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Tuesday, 22 December 2015

My Week In Words | #50 2015

"Don't watch the clock; do what it does. Keep going."
Sam Levenson

Welcome to another instalment of My Week In Words. It wasn't a very eventful week and I didn't take many photos to include in this post. Bad blogger, I know. Just nothing really seemed photo worthy. Hopefully you don't mind the wall of text. This post covers from Sunday 6th to Saturday 12th of December. Enjoy! 

I had breakfast with Eva on Sunday and spent a lot of the day just chilling with her, making up for lost time. It was her last day off before going back to work. We did some Christmas shopping and browsing on our laptops while watching Elf The Musical on television, which I enjoyed a lot more than I thought I would. By the time it was over it was time for dinner. After dinner I noticed on Twitter that UMass Lowell, my favourite time from the Friendship Four, were having a game. I couldn't watch but I could listen online, so that's what I did. Later in the evening my aunt Karen visited. She's started to visit later in the evening, just before she heads home. She has two houses, one five minutes away that she lives in over the holidays and at weekends and a house about forty five minutes away, close to her work. She goes home to that one on Sundays. We ended up watching the finale of I'm A Celebrity with her, despite the fact I don't watch that show. I was reminded why during the final, when one of the contestants tortured a spider before eating it. I don't get how that show gets away with the things it does to living creatures. But I digress, she left just after the winner was announced and I had supper and headed to bed.

I had decided that I was going to be productive on Monday but that didn't happen. When I should have been working on My Week In Words I ended up binge watching Degrassi. I got a lovely Christmas card from Danielle of Underland to Wonderland, which was a lovely surprise. During dinner I chilled watching television before returning to Degrassi. I've also become addicted to Tumblr again since I started watching Girl Meets World. I love seeing all the different theories and stuff. It's hard to believe there would be so many about a television show about thirteen year olds. If you want to check out my Tumblr you can find it here. In the evening I watched more Degrassi with Eva before having supper and heading to bed. Despite watching so much Degrassi just the week before, I really didn't mind starting from season one all over again with Eva. I was excited to see if she liked it as much as me and also to have someone to talk about it with.

On Tuesday I had a shower when I got up and then watched Degrassi while I ate breakfast. I took a bit of a break from Degrassi afterwards and procrastinated by binge watching fan videos on YouTube and browsing Tumblr. It really wasn't a very productive day at all. When Eva came home from work we ended up going to bed early to watch more Degrassi and that's when Eva was officially hooked.

I got up late on Wednesday, just in time for Effy to get ready to go to the vet for her vaccinations. However, Effy had other ideas and I ended up having to reschedule for Thursday because here was no way Effy was going to get in the carry box. I hoped tomorrow would be better. Eva and I ended up watching some Degrassi before tidying my room. I decided to put some of my toys away to make more space to display new ones. I'm hoping to be able to alternate between displays throughout the year. I also put away some ornaments to make space for my Christmas decorations. We had hoped to start putting up said decorations once the room was tidy but it was a longer process than we anticipated. We worked up an appetite so we took a break and ordered Dominos, watching Degrassi while we ate. We had intended to carry on with my room but we both had a bit of a food coma so we ended up getting into bed and watching Degrassi instead of putting up the decorations.

I got up a little earlier on Thursday. Eva and I ate breakfast together and watched some interviews on YouTube with Degrassi actors. It wasn't long until it was time for Eva to attempt to get Effy into the cat box again and thankfully it went slightly smoother than the day before and Effy actually made it to the vet. She was just getting her vaccination so Eva was back in no time. We then proceeded to watch more Degrassi videos before I got a shower. Later on Eva went out for her work Christmas party. I had dinner and then finally did a little bit of work on My Week In Words before deciding to be unproductive again and watch the film The DUFF, which was actually pretty good and not about someone getting pregnant as I'd thought. Did anyone else think that...? Anyway, once the film ended I had supper and went to bed.

I didn't sleep well during the night so on Friday I woke up later than even I thought possible. 3pm! To be honest, other than that I don't really remember much of what I did during the day. I know I got this cupcake though.

How cute and festive is that? It tasted good too! 

Mum left for England early Saturday morning as she was getting in a Christmas visit to my granny. I didn't get up until my dad came home from golf and made my usual fry up. I didn't do much during Saturday day and I couldn't visit my grand parents as my granda has had pneumonia for a while now and my parents are worried about me being around him in case I catch it. I watched some Degrassi and chilled online until Eva came home from work. We procrastinated for a while but we eventually started cleaning out our snails. Eva captured this funny photo of them all attempting to escape.

Once we got that finished up we set about decorating my Christmas tree for my room. It was a little late by that stage and I got tired half way through, so Eva took over with a little help from Edwin.

So, I've been really rubbish at taking photos lately and therefore I haven't got a photo of my tree finished but to be honest it doesn't look all that different from last year. So if you haven't checked out my What's On My Tree post from last year, then there's a link to it. Perhaps next year Eva and I will be living by ourselves and we'll have a big tree of our own to decorate. Once my tree was decorated I headed to bed, leaving the rest of my decorations for another day.

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