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Saturday, 16 January 2016

My Week In Words | #2 2016

"Time is what we want most, but what we use worst."
William Penn

Welcome to this edition of My Week In Words. The first post that is solely 2016! I can barely believe it. I feel like 2016 is off to a little bit of a boring start but hopefully it will pick up and these posts will be a little more interesting to read. This post covers from Sunday 3rd to Saturday 9th of January. Enjoy!

I had my Sunday fry up with my dad while watching Sunday Morning Brunch as there was no Storage Hunters UK on, much to my disappointment. I chilled while I let my food go down then worked on a blog post for a while. I text my aunt Karen to ask if she was visiting as I figured I'd buy the Belfast Giants webcast if she wasn't coming over. She ended up deciding against our Sunday visit as she was back to work the day after, so I purchased the webcast. I was not disappointed.

More often than not when I pay to watch the webcast the Giants end up losing. So much so that I thought I was putting a scud on the team. However, his game was a good'un and we won 5 - 2. Once the game was over I finished off the blog post I'd been working on and scheduled it before heading to bed.

We didn't have a great start to Monday as my dad was told in work that someone had seen on Facebook that it was mentioned one of my mum's nephew's had passed away. We were left in a bit of a limbo as we didn't have any news from any 'official' sources. Eva ended up taking a day off work in case my mum had to go be with my aunt or my cousin or something. However, it turned out to be a hoax. Crazy, huh? That shock and upset essentially because of Chinese whispers. Anyway, I got up and Eva made me breakfast. While we were eating my mum got a call to say that our bungalow was being signed over into my name and that it would be happening on Wednesday. I couldn't quite believe it. I still can't quite believe it. Later on Eva helped me tidy my room some before we got back into bed and started watching Degrassi again. It had been a while since we'd last watched it. We got up only dinner and hen headed back to bed to watch it the rest of the evening. My Christmas In Words was also posted on Monday. You can check it out here if you missed it.

On Tuesday I wasn't even out of bed before Eva was home from work. She'd gone in, logged into her computer and then found out fifteen minutes in that she was supposed to be off on holidays. She'd thought she was supposed to be off the week after. It also meant she wasn't supposed to be in the day before and therefore wouldn't get in trouble for calling and saying she couldn't come in because of the drama. When I got out of bed I played with little Luca for a while as my mum was minding him as she usually does on Tuesdays. While I was playing with him his mum came to collect him so I headed into the kitchen to eat breakfast with Eva while we watched Degrassi. We ended up reaching the episode that I had gotten to by myself. The episode where a beloved character dies. I didn't cry the second time around, thankfully. Later in the evening I chilled online and procrastinated some before working on My Week In Words while I watched some ice hockey. I then had supper and headed to bed.

I got up on Wednesday for my meeting with the housing officer who was signing over our bungalow into my name. It wasn't a long process, just signing some forms, and then we asked her some questions too. My dad had to come home from work for a while for it as he had to be there to sign the forms too. After the meeting my BJD doll from Angelesque. I haven't taken any photos of her yet as my room is a mess and lighting has been crap recently. Roll on bright nights. I can't wait to do a post on her. First I need to get her some clothes though. The rest of the day and evening Eva and I watched Degrassi. Very productive, I know.

I had a late start on Thursday because I'd stayed up very late with Eva watching Degrassi. Eva made me a quick breakfast before she had to go to her appointment with my cousin to get her hair done. My mum was at work, so I was on my own. I ended up being a little more productive than the day before, working on a post about the recent developments in Operation Independence. I finished it up and got it posted. You can check it out here. I was very excited to share the update with everyone. When Eva came home it wasn't long until dinner. After we headed to bed to watch Degrassi. I was hungry later on as I'd skipped supper, so we ended up getting up for a midnight snack so we could make it until the early hours of the morning and watch as many episodes as possible! Eva was making good use of her days off, right?

These two photos are from Thursday but I can't exactly remember when they occurred. One is Edwin being very dramatic when he wanted something on the counter that he wasn't allowed. He barked all high pitched for ages before dramatically throwing himself on to his back. The second is Berty being cute and cuddling up to Edwin. The size difference between them cracks me up.

Friday was another late start after staying up watching Degrassi. I was shattered. I had a shower before I had breakfast and then watched some Degrassi with Eva before getting ready for the Belfast Giants game that night. The trains were running a little different to usual as it was a Friday so we were early and ended up having to wait in the cold for twenty minutes. We were heading to the game early as I wanted to buy some tickets and wanted to beat the crowds. We arrived at a good time and were able to get the tickets and be just in time for warm ups.

The actual game was super bad. Like really bad. And as it went on I felt worse and worse too. The team came away with an awful loss and I came away feeling like death. I was just about able to manage supper before heading to bed. I felt a little better after watching some Degrassi in bed, thankfully.

I got up for breakfast on Saturday with Dad and Eva and watched a little bit of Degrassi before I got ready for the game. Eva wasn't going with me and aunt Karen had said she didn't want to go, so my dad was supposed to be taking me. However my aunt Karen changed her mind at the last minute and ended up coming along with me.

The game was a little bit better but we still came away with a lost. Luckily I didn't also feel like death. When I got home I had supper and headed to bed for more Degrassi. Yes, it's taking over my life. I need to start making my weeks more interesting to read!


  1. Oh my gosh, I can't believe a hoax like that could circulate. I don't like it when that happens as it can be so difficult to track down where it started and why, and can cause so much stress too! Hope you're all OK - that would have scared me! Happy to hear the Giants won too - I don't have a sport I'm into so it's always interesting to read about other games and things. Hope you've had a lovely weekend! - Tasha

    1. I know, it's just awful. I'm still not really sure how it started. We seen his sister the day after as she's Luca's mum and she said she'd had texts about it but luckily the first texts she seen were the ones saying 'Oh nevermind. It's a hoax' so she was prepared.

      Yeah, we had a good run but we're not doing so well again. Typical ice hockey. So unpredictable. Can be exciting or heartbreaking. Haha. Hope you're well! xo


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