants ice hockey game on Twitter.

I forgot to write My Week In Words and wasn't feeling in the mood to write so I decided to leave it for Monday. I didn't think my aunt Karen would be visiting because it had gotten pretty late but she popped in on the way home and we ended up watching Downton Abbey. I haven't actually watched it since Matthew died and I wasn't even watching it properly then but I guess I wanted to see how it ended. Or well, ended until the Christmas special? Since it was late when my aunt Karen left I had supper and headed to bed.

I got up late on Monday and watched half of a Nashville episode while I ate breakfast. I chilled online a lot of the day and procrastinated rather than making a start on My Week In Words. I decided that I would post it on Tuesday instead rather than force myself to write it on Monday when I wasn't feeling it. I did make a little bit of a start on it in the evening. My sister, Eva, topped up my blue hair dye with some Crazy Color in peacock blue. It was pretty late by the time I got the hair dye out so I was about ready for bed after my shower.

On Tuesday I finished the episode of Nashville I started the day before while I ate breakfast. Breakfast was so good, I figured I would include a photo of it.

Hash browns are my mum's new thing. Every once in a while she finds something and she makes it a lot. Not that I'm complaining. They were super good. I associate them with hotel breakfasts as that's the only place I ever had them, so they feel like a bit of a luxury. Anyway! Mum went to post some stuff for me, leaving me by myself. Around 3pm I was in the bathroom washing my hands and someone knocked on the door, so I ended up hiding in the bathroom for about twenty minutes until I could be sure they'd left. It turned out it was a courier with my sister's birthday present I ordered. They'd left it in the shed. Eventually I did focus enough to finish My Week In Words and get it posted, even if it was very late. You can read it here if you missed it. After that I sorted out my snails and then had an early night.

I didn't get up until 2pm on Wednesday. We weren't minding Luca, which was a little bit of a bummer. Though it meant I didn't feel bad getting up so late. I watched more Nashville then worked on a post for Thursday. I decided since I posted My Week In Words on Tuesday, I would post the other two posts on Thursday and Saturday. It worked out better with the fact I wouldn't have time to write a post for Friday like I usually do on Thursday as Thursday was a Belfast Giants game day. I got it finished up then later on did my snails while I caught up on some NHL ice hockey games. In the evening I continued being productive and let Rue out to run around in her ball, cleaned out her litter tray, fed her and also cleaned my mask. After that it was time for bed.

Thursday was game day! It always feels a little odd going to games on a week day. I posted my Midweek Misc post in the morning and eventually got up and showered. You can read the post here if you missed it. Eva and I decided to watch Magic Mike as I hadn't seen it before. Eh, we got about twenty minutes in and switched to Girl Meets World instead because we were both super bored of the film. Like, it was just a lot of mumbling and weird camera angles. Watching hot guys strip wasn't worth the boring parts. After a few episodes of Girl Meets World we got ready for the game. We were supposed to go up in the train but the weather was super bad so Dad drove us instead. On the way into the arena we bumped into an old childhood friend and had a little bit of a catch up. It was the same friend I mentioned in Thursday's post who bought my sister the VHS of Quest For Camelot for her birthday. Anyway, we were playing Edinburgh Capitals. It wasn't exactly what you would call a close game. I had a headache throughout it all which also impacted on my enjoyment. It was my aunt's birthday and she wanted a jersey so we got it during one of the breaks. In the end we won 6 - 3. All in all it was a good night.

Dad picked us up after the game and we headed home. I was pretty tired and my head was still banging so I had a quick supper then headed to bed.

Eva got me up for breakfast on Friday as she was off work. While we ate we watched some episodes of Please Like Me. I'm so happy that she's enjoying it. After discussing it with Eva I decided to close our Etsy store for a while. I think I underestimated how difficult it would be to get things posted in a timely manner considering I can't actually post things myself. Especially with it coming into winter and the bad weather. I think that's why I wasn't promoting the store as much as I could have been because I was aware that it had to fit around other's schedule and stuff. So we decided to close it for a while. I do hope to be able to open it up again in the future. Perhaps when the better weather comes in or something. On Thursday I had gotten a package and I hadn't bothered opening it so I got around that on Friday. It was the wig for the BJD doll I ordered. It's so pretty but I didn't think a photo of it on it's own would do it justice so I'll keep it for when the doll actually arrives. Later on I worked on a Toys 'n' Stuff post for Saturday while I chatted online and basically just chilled until bed.

Mum was off to England early on Saturday to visit my Granny. My dad was home early from golf because of the weather and got me up once my fry was ready. Soon after that I had a shower and chilled until we went to pick Eva up from work then headed to my grandparent's house. Usually when it's one of our birthday's my aunt Karen sorts a cake for us for a birthday tea on the Saturday before or after our birthdays but because she's usually the one to do it nobody had the idea to get her a cake. Eva and I felt so bad! My grandparents can't get out anymore but I figured my uncle or my dad would have but they didn't. At least we'd gotten her the Belfast Giants jersey she'd wanted and it was a great fit. Granny was good craic as usual and to top the visit off my aunt Christine and uncle Alan brought about their new German Shepard puppy, Storm. He was just gorgeous!

I wish I could have gotten a better photo of him but he was a little shy and wouldn't look at the camera, plus the lighting kind of sucked. After that, to make up for the lack of cake we invited my aunt Karen over after to get some take out and a film. My aunt was interested in watching Jurassic World but was too afraid to watch it on her own. Yes, I know. She scares easily. It was a good night. My aunt Karen, Eva, Dad and I all in the living room with five dogs, watching Jurassic World. A little cramped but fun nonetheless. The film was good, even if it mostly felt like a parody. Especially after watching the Honest Trailer for it. Once the film was over my aunt Karen headed home and I was pretty beat so I went to bed.

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  1. Wow, you were so behind on Downton lol! I can't believe it's over, or almost at least. Gutted haha. I was late to the party but I love it.
    I had to laugh at your Mam with the hash browns, I love hash browns but Jake is the same by getting into food trends.
    Just look at that pup too - such a ball of fluff. Lush! <3

    Aw and thank you so much for including my post, you sweet heart.


  2. ummm that pic of the breakfast........mmmmmmm bacon lol
    haven't been to a Belfast Giant's match in years (really need to go again), and the pup, well that's a cute lil fluffball :) and Jurassic World is pretty good I think haha


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