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Friday, 12 February 2016

Celebrating A Year With Drag Race

"Look at me--a big old black man under all of this makeup, and if I can look beautiful, so can you."

On the 10th of February I came across an entry in my five year journal I knew I just new I had to write a post about. On that day last year I was introduced to a show that changed my life, RuPaul's Drag Race. I've always loved the idea of drag - you may remember I wrote about it in the first of My Obsessions series - but the show made it accessible in a way that it infiltrated my every day life. Probably more than I realised it would when I started binge watching it.

I don't say 'changed my life' lightly. Watching the queens and their fierce attitudes and approach to things just clicked something within me. I felt confidence that I didn't have before, my make up changed and my clothing style changed. I felt comfortable wearing things I wouldn't have before. Even my vocabulary changed. Yaaaas, shady and fierce, to name a few, became words that use almost every day.

I decided to celebrate a year since I discovered RuPaul's Drag Race that I would give my top ten queens from all seasons. In no particular order. 


I love Willam's quick and cutting wit. She is just hilarious and I love that she really doesn't take herself too seriously. She knows her strengths and she knows her weaknesses. I was so bummed out when she got disqualified because I wasn't ready to see her go. I think Rue should have given her a pass to be honest! 

Laganja Estranja

Okay, I'm not a big fan of Laganja's drag and I know she annoyed some during her time on the show but my love for her really grew after, seeing her be interviewed on different shows. I really think she was unfairly targeted a bit because there really seems like there's no harm in her. She has grown so much since her time on the show. I can't wait to see more from her in the future. 

Violet Chachki

I just loved Violet from the get go. I know she got a lot of stick for being mean but to be honest I think everyone was just a bit sensitive. I mean not one of them wasn't a shady bitch. I really love Violet's style too. She was so refined for someone her age. I love how much she grew over the course of being in the show and didn't feel the need to be so guarded. I was always Team Violet and I'm glad she won! 

Latrice Royale

I dare anyone not to love Latrice. I don't feel I even need to try and justify why she's on this list. She was amazing and I will never understand how Rue let Phi Phi O'Hara further in the competition than her. It was a travesty! 

Katya Zamolodchikova

Speaking of travesties, Katya's departure from the show felt much the same also. For me Katya was an all rounder and was at least top three material. I wanted Violet to win but I would have been just as happy for Katya to win. I liked Pearl but I didn't feel she was good enough to be in the top three and I didn't like Ginger Minj enough to want her in the top three, so a switch with either of them would have done me. I lived for the part in the finale when Rue called Katya's name and she came on to the stage etc. She was such a good sport. 

Alaska Thunderfvck 5000

I feel like Alaska is my spirit animal. I don't know why. aside from her choice of finale wear I feel like she was flawless throughout the competition, even if it took her a while to win any challenges. I didn't even mind when she did the boy drag, but that's just me. I was especially glad when she stepped away from the Rolaskatox clique. Season five was the first season I watched and at first I really liked Jinx. I think I just went for the underdog as usual, but now looking back Alaska is my winner. 

Miss Fame

Miss Fame my look fierce but I just find her adorable. She is just the sweetest and seems so genuine. I also love that she raised chickens and didn't get Rue's jokes. She wasn't an over all winner for me but I do wish she'd have gone further in the show. She's probably one of the queens I watch most now as I love her make up tutorials on YouTube and when she paints other's in her look. She's a wonderful artist. 

Joslyn Fox

Here we have another sweetheart, Joslyn Fox. Her drag leaves a lot to be desired but Joslyn is another one I could just listen to and coo over. She makes a very beautiful female but when out of drag she's an adorable dorky looking dude. She's a bit of a wild card on this list but I really enjoyed her so I felt important to give her a mention. 

Alyssa Edwards

A bit like her daughter, Laganja, it was a while after first watching her season that I actually fell in love with Alyssa. She is my sister's favourite queen and I guess her love for her was contagious. Alyssa is so unintentionally funny and I like that in a person. I'm not usually a fan of pageant queens but the layer of accidental comedy that Alyssa brings to it makes it that much more appealing. Not to mention she's a fierce dancer. 


Finally we have Bendelacreme. From the get go I knew I was going to like her as I just loved the characterisation of her drag character. I love that it felt like an actual drag character rather than just the person dressed up, if that makes sense. She also had one of my favourite Snatch Game performances. Bendelacreme's departure was another I felt was wrong. Again, she was top three material. I don't think anyone was beating Bianca that year but I feel like Bendelacreme deserved to be closer to it. 

And there you have it. My ten favourite queens from all seasons. Obviously there is other queens I like but this is my top ten. For a long time I loved Bianca and Adore, but then everybody loves Bianca and Adore. Courtney is another big favourite of mine but she was just pipped to the post by Bendelacreme. I'm really looking forward to season eight and perhaps then I will have to make some changes to my top ten then. Who knows? 

Who are your favourite queens?


  1. So many great picks!
    I'm so excited for Season 8 and I know what you mean about the more uh, controversial favourites. I loved Pearl and Tyra Sanchez and so many people couldn't stand them. Adore is my absolute favourite though - sorry!

    | princessparasox.wordpress.com | bloglovin' |

    1. It was SUPER hard to narrow it down. Haha. I loved Pearl too. I particularly liked how she stood up to Ru a bit. I also think she got a hard time for her 'lack of personality', which I don't think was true at all. :/ I still love Adore and listen to her music! Tbh, the list could have gone on. Haha. xo


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