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Wednesday, 23 December 2015

My Week In Words | #51 2015

"Christmas is a season not only of rejoicing but of reflection."
Winston Churchill

Welcome to My Week In Words. Hard to believe we're up to the week before Christmas! It seems like just yesterday I was writing last year's Christmas posts. Back then I hadn't even started this series. This little blogging hiatus means I haven't been blogging about Christmas this year and I'm a little annoyed at myself for that, but at the same time I think the break has been good for me. Still, I'm glad that I'm finally back up to date with My Week In Words with this post. This edition covers from Sunday 13th to Saturday 19th of December. Enjoy! 

I had my fry up as usual on Sunday and then chilled for a good part of the day, just browsing online. My aunt Karen had noticed that the film Nativity was on around tea time and we decided we'd watch it when she got here. It's one of my favourite Christmas films, which you may already know if you've read my Festive Film Favourites post. It was enjoyable as ever, she even brought us some treats to eat. After the film my aunt Karen headed home and Eva and I got into bed to watch Degrassi the rest of the evening. I didn't end up getting up again for supper or anything.

I spent most of Monday watching Degrassi with Eva but ended the day a little productively by cleaning out my snails and then finishing off putting my Christmas decorations up. Once again I don't have any photographic evidence but here's a cute photo of Edwin with tinsel.

I don't really remember what I did the rest of the day. It probably involved Degrassi though.

Findlay had an early vet appointment on Tuesday. Eva took him and left in in as he was being sedated and de-matted. I hate that he has to go through that and that he won't just let me brush him. We'd actually slept in but thankfully the vet could still take him. When Eva came home she went back to bed and we didn't actually get up until the afternoon. We got a text to say that Findlay was ready to be collected, so Eva went to get him and then got me out of bed when she got back. She made my breakfast and then we watched Degrassi while we ate. Later on in the evening, when my dad came home from work, I went with him and Eva to pick up some Christmas presents and also wrapping supplies. Eva and I also got dinner while we were there. When we got home Eva and I started on wrapping.

The first present I wrapped this year.

Once I finished wrapping up all the presents I had to I headed to bed. I didn't feel great after being out shopping.

I had to get up early on Wednesday because Dad and Eva had to go to work and my mum was still in England. I finally got to work on my very belated post about the Friendship Four tournament and rather than starting it and not finishing, I actually got it posted. You can check it out here if you have't already. Around lunch time my dad came down to check on me and make me lunch. He left again after making my Pot Noodle and I decided to watch Party Monster while I ate. It's a film I'd heard a lot about because of it's cult status and had always wanted to watch but had never gotten around to. Watching it led me to start reading up about and looking up all the Club Kids, especially Michael Alig. Which led me to his YouTube series he hosts every day with fellow former Club Kid, Ernie GLAM, called The Pee-ew. It's definitely not polished but there's just something about it that got me hooked. So I ended up watching a bunch of the episodes, which are only around five minutes long, and also other interviews from the time of the Club Kids and the present. Later on in the evening I had a shower before heading to bed. Mum also came home on Wednesday.

I got up early for a hospital appointment on Thursday. I had my annual Muscle Clinic appointment at Belfast City Hospital. We had a long wait before we were seen and it was the first time I wasn't weighed when I got there. I was a little bummed as I'd wanted to see if I'd put weight on.

When I finally got called my doctor, Dr McConville, apologised for the wait. Apparently he thought it was an afternoon clinic and was an hour late, hence being behind schedule. The appointment was pretty standard, though we ended up talking for a while about my anxiety. It was the first time I'd seen him since I was diagnosed with a Collagen VI Myopathy, which he was less sure about than the person that diagnosed me. Dr McConville doesn't do anything by certainties. He said that they found a faulty collagen gene and it may be what causes my Muscular Dystrophy but it could also be something else. So for now it's their best guess, I guess? Gosh, I wish I had a straight forward disability. He did seem confident in the fact that I should be mostly stable now that I'm an adult, which comforted me somewhat as he's usually a 'THE SKY IS FALLING' kind of doctor. So if he's optimistic about something then I am too. We talked about my contractures and he asked if I did physio and I was honest and said no. He said when it comes to contractures they're not actually sure if physio does much good anyway, but still that's something I could think about doing. He's also hopefully going to refer me for a wrist splint as it's one of my contractures that gives me the most trouble, causing weakness in my wrist. Demelza from the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign (I'm not actually sure what her official title is) was sitting in on his appointments and she's already emailed me some information on charities that might be able to help with my anxiety and panic attacks, so all in all it was probably one of the best muscle clinic check ups I've had in a while.

We stopped off at a bakery on the way home to get some lunch and after we ate, Dad had a nap and I wasted time online until we had to pick Eva up from work. We decided after Eva finished work we would do the last of our Christmas shopping. It was a long day but we did get almost everything we needed and a Subway to boot. I also got some more Christmas decorations that were on sale in Tesco. my tree isn't actually big enough for the baubles that I bought but I'm saving them for when we have a big tree. I was shattered by the time we got home and it wasn't long before I hit the hay.

Mum left for work on Friday so I spent the day hiding in my bedroom in case the postman came. I decided to watch Party Monster; Shockumentary, the documentary of what the film Party Monster is about. I then watched more of The Pee-ew. Dad came home to fix me lunch and found that a little doll I had ordered earlier in the week had arrived. I was a little worried when I found out that the post man had put it through the letter box, but thankfully he was okay!

He's a Little Minipin by Hujoo. I've ordered eyes for him from China, which will take forever to come but oh well, and I plan to paint his face soon. I just have to find a seal that I will be sure won't ruin his plastic.When Dad left to go back to work I continued browsing the internet and watching videos like a zombie until Eva came home from work. She was late as a customer had kept her on the phone. We ordered Dominos and when it arrived we attempted to watch a Christmas film but we were basically finished eating by the time we picked a film and the film we did pick turned out to be pretty rubbish. We ended up sacking off the film and later on I wrapped some presents. Before bed I ended up chilling with Eva and Mum on Eva's bed, watching television. Which is something we don't do often so it was pretty nice.

Dad got me out of bed for my fry on Saturday and we watched television while we ate. Dad went for a nap after breakfast and I watched more of The Pee-ew and generally mooched around on the internet. I also started looking up some ball-jointed doll stuff. The little rabbit I bought comes in grey too and I was almost going to buy it too but I ended up ordering another doll from the same brand. I'll probably do a post on them at some point so I'll tell you more then. I spent the rest of the day online and in the evening Eva and I watched YouTube videos together before talking to our sister Jann on the phone for a while before eventually heading to bed.


  1. Awww, Edwin in his tinsel is the cutest! Merry Christmas Sara, have a lovely time! - Tasha

    1. He's so photogenic sometimes. Haha. Eva's good at getting him to look at the camera. Merry Christmas. Have a good'un! xo


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